View Full Version : Attack of the 800-pound pinnipeds

16-09-2005, 14:46

:wtf: :eek:

struck me as a bit odd.....

New Cult King
16-09-2005, 14:53
Holy moly they are huge! I'm not surprised that when 18 of them got together for a keg party they sunk that boat...

Yog Sogoth
16-09-2005, 17:33
Amazing! I live around there.

I live south of there on Balboa Island and a whole mess of seals piled on someones 20 foot yacht, it sunk. the mast was visible for about a week.

People would slow down at the wreck and we would hit them with our water balloon launcher.

Much fun.

16-09-2005, 17:42
Cool, so so big, animals like that are always cool.


16-09-2005, 17:57
Those things are massive! I want one!

Hideous Loon
16-09-2005, 19:43
So do I, Yorkie, so do I. Even though there is nothing you could *do* with it, but for the mere coolness that it would produce.

16-09-2005, 20:03
I hate seals (and sea lions).
Let me ammend--I really hate seals (and sea lions).
They follow your fishing boat and steal your catches, but you cannot try to do anything about it in the Monterey Bay--because it is a marine sanctuary and they are protected. They jump onto the piers and can be really aggressive. They attract tourists.
My friend got bit by a seal when he was out surfing--which isn't uncommon at all.

Sure they're cute, and they are smart--but that's how they get you.

If you are really interested--check out the elephant seals at Ano Nuevo. MASSIVE.

16-09-2005, 21:34
I wonder what they taste like.

17-09-2005, 07:00
On a related note, in the 'odd spot' section of a local paper recently a team of environmentalists released a sea lion they had rehabilitated into the wild. The sea lion swam a few laps of the boat, after they had released it, and all the environmentalists thought this was a very endearing fare-well salute. Until, on the third lap, a great white shark came out of the deep and tore the sea lion to pieces in front of their eyes...