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02-12-2007, 20:48
Hey guys (and girls, no sexism here)

I REALLY want to get a Black Orc Army because face it, they are well cool

and plastic models for them is jst asking for them to be bought (i remember the old plastic ones, jesus! lol)

I recently got out my SoC army book and looked at Grimgor's Waagh! and much to my happiness seen black orcs are CORE!!

written up a 2000pst list and it contained

2x Black orc big bosses
4 units of 20 black orcs
2x Goblin bolth throwers

all wiv upgrades n that

went to my local games-workshop

and lets jst say they ripped on me for getting a SoC army and said they aint legal no more :cries:

so i got out the Orcs & Goblins book once more and took pen to paper to make an equivelant Black orc massed army

my results came out as follows;

2x black orc big bosses
2 units of 5 forest goblin spider riders
20x orc big 'uns
and 3 untis of 20x black orcs

personally i prefer tht to the grimgor's waagh army

now i want to know what do ppl think of this army list and to how effective could it be in up n coming games

personally i cant wait to throw them at the new high elves *grumbles about skinny elves*

my tactics is just brute strength and combat specalized (BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!!!)

i was thinking of using the spiders are cannon fodder or distracting cavalry (in cases of fanatics, frenzy ppl etc etc) and then the rest of the army to beat the 'umies 'eds in wiv

so yeah, what do you lot think?

Cheers for the time =D

03-12-2007, 09:22
If you really want to do a 'Ardboyz list, then no-one is stopping you, and in friendly games I guess most people wouldn't mind. Not if they are you're friends, anyway.

Now, probably some warseer-members will start complaining about this, but you'll probably never face them on the field of battle, so who cares... it's about your fun.

I'dd say, just combine the new book and SOC book. Use all the rules in the new book, but use the army-list entries for what is hero, core, special and rare as it is in SOC. Don't use Borgut, because he uses some old magic rule, and that would only get difficult, and a nice normal BO character is just as good.

And if the result of this is a cool army you like, then go with it. Just remember you have to ask permission from your opponont to use it.
And if they don't give it, make sure you have a legal army ready.
And of course, you can't take it to any kind of tournament.

Last thing about this... I would say, if you have the feeling you easily defeat all your opponents, it's better to tone down the army then loose your opponents.


And some advice on army composition.
Goblin spear chukka's in such an army just don't look fluffy. I would go with chariot, maybe converted to carry black orcs instead of orcs (but use normal orc rules, so just for the looks).
Dont use Grimgor. I did once, and he is great, but playing is not really that much fun. Winning or losing is decided for the greater deal just by him.
For the rest: try and see.

03-12-2007, 09:51
I think the major problem with SoC army lists right now is, that they are balanced for the point costs and special rules of the army books out, when SoC was written.

An army with only black orcs, takes a very great advantage out of the WAAAGH!!! and the weapons special rule of the new army book.

I don't think this will be overpowered, in this case, but many other players will.

03-12-2007, 15:56
I say if you use the SOC list you got to use the 6th Ed black orcs and WAAG rules as that is what they were designed to use. so no Armed o the TEEF and such. other then that I would have no problem fighting them.

03-12-2007, 21:25
so you lot say i could still use the SoC rules

but i mainly play in my local shop

and well, they dont allow them because they are jst ridiculously over powered
("man my dark elves are weak, lets throw in a unit of chaos chosen")

it is understandable

so i think i shall purchase my second list

but can anyone else think of something that might make the army ahve tht bit more of a punch in the close combat round?

03-12-2007, 22:47
You'll probably take a beating from magic and shooting.

You might want to invest in a scroll caddie, or that banner which gives dispel dice for rank bonus,

Nephilim of Sin
04-12-2007, 04:48
I like the idea. I have to agree though, you will have some tough time in magic, especially at the 2000pt level. As well, Grimgor can be fun, but get rather tiresome after a while.

As well, for a theme army, the Spider Riders definately don't fit. Furthermore, even as a shield, you have to worry about animosity being a factor. The Big 'uns are a big point sink as well, and a lot of people just don't think they are worth the points for what you get.

Maybe instead of the Spider Riders and Big Un's, have just three units of Orc boyz? Throw in some regular Black Orc bosses in each to take care of animosity, making one a BSB. He will still have Armed to da Teef, and you could give him either Mork's Spirit Totem (against magic) or the Banner or Butchery (for combat). Granted, that will use up a lot of points, and if you go with Grimgor, you would probably have to drop some Black Orcs. However, it would fit the look and theme a little more than the Spider Riders, and give some serious punch in the battle.

On a side note, I have lost maybe 1-2 in a unit (per unit) at most from a BO warboss bashin' the ladz on a failed animosity roll, per game. It isn't as bad as it looks. If you went the non-grimgor route, you could still have 3x20 BO units with this. As your army is already geared towards combat and a theme, that wouldn't be too bad, but shooting and magic would definately hurt (that is why the banner would help!).

Perhaps splitting one of the BO units into 2x10 could help to. They are hard, so surviving would not be that big of an issue, and would be easier to manuever around your already big units, perfect for flanks, and perfect to protect your own. Being able to slip around like that will definately give you what you need in close combat, especially against those pesky dwarves out there who want to be killed to the last man!

04-12-2007, 07:27
Banner of butchery on Black Orcs is just plain killy. It is the standard standard (:p) on my black orc unit.
The Waaagh Banner could also be nice. Do the WAAAGH, add a few inches from the WAAAGH banner, and you're already halfway the battlefield when you charge.

Besides that, maybe a mounted BO Boss in a unit of trolls. Gives a fast moving, heavy clubbing unit that can rely on the bosses Ld.