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02-12-2007, 23:00
I have a new unit of Empire. How do I use them: in detachments or as a parent unit? Archers are not very good in melee so I'm thinking as a parent unit, but the fact they can give my swordsman or halbidiers a missle threat is tempting. Anyone have any ideas?


Etienne de Beaugard
02-12-2007, 23:05
Take them as Huntsmen and use them to take out enemy warmachine crews, threaten lone wizards or other nasty, behind-the-lines jobs.

03-12-2007, 00:13
The two standard approaches are either as a huntsmen unit or as detachments for melee parent units. You can use them as a missile screen and since they can move-and-shoot you don't pin your line down or sacrifice your shooting. That said, they're not really all that scary given their BS 3 that means if they move and are over half they're hitting on 6s.

03-12-2007, 00:41
I use them exclusively as detachments, about 7 per unit. They are very worthwhile for redirect purposes, and can sometimes get a kill or two on fast cavalry, skinks and the like.

As mentioned, they are an excellent missile screen as well, but I expect my opponent's main missile fire to come from a hill, so that doesn't always work. Still, they are a staple.

03-12-2007, 06:11
Archers can be great if you know how to use skirmish rules well.

Here's a nasty trick to really put the damper on your opponent.

1)Big archer block, enough to make your opponent want to take it out.
2)Captain with Rod of command/great weapon/bow.
3)Battle Mage for good measure (not neccessary but good).
4)Champion upgrade.

Entice your opponent to charge the unit, thinking that it is some easy VP. Onece combat starts, place your characters on the end of the front lines. As a skirmish unit, you get to choose where your characters go once the combat starts (so they are well protected).

Use the rod of command to hold the unit and flank charge him with whatever you have on hand. With a Captian in the unit and most likely outnumber, you have a good chance to lay the smack down.

Just watch for panic.

Crazy Harborc
04-12-2007, 01:07
I use my archer detachment as a screen for the parent unit. I place them out just about two inches, sometimes three. If they are charged and it looks like the parent unit is just out of the charger's movement.....I'll have the archers flee. That will turn the opponent's failed charge into a normal/single move.;) It also will mean the failed charging unit is within my parent units charge range.;)

04-12-2007, 12:44
They cost as much as handgunners, am I right?
BS3 is not that great, but at least with handgunners when you hit you do some damage :)

Now as a skirmishing unit to counter enemy skirmishers and shoot some arrows at enemy missiles, yeah why not?

05-12-2007, 01:56
They are good for a few things, since they are skirmishers they are great for mages, they have a 360 LOS and protect him from incoming missiles. They move freely so even at the 8" it's enough to capture table quarters and of course, use of hoods for harassing opponents.

05-12-2007, 03:29
Two comments regarding Fate's post above:

An archer unit can house a wizard and provide cover, etc. If you put any character in any detachment, however, it ceases to follow detachment rules and counts as a regular unit including causing panic tests in other units. So don't put your wizard in a detachment, only in an already stand-alone unit of archers.

I think the reference to 'even at 8 inches' was about marching. In 7th edition skirmishers can be march blocked.