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03-12-2007, 01:30
Ive been playing 40k for so long now, nearly 7 years and figured I want to give something else a go, now I used to collect the LotR warhammer magazines, reading up about the game, getting all the models that came with the mag but never came round to actualy starting.

Ive read around this section of the forums to see if theres any help, unfortunatly I was unable to find any sort of begginers guide to the game etc, and I havent been able to find that anywhere. Like with fantasy or 40k, I could go on the site, and there would be a list of the armies, each with their own army books / codexs and bam, you could start building the force.

But it seems that LotR is a little different in that respect, Im unsure how army structure works, if theres a FOC? etc etc

So I was hoping, if theres anyone that could break things down for me, either explain all these questions I have or direct me to somewhere that could help, even if it means buying the rule book to solve the problems I dont mind.

Over the past few days Ive been in the tough process of deciding what sort of army to collect, and although Ive not played the game before I am pretty uptight with the LotR lore so with that knowledge in mind, Ive decided to go Good, and I would love to theme my army around the Rangers of Ithilien, to be led by Faramir, so I guess it needs to be built with Gondor type units? And to go with the Rangers theme I would like as many archers as possible idealy, although I have read somewhere that your armies only allowed around 30% with bows or something, is that true? - Basically, keeping my theme in mind what sort of units/models would you suggest?

Thanks in advance (Sorry if this sort of post has already been explained somewhere before).

03-12-2007, 09:31
Basically, you pick a side, good or evil, and start getting your models together.

Good and evil have various sub-lists, and Rangers of Ithilien are one of those.

If you are near a GW store I would recommend you read their open copy of Legions of Middle Earth (LoME). It has details of each list, and which lists can be used together. Many players use this as a way to put some structure on their armies.

Legions of Middle Earth will let you know which other good armies you can have alongside your rangers, and will also have a list of all Rangers of Ithilien character and unit types.

Army structure is straightforward. There are characters and units. The only unit restriction is that a maxmum one third of your unit models may be armed with missile weapons. Thrown weapons don't count towards this total, and characters are not part of the restriction.

If you take an allied force using LoME each allied force must also confirm to the one-third restriction within itself. So for example you could not take an allied force of 10 citadel guard with longbows without also taking a further 20 models from the same sub-list with no missile weapons.

21-12-2007, 09:55
ok... so what books should a beginner get? I know the legions of middle earth, but they seem to release a new book every few months so it's easy to get confused.

Personally i'm interested in elves of Mirkwood, and maybe an evil mirkwood force to face off with them. what books would I need?

21-12-2007, 10:01
For a beginner you should get a rulebook and a book on the army you are choosing to get e.g if you are collecting gondor get gondor in flames. But I think you should definatley get the rulebook first, that is what i did and it helped a lot :)

21-12-2007, 10:50
I also noticed they also have the profiles listed here (http://us.games-workshop.com/games/lotr/legions/gaming/profiles/default.htm). but i assume I would still need the books, correct?

Also, is the $50 rulebook worth it, or is the Starter box the obvious choice like with Battle for macragge or Battle for skull pass?

21-12-2007, 11:05
You need a rulebook to be able to go to the LOTR club, it just shows them that you know the rules and that you can be trusted to go to the club. When I fist saw the price of the rulebook I was shocked, but since I have had it it has come in really handy and yes I think it is something worth buying. Or you could buy the mines of moria starter set for 40 and you get a free pocket size rulebook in that and lots of figures