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16-09-2005, 17:43
So, I was in another car crash on Tuesday. It wasn't too bad really, no-one was injured (thanks to seat belts). Basically a motor caravan suddenly turned without indicating, the guy behind it braked, the guy behind him crashed into him, we crashed into that car and the car behind us hit us.

My little brother and mum are both suffering from shock, but strangely I'm not at all. Probably since last time I was in a car accident it was one hell of a lot worse. Anyway, have any other WarSeerers had similar experiences?

16-09-2005, 18:02
I have ben in MANY accident over my 20 years of driving. These range from simple fender benders to wrecking motercycles at 90+ mph to crashing off mountains through woods (several totaled vehicles). the last one was during the winter of 03/04 where I went over an embankment in a car (ice sucks) and totaled that car.
I've found that after a couple times, shock just doesnt set in because it's no longer a big deal if you can walk away from it.
Glad to hear no one got hurt.

16-09-2005, 18:09
The first time I was in one was in 2001. We were doing a U-turn at night and a guy with his lights off (*****) hit my side of the car at about 50mph. Ouch. I got taken to hospital for head wound treatment and an X-ray. Needless to say, the NHS kept me waiting for 4 hours before I was treated.

16-09-2005, 18:33
I Geuss the caraan got off ok. Why? BECAUSE THEIR DEVIL CARS!


glad ur ok tho

16-09-2005, 19:19
I've actually never been in any vehicle based accident's now that I think about it, which seems odd as I'm pretty clumsy otherwise and always finding my self in trouble.

I guess Iím just lucky, but my grandparentís were in a pretty bad car crash few years ago, another car hit their's in the side (I think) when going about 120km/h. The car was a total wreak, but grandparentís survived after months in a hospital.


16-09-2005, 20:55
ive crashed one bike twice, thankfully my current sports bike hasnt been as unfortunate. been in 2 very near misses. ie, if i hadnt have veered off onto the opposite lane i would have been killed in a 80mph head on.

these days i just laugh it off, the first time i crashed was scary but my mind doesnt seem to register accidents these days, its more a case of "oh damn, my brakes really could do with a check up."

typical biker crash: sticking it into a hedge on a bend. ive only done this once :D. my face was the first thing to hit the floor, followed by my right wrist. i ended up lying right in the middle of the road unconscious, my bike about 30 feet away in a bush.

Ive also stuck it into a hedge when i slipped off on some cow muck.

also, crashed it tear arsing around a car park. but i dont count that as the bike only went 10 foot, and i landed right on my **** :D

16-09-2005, 21:09
I don't drive on public highways yet, but I have crushed a wood and wire fence with a tractor.
And managed to hit a parked car whilst cycling. Dam my gf.

16-09-2005, 21:11
Never been in a crash.
Saying that I will probably skid off the road tonight and explode in an incandesant ball of irony.

16-09-2005, 21:27
indeed. mind you, when you wake up in the morning you know its gonna happen.

16-09-2005, 22:00
Well I was speeding down the freeway in my car and then suddenly this guy swerved in front of me. Needless to I hit the boost and T-Boned himand his wreck flew into an oncomming Big Rig. The Big Rig then swerved into the road and I hit it's flatbed trailer. I was able to hit my Crashbraker and blew up all my rivals. I then proceeded to boost all the way to the finish line and win the race....

Er...that might have been on Burnout 3 though...

16-09-2005, 22:17
I've had my fair share of accidents. In my first one, I was driving my mini-van down an unfamiliar road, and wasn't paying attention to an oncoming four-way stop. So, I ran a stop-sign, and was t-boned by some poor guy's beautiful corvette. Both my car and his were totalled. Sad, really, but also strangely cool: I totalled a corvette!