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03-12-2007, 20:21
After my first game with High Elves went badly, I thought I’d also write a report on my first proper game against them! My opponent was enyoss from these very forums…

Using my Lizardmen force for the first time properly, here’s a quick rundown of my army:
4th Gen Slann, Diadem, Magic Plaques
2 x Scar Vets, one on Cold One with 0+ save, one JSoD,
Priest with Scroll
4 x 10 Skinks (10 with javelins, 10 as scouts)
19 Saurus, Full Command
5 Huanchi-ed Cavalry, Full Command
4 Krox
3 Terradons
3 Salamanders

Quite balanced, I think! I got the following spells:
-Burning Head (Should’ve swapped for Fireball as BH is bad on a Slann in a unit!)
-Creeping Death (3D6 S1 no armour)
-Unseen Lurker (Brilliant!)
-Hunter’s Spear
-Dark Hand of Death (Should’ve kept Soul Stealer)
Plus Portent for my Skink.

The High Elves, commanded by enyoss, were lead by none other than Eltharion himself, on his Griffon (Burning Gaze and Guardian Light as his spells)! In addition he was supported by:
Level 2 Mage with Annulian Crystal (Fury of Khaine and Shield of Saphery)
Noble, Great Weapon and ?
25 Spearmen, Full Command, War Banner
10 Archers
5 Silver Helms, Musician, Champion
~20 White Lions, Full Command
~20 Phoenix Guard, Full Command
5 Shadow Warriors
2 Bolt throwers

So quite a different list, but very solid infantry… I really like his army, almost nothing can be bought in stores these days! Imagine, Spearmen with normal-sized hands… unfortunately neither of us have had a chance to paint these armies yet, I’ve only had mine for a few days, you see…

Enyoss deployed first and went infantry in the centre, Mage with Spearmen and Noble with White Lions, archers and one RBT on the hill and another RBT in front of the archers. Silver Helms went on right, Eltharion on the left behind the forest.

My army had the Saurus (+ Slann and JSoD) in the middle, Salamanders on the left behind the hill, Cold Ones (+ Scar Vet) on the right, Skinks in front screening everything else.

The two armies square up

The Shadow Warriors went in the left forest and my Scouts went as close as they could behind the left hill. I won first turn and it was on!

Turn One

The Cold Ones moved around the forest, exposing themselves (ooer) to the Bolt Throwers, supported by the Terradons trying to stay far enough from the Helms. The 30 central Skinks all moved forward cautiously along with the Saurus and Kroxigor. The Scouts headed near the Shadow Warriors but obviously couldn’t see them. Magic was unimpressive, a single Spearmen cut down by the Hunter’s Spear. And that’s all for that turn!

The Silver Helms attempted a charge on the Terradons, but were only just out- I’d placed them perfectly! Eltharion flew onto the left hill, ready to cause many terror tests. The infantry headed forwards, and it was time for a far more successful magic phase! Eltharion’s Burning Gaze killed a Skink (Not so bad), and I was too risky when the Mage cast Fury of Khaine- it took two wounds off my Slann! Then to add injury to injury, a Bolt Thrower took off another wound. Half points for the Slann on turn one! The other Bolt thrower matched his comrade and killed two Cold One Riders. A great start for the High Elves!

Turn Two

None of the Skinks failed their terror test, thank god for Cold Blooded and the nearby Slann! The Saurus Cavalry were looking forward to a nice juicy Huanchi charge in the magic phase, but disaster as they went stupid and stumbled forward! The Terradons flew over the cavalry and hit the right Bolt Thrower, the crew electing to flee, not that it would matter. The Skinks crowded round Eltharion, eager to be the one who killed the arrogant Elf. Magic saw little action, so everyone had a go at eltharion: a good 50 or so poisoned shots later, and… he’d not lost a single wound, not even the Griffon. Most disheartening! On the plus side, the Salamanders opened up on the Shadow Warriors, taking advantage of their auto-hits and wiping them all out. The Terradons smashed the Bolt Thrower and headed forward into the Archers’ flank…

The High Elves weren’t going to lie down and take it though, as Eltharion himself flew into the Kroxigor’s flank that I’d foolishly left open! The Silver Helms took advantage of their opponents’ stupidity and smashed into the Cold One Riders. Not good. Eltharion’s magic was pretty useless in combat, so I easily dispelled the Mage’s High Magic and had plenty of dice to store in my Diadem. Shooting saw the surviving RBT take another wound off the Slann- this was getting very dicey!

Eltharion slew a Kroxigor by himself, whilst Stormwing took care of another, and the two survivors broke and Eltharion hit the Saurus’ flank. Who would this benefit the most? The Silver Helms did not do much to the Cavalry, but a horse managed to break through the Scar Vet’s 0+ save! Not a single wound in return but fortunately the Lizardmen, outnumbered and outfought did not break.

The Silver Helms outfight the Cold One Cavalry- even wounding the Scar Veteran!

Meanwhile the Terradons laughed off the Archer’s first strike and killed a couple but it was not enough to send them running, and I elected to stick around with the Terradons.

Turn Three

By this point I was quite concerned- everything was going in favour of the point-eared ones, especially where saves were concerned. The Saurus Cavalry should have been breezing through the Silver Helms but they were caught up. Oh well, got to keep the pressure on! The Skinks and Salamanders all moved about close to their enemies… all apart from one unit that turned around and bravely charged Eltharion’s flank! I might well need that extra point of CR, after all. Magic was now much better as the Slann caused some casualties to the Elves and the Skink even managed Portent of Far on the Saurus. The Salamanders shot from the hill over the tops of the White Lions into the Spearmen, and did loads of damage, the blowpipes and javelins of their comrades adding to the toll.

Combat saw a challenge from my Scar Vet against Eltharion, who took many wounds- but thankfully the Aura of Quetzl’s 4+ save against S5 attacks kicked in and he survived, just… and even took a pair of wounds off Eltharion!

When Griffons attack!

Battered and beaten, Eltharion flew off to lick his wounds, the Skinks hot on his heels but the Saurus not pursuing, as it would expose their flank to all three advancing blocks of Elven infantry. The Terradons did poorly and ran away, the Archers catching them. Drat! The cavalry combat was going badly as the unit’s musician fell to the Helms’ swords, but they fought on. Their Scar Vet had to wake up at some point!

The High Elf Spearmen retaliated by charging the Skinks that had seen off Eltharion; they fled, whilst he rallied. The other infantry closed in on the Saurus, whilst the Archers turned around and readied their bows, as did the Bolt Thrower, and the Slann was reduced to his final wound! The Scar Vet finally found his footing and killed two of the Silver Helms, the rest turning and fleeing, through the Archers. The Saurus riders smelt blood…

Turn Four

The fleeing Skinks rallied; the Cavalry slammed into the Archers who had once again exposed their flank, whilst the Saurus tried to charge the Phoenix Guard, who decided this was not their time, turning and withdrawing in silence. The Slann would not tolerate his bodyguard leaving their flank exposed however, and an irresistible Unseen Lurker saw the Saurus charge again, out of the remaining Elven Infantry’s line of sight, the Phoenix Guard fleeing once again. Next on the Slann’s list was the Bolt Thrower who had insulted him so badly, and he killed both the crew with the Dark Hand of Death.. More shooting saw yet more Elves fall, among them Eltharion, Stormwing reduced to one wound among the hail of blowpipes and Salamander spit. Stormwing failed his monster reaction test, becoming stupid!

The combat phase saw Cavalry destroy the Archers, the Cold Ones pursuing close to the Silver Helms, who rallied in their turn to face them. The Phoenix Guard also rallied, and all three infantry units surrounded the Saurus once again. Stormwing eyed the Salamanders, but became confused and wandered forward. With little magic and shooting, it was the Lizardmen’s next turn…

Turn Five

Skinks ran up alongside the Saurus to ensure one flank was protected, whilst the Saurus smashed into the Phoenix Guard. The Cavalry once again charged the Silver Helms, who would die quickly and horribly this time. Magic and shooting saw the Elves dwindle further and the Griffon slaughtered, before the Saurus defeated and broke the Phoenix Guard, thanks mostly to their +7 starting CR. The overrun again took the Saurus out of harm’s way.

The Spearmen charged the javelin Skinks once again- they fled once again. The White Lions were determined to see combat and continued following the Saurus.

Turn Six

The Saurus finally turned to face the White Lions: the White Lions readied their great axes to charge, when in a blink of an eye the Saurus were upon them. Unseen Lurker again, double six and double one to dispel by the Elven Mage meant the spell got through, and the White Lions would be seeing combat sooner. The Spearmen were reduced to just 3 survivors plus the Mage thanks to the Skinks, though many in the army could no longer shoot as their only remaining target – the White Lions – were in combat. The White Lion Noble struck out first with his great weapon, slicing apart the Champion, before his comrades added several Saurus heads to the toll. Two Saurus fought back and managed a couple of kills, the White Lions were stubborn though, so the fight would continue to the end.

The Saurus surge into the White Lions

The few remaining Spear Elves charged the javelin Skinks, hopeful of a small victory. Magic had no chance once again, and so it was onto combat: three wounds by the Spear Elves, but two were saved by the skinks’ hand weapons and shields. In return two Elves were killed by the plucky Skinks, though the Elves were victorious thanks to their War Banner. The real combat was the White Lions fighting the Saurus though, another 4 Saurus smashed apart, the two others fought back viciously, and the White Lions finally broke, dropping their standard.

It was over. A handful of Spearmen and the Mage were all that remained. The Elves had done significant damage- half the Slann, 1.5 Scar Vets, half the Cold Ones, the Terradons and the Kroxigor; ironically, not a single unit of Skinks had been wiped out, not even by half! Overall, the High Elves had been massacred.

I’m very pleased with how the game went- even when my Terradons and Kroxigor died horribly and my Cavalry were kept busy for far too long – not even getting a chance to use their Huanchi Totem – but it didn’t matter in the end as the Slann and his unit managed to cause a load of damage- even with the powerful Elves striking first in spite of outmanoeuvring them thanks to magic charges. If I hadn’t bumped up my main unit’s static CR to +7 though, it could have been very different against both the Phoenix Guard and the White Lions.

The dice started off very much in enyoss’ favour, his saves with Eltharion were amazing, but it all started to go my way towards the end, and the Elves just didn’t have the staying power to stick around. Games against enyoss are always good fun, he’s a very good and fair player, halfway through he could’ve had my Slann killed when he rolled a couple of dice too many with his Archers but realised the mistakes and we discounted the wounds. Without the Slann, the army would surely have fallen apart- good thing fairness and fun come before winning!

03-12-2007, 22:23
I thought unseen lurker only let single models charge? (I could be wrong, I don't usually use that lore)

Good to see the lizardmen beat the high elves. After you lost all those wounds from your slann I thought you were finished.

Good clear report.

03-12-2007, 22:26
Ah, you're thinking of Steed of Shadows, which lets one US1 model within 12" make a flying move. I used that very nicely in my Lizardmen's second battle to send my Scar Vet flying into a Chariot (Of course with 5 attacks I managed 1 hit and then rolled a 1 to wound), and also to fly the Skink Priest out of combat with Chaos Knights :)

03-12-2007, 22:40
Well then... I'll make sure to dispell that one if I come across it. I may have to rethink what lores I take with my slann as well... ; )

04-12-2007, 09:11
Good report :).

I think the thing that worked against me most was my poor army selection. I was expecting big blocks of Saurus, so all those skinks gave me a bit of a surprise! As a result I really had one infantry block too many and you really did make the most of the advantage. Try as I might and just couldn't nail down those bloody skinks :cries:. Next time I think I'll have to give those Dragon Princes a go.

I did get really lucky in the first half of the game I have to admit. Eltharion not taking a single wound to missile fire was nothing short of a miracle, although it was kind of balanced out by my failure of just about every breaktest/psychology test I had to take. Them's the breaks I guess :).

However, I don't think my first 7th edtion High Elf outing would be complete without a comment on Speed of Asuryan (sorry! :angel:). It's good, by all means, but as for the prediction that it'd kill all incentive for HE charges? Well, the low model count meant I was having to charge just a often as before to get the drop on EvC in terms of position... and even then I wasn't always winning. In short, I like it!



04-12-2007, 11:47
Good report.
It's not surprising that Elven shooting mattered and inflicted many early casualties. I've noticed the same pattern in other HE games.
enyoss: I wouldn't blame your army list since you had a special character. However the blocks of 20 Phoenix Gs and WLions plus Helms instead of Princes are unusual choices.

Did the Phoenix Guard flee as a charge reaction? Why??

04-12-2007, 12:11
enyoss: I wouldn't blame your army list since you had a special character. However the blocks of 20 Phoenix Gs and WLions plus Helms instead of Princes are unusual choices.

Well, I personally don't like to have specialist units outnumbering core units (in the background sense rather than army selection), and as such I wanted to take Silver Helms rather than have Phoenix Guard, White Lions and Dragon Princes.

In particular, I wanted to take Phoenix Guard as I've not used them in a block for a while (I sometimes used a block of 30 in 6th edition, but even I found it hard to justify) and I was curious to see if they were as indestructible as everyone says. To be honest I was slighly disappointed at their durability as it lived up to my expectations rather than the hype.

Did the Phoenix Guard flee as a charge reaction? Why??

Well, my reasons would be a bit clearer, but I think there is a slight discrepancy in the battle report (although it's still a great job :)). As I remember, the Phoenix Guard were not charged by the Saurus, but rather charged the Saurus themselves. Their previous flee response was to force the failed charging Saurus to open their flank to my White Lions, allowing a supporting flank charge. As it turned out the WL were just out by a fraction of an inch! Overall result: the PG were committed to going in alone, were beaten, and fled :(.

Hope that explains!



04-12-2007, 19:26
I think he was asking about the earlier turn, when they did flee from the Saurus (Though yes, there's a slight mistake in that the Phoenix Guard charged the Saurus, not the other way round the next turn) so that the Saurus' flanks would be exposed.

04-12-2007, 21:15
I CANT SEE ANY OF THE PICTS! ill i get is a white box with a cross in it..... stupid computer. anybody know how to fix this (probably) run of the mill problem?

Just Tony
05-12-2007, 00:20
What I do when that happens is back out, and come back in. Sometimes it takes a few tries, but once your cop recognizes one of the pics, it'll be there every time you come back

05-12-2007, 09:51
hey it worked! my machines works in mysterious ways......

05-12-2007, 18:27

Thats because that particular race disappeared many centuries ago :p

05-12-2007, 19:01
ha bloody ha regular comedian you are.... :p