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03-12-2007, 21:05

I used to collect TONNES of LotR stuff


as stupid as i am

i sold them all

except for my goblins (no one would buy them lol)

i currently have bought 3 balrogs to convert up

2 are finished, 1 needs painting

these are part of a 1st age army that my local GW is planning on doing a campagin

but i want an army to use, that is mainly plastics, but also that there wont be many of them, so high points cost

i was contemplationg between wood elves, dwarfs or scout uruk hai

but am open for ideas


any one to share?

i was thinking from 750 pts.....to 2000pts lol

03-12-2007, 21:56
Out of the three you have listed I would go with the Dwarfs. Of course, you could do an Uruk-hai army with loads of plastics: scouts, fighting Uruk-hai, orcs and warg riders. That would almost entirely plastic except for leaders and banners, which you could easily convert from the plastic miniatures.

03-12-2007, 23:13
Wood Elves are nice, but they're fragile, have ugly models, and can be relatively cheap.

Dwarves are hard as rock (is that a pun? yes it is! :rolleyes: ), but they're a bit fragile in formation fights (no spears).

Uruk-Hai are an elite force who'll beat most Humans, though they'll lose often against Elves. Scout Uruk-Hai unfortunally get their behinds kicked in larger games (again, no spears, and their shooting doesn't compensate for it).

05-12-2007, 17:32
ive found out that dwarfs can be devasting if used properly with the right idea and formation in mind. i now u want mostly plastics but the best units for the dwarfs are metal the iron guard and vault wardens. the best way to use dwarfs if as follows with plastics its known and slow and steady boys. line up dwarfs with shields and directly behind them in base to base archers or rangers who have thorwing weapons. u can move 2 and halve inches and fire your bow the 18". u'll hit on 4+ for warriors and 3+ for rangers. now their bows are str three so that means as long as they are def 6 u'll be killin them on 5!! thin them out then hit them hard take your archers and skitter them to the outskirts picking off the support units pikemen spearmen and so on. this works quite well.
right now i run a 900 point dwarf force which is superb to my goblin hoarde.

06-12-2007, 01:44
Pick the one with the most models you like.

06-12-2007, 04:18
Pick the one with the most models you like.

Ah yes, easily the best advice one can ever give!

Kroot Lord
08-12-2007, 09:06
*ahem, DwarVES*

I don't see a problem with collecting the first 2 armies at higher point games. The scout one not though. It's a 2000 point army made up out of 8-9 point costing models with not that many heroes (3 named + captain), and they are all quite cheap, although good, they do not stand up to other characters. You'd need to ally quite alot, something you may not want to do.

16-12-2007, 02:06
Pick the ones you like the look of the most- afterall, you have to spend all that time painting them up, right? Dwarves look fun, so might be worth a try. Uruk Hai are a blast- I own a bunch of these and love playing them. I wouldn't bother with the Wood Elves though as they're not going to be as durable.

Just my 2 cents :)

16-12-2007, 08:33
Same as above... Atlhough if you really want elite models (that are expensive points wise) you should consider High Elves, possibly with a Numenorean alliance (or even a varying race). They have plastic troops (except for spears), expensive yet awesome heroes and are scheduled in for extra releases some time in the future (such as cavalry).

Dwarves are nice but you really need to have metal elites in the army, which raises the cost a bit. Elite models, that can hold their own but are easily outmaneovured and lack support (spears). Must really be kept together in a sinlge tight formation played defensively.

Uruk-Hai are a diverse army with a lot of plastics and can be played in a lot of different styles. Besides Saruman, the heroes aren't particularly strong being around Captain stats (and just above).

I wouldn't be so quick to write off Wood Elves. If you like the models (which a lot of people don't), then they can be quite a fun and tactical army to play. They are too fragile to let the enemy break against them (unlike Dwarves) and really need to capitalise on archery and play a more mobile style. They particularly need to make use of any woods on the board.

Although if you already have Goblins and Balrogs, I don't understand why you don't just finish off them.

21-12-2007, 14:19
Out of the three that you picked I would choose dwarves as they have high defence, good fight value and awsome heroes. Uruk-Hai are ok, not many heros though. Wood elves are pants becuase of their low defence, I used to have an army of wood elves, every game I played with them I got my but kicked, even by goblins.

21-12-2007, 22:10
well i made ma decision

and ive gone n got dwarfs

ive got a few now

tryign to boost them up to 2000 points

need more vault wardens, i only got 1

but i have 48 rangers

because dwarf rangers are extremely good i believe

shooting 3+ and a defense of 5

ive had a small 350 point game with a memeber of staff at my local GW

he used orcs/angmar

i had gimli, 24 rangers and a vault warden team

i won!! :D

so thats a 1 - 0 - 0 for ma dwarfs :D

22-12-2007, 09:14
Congratulations, I think you made the right decision on buying dwarves. I hope you have lots of good luck in your future games. By the way I would recommend getting the blister pack of Dain and Balin, two strong heroes :)