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03-12-2007, 21:38
So the holidays aren't too far off (1 week *yay*). My local store is having some games organised by a great person who comes regularly. We are playing a special game where you have to kill the imposter santa. While you are doing this presents drop off the sleigh and each one allows you to take some bits out of the guys bitsbox (nice guy eh). Also I was challenged by this same person to come up with a carol and I did instantly (quite the on-the-spot fellow). So I leave you with the 'carol' and a question, what are you doing for Christmas at your local store/club etc.?

(To the tune of 'White Christmas')

I'm dreaming, of a green Christmas... just like the ones that Gazkull throws.
there'll be grot bombs dropping, and big meks lobbing... the flash bitz from the looted rhino..

I'm dreaming, of a green Christmas… with every hundred boyz I glue.
though the skin is dry brushed, and the models are lined up, I'll still be here till you're all home

I'm dreaming of a green Christmas… with every 6 i roll to Waaagh!
May your games be merry, and bright! and may all your dice rolls be high!

03-12-2007, 22:45
*snif*:cries: Brought a tear to my eye.

Merry greenmas