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Blade of Darkness
03-12-2007, 23:29
Hey fellow Warseerians:cheese:

I hope this is in the right forum if not, mods, my apologies. I recently acquired 2 boxes of Cadians and have 3 Heavy Weapon teams and the Codex on the way. Now, with my squads I am somewhat lost in how to arm them. I realize that before I can even play I'll need about 3 Command Squads, but in the meantime I'd like your suggestions on what to arm my men with, and what heavy weapons to make once they arrive.

I want this army to be an urban themed one, yet I would also like it to be tactically sound. The colour scheme I have in mind is black armour and grey camo fatigues, if anyone could give any tips on painting that style they would be helpful.

Thanks again for your help!

03-12-2007, 23:39
For how to arm your men and discussing lists and thier effectiveness, try this section..
For the modeling aspect of how to most effectively arm your heavy weapons teams, try this section..

Personally, I just got the gaurd company and will learn by trial and error.
Modeling-wise, I am not putting the heavy weapons teams together as they are in the box.
Missile launchers, standing shoulder mounted (with a reguler gaurdsman and a reguler gaurdsmen standing next to him (not even bothing with the extra missile, Just saying he is there to help .
Morter ,stand alone by itself and stand 2 reguler joes next to it. the tripod, not putting anything on it as I will be able to just trade off any of the 3 other weapons.
converting an extra base for a 2nd tripod mount. Both kneelers, I have the gun handles in thier hands and will just set them behind the weapon I want them at and stand a reguler guy next to them.
So, I can effectively make 4 heavy weapons teams for each single one or 12 out of a 3 team box (with extra reguler guys from the reguler guy box set.
This can easily eat up your reguler guy resources, but still cheaper then buying the extra heavy weapon box sets to make the teams.

03-12-2007, 23:51
Buy tanks, as many of them as you can.... you can never have too many.

40 Cadians is enough for a guard army, *if* you buy a Chimera to make one an armoured fist squad.

Remember, you actually have 46 men, including the ones in the heavy weapons box, and you'll have plenty of heavy weapons left over to convert, even if you don't use them all.

Best thing to do though, is pick a mix of weapons for now, rather than going all lascannon, or all heavy bolter. Try a Rocket (Never Missile) Launcher, and perhaps an autocannon, in whatever combination you like.

Form two squads of ten men, using the grenade Launchers (Flamers are useless really for guard), centered around a pair of your heavy weapons teams. Group another five together around a leader like model for the command section. Congratulations, that's one Platoon, and one troops choice. 25/46 men used. 21 remaining.

Another Ten men become your armoured fist squad. Give them some good gear, maybe a Lascannon or so if you want. Get 'em a Chimera tank too. 35/46 men used, 11 remaining.

Finally, last five go towards a command section. Covert 'em, make sure they're ornate and austentatious and noticeable as commanders. 5 plastic guys used up, 40/46 used, 6 remaining.

It's good practice to keep models back as spare's, incase some go missing/break. Also, if you need to make up numbers/points, they can be used as a Remnants squad for your infantry platoon.

There, a quick and easy guard army, and what most IG players probably start with anyway. Just get yourself a damn tank....

04-12-2007, 00:03
That's essentially how I started about a month ago: the Cadian force box + a Chimera, and an extra heavy weapon team for good measure, another Russ off eBay and thats good for a 1,000 point game (oh, also the Cadian officer blister; one guy became my S.O. the other my J.O.). Slapped mortars in the command squads, got a Lascannon AT squad, armed the rest with a mix of missile launchers (2) and a Lascannon.. very quick start. Now I'm waiting on another Russ which I'll probably turn into a Demolisher (or, if I can manage it, a Thunderer), and I'm thinking of either getting more Chimeras to turn my troops Mechanized, or a Commissar and a swarm of Conscripts... or both!

04-12-2007, 00:13
Demolisher is a good tank, but a bit short on range. Worth it for the Plasma Cannon/Lascannon Combo. Expensive as hell though.

Leman Russ, or Basilisk even, Costs the same as that Chimera, and is more flexible, and easier to build. Basilisk is a beautiful model, especially with the crew, and some proper attention to detail. (Protip: Paint the whole gun assembly *before* you slide it into place, then add the gun crew.)

Blade of Darkness
04-12-2007, 03:01
Hey there

Sweet thanks for the advice guys! With my army, mortars seem to fit in with city-fighting, but what are your opinions on them? To go with that whole bombardment idea I am planning on getting a Basilisk... or 2... thoughts on the pair?