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03-12-2007, 23:52
Ok so this is my second thread.

Essentially I got a bit fed up of doing the 'good guys' of the Imperium and wanted to create something they could fight against, even though Catachans are rebelious enough to be able to kick up a fuss of their own!

I decided that the best possible force to create would be a Fallen lead traitor guard army. I have had a go at a couple of warped and twisted (chaos obvious) fallen models which I will post on here soon. I am not entirely happy with them at the moment though! I think I may try a more subtle approach next.

Essentially this force will be created from the spares of my Imperial forces of which I have accrued a large enough number to create an average force.

To start the thread off here is one of the traitor guardsmen these guys are going to follow Nurgle so I have gone down the Zombie look/feel. This is the prototype.




Your Evil Twin
04-12-2007, 00:24
Wow thats seriously nice for a horde model! Will they all be that good, if so COOL, if not, dipping works really well :D but dont get tempted!

Also is he a zombie or a guardsmen?

Keep it up!
Your Evil twin

04-12-2007, 01:05
Very nice traitor! Looking forward to seeing moore. :)

Mr Feral
04-12-2007, 10:11
He looks more Plague Zombie than Traitor to me, not that I'm complaining ;) I recomend less Zombie / more Catachan parts for Traitors and visa-versa for Plague Zombies. Nice painting BTW and consider me subscribed.

04-12-2007, 11:40
How about using the plague zombies as Conscripts and the regular traitors as standard platoons?


04-12-2007, 15:10
Percinctomega - spot on. As I am yet to be convinced by my DA fallen, I am contemplating just making an Imperial based traitor force.

It had crossed my mind that I could do a conscript platoon and also select warrior weapons as one of my choices . . . . . .

I havent seen a new version of the chaos codex yet and this is a reletively new area for me so any advice would be great. Is there a traitor force list out there?

I have done a second model although it is more warped, it has a spawn head!

And I agree - it is more plague zombie than traitor guard, but I was thinking of how badly afflicted with chaos the different units would be. These would be the gibbering masses of those whose minds were not strong enough, or whose minds simply absorbed more craze than measure!

Like I say any advice would be great.

Cheers guys!

Commander of the 509th Catachan "Snakes".

Mr Feral
04-12-2007, 16:35
There is the Renegades & Heretics list in IA5, although its less suited fo Zombies and more for a powerful defensive weaponry with tanks and pillboxes. Otherwise stick with IG with the appropiate doctrines or LatD.

Death Korp
04-12-2007, 16:40
IA5 is a good book for this idea!

Workers Rabble can be the Zombies, Alpha Legion Marines can be fallen, and all the rest of them can be tratiors! It also has Beserker Ogryns, so it is the best list for a Chaos player :)


Mr Feral
04-12-2007, 19:49
You can't go wrong with Renegade Berzerker Ogryns.

04-12-2007, 22:56
Brilliant - it gives me an excuse to get the new Ogryns for my Catachan army and convert the old ones up for this army! Just need IA5 now . . . .

Mr Feral
05-12-2007, 09:54
Brilliant - it gives me an excuse to get the new Ogryns for my Catachan army and convert the old ones up for this army! Just need IA5 now . . . .

BTW Renegade Orgyn Berzerkers have a CCW not a Ripper Gun, so bear that in mind for converting .

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09-12-2007, 00:31
Ok after a busy week I have managed to try out a seccond traitor guard model, this time taking on some advice - I have used more Catachan parts.

I have also used an old 2nd plastic Ork bolt pistol (I think we all have those kicking around ;oD) to represent a Chaos type weapon to count as an auto-pistol/laspistol.

I have to say I like this model the more detail I add to it paint wise. As you can see it isn't finnished yet but it is about half way.




09-12-2007, 01:07
These are looking really good so far

09-12-2007, 01:09
At last after much chopping and changing here is the first Fallen that I am actually half way towards being satisfied with.

I wanted there to be more uncertanty around these fallen than a typical Chaos marine, as is suggested by their fluff.

After much digging through my thoughts, GW background and my bits box I came up with theories and a feel that I liked.

Yes this guy has an old RT Ork power claw/fist, a very old metal Zombie head rescued from someone ages ago, and a 2nd filed down marine body.

The idea is that the Fallen are scattered for what-ever reason far from their point of origin. Now, Marines need to be maintained, they need regular check-ups for gene seed flaws, and for medicating etc. Without these marines normaly at some point slow right down into stasis - according to Codex Astartes.

Or at least that is what is suggested happens to post-herecy marines. Now here is the fun bit, the fallen range from pre-to post herecy. So some may still exhist with the same equipment from the time of the herecy and some with equipment from after.

Those that survive would have aged a lot or be in some way perhaps mutated either through strange gene-seed effects or through attempting to find alternatives medicins and stimulants.

The Zombie with deeply sunken eyes is meant to represent this. A marine who somehow has managed to live long, hence the balding, although is succombing to age. The claw represents having to make do with what is at hand - obviously having been wounded someone or something has "mended" him.

I like the way he is borderline histerical/psychotic in his facial features. I almost want to feel sorry for him! As with the fallen, are we meant to?







Mr Feral
09-12-2007, 10:26
That second Traitor is very nice.
The old Ork weapon swap is ace.
The Fallen Marine is good too, the face and posture is class.

09-12-2007, 13:35
Thanks for the advice guys - keep it coming!

Thanks to you the second traitor is looking good. However I face I dilema, I like the first model so will try to create enough like that to make a Zombie/gibbering conscript platoon.

I am also trying to toy with the fluff for the army.

Unless I use the IA list - which will cost me some to get the book, I will find it hard to include the fallen as anything less than allies. So I am going to attempt to create a balanced list too.

Fallen are few and far between so I am going along the line of one unit as the HQ choice, a commander and a few fallen that somehow have found their way to his side (option for further fluff/storywriting later on). I don't want them to look too chaotic, because they are essentially run-away Dark Angels. I just want things to look old and weathered and not quite right.

The force they lead is going to be of the planet they now occupy and a mixture of traitor guard and the results of their attempts to spawn new geneseed.

This idea comes from Codex Astartes. One of the next models is going to be an apothecary type figue with some Fabious Bile bits I have kicking around, although he is going to be a little more "doc" than Apothecary. That will explain the Zombie-like models, although I want an underlying feel of rotting and decay which is left open to interpritation as to whether it is the gene-seeds growing old, contaminated or that Nurgle has crept in . . . . . .

Ideas so far for the Doctrines to use are: Conscripts, Warrior Weapons (for the conscripts).

Any ideas would be awesome and appreciated. That goes for modeling ideas too ;oD.

Mr Feral
09-12-2007, 13:48
I reccomend you look at this for Fallen modelling and fluff:
These are nice conversions, not too Chaotic yet weathered nicely.

For the army list, although it'll cost you, the IA list is probably suited best to what you want to use, the Alpha legion entry can be used for your Fallen and your Apothecary / Doctor can be the Aspiring Champion. That's my take on things anyway. It could work as well with the IG list like you said, although I'm not sure about how you would include the Fallen. Alternatively, if you take the special character Cypher, then you can also take a unit of Fallen as well (counts as a CSM squad).

09-12-2007, 14:38
Cheers, that is a brilliant link.

The minis look nice so I will see if I can do a bit of that style weathering on them.

One thing threw me though, I had a look for the last edition metal robed DAs and guess what? They are no longer on the site! To add to that I don't think Cypher is either, both obviously gone the way of the dust bin. :oC

17-12-2007, 19:25
Here is the latest traitor zombie/guard. Just to see how the theme continues. I probably won't post that many more multiples of a mini like this on here now as they will all be similar and I am sure you don't want to see them all untill they are units.

The traitor guard are a different matter - I have an example for you next!





17-12-2007, 19:32
Proto-type traitor guard.

The idea was the same as the fallen - try to make them look less Chaotic but at the same time not standard Imperial Guard.

My idea was to base them around cold war Russians and generic rebels/terrorist types.

This guy has the shaven head and bandana round his face look, I like this guy as quite a bit of modeling was required to get the look. I have since sculpted his sleeves so they look as if they are rolled up and given him a lick of paint so the next thing will be a picture or two of that.





Mr Feral
17-12-2007, 19:37
Nice Traitors!
The only thing I can critique about the first one is that he's not looking where he's shooting.
The second one is great, the face cloth is class and the rebel / terrorist archetype (as you put it) fits the Traitor well.

17-12-2007, 23:16
Thanks for the comments - keep em coming!

Yes, I agree with the zombie traitor. I couldn't get the head to sit any other way and in the end I went with it because it gives a sort of disjointed look to it, these are conscripts and jibbering conscripts at that!!! This guy has obviously seen to many Ork newsreels!

The Rebel looks a bit crude in those photos - I am taking some right now of him base painted with some detail, not sure what colour to do the scarf tho.

18-12-2007, 02:47
I was just talking to you on gmail chat and decided to come check it out.

looks real good man.

18-12-2007, 05:43
go red with white poke a dots for the scarf :P

19-12-2007, 18:35



I am happy with the colour-scheme although I may use camo-green for the uniform - DA green is perhaps a little too dark.

The armour is cool. Just need to decide what to do the gun and scalf in. A Red Gore colour apealed, and white.

This is the first time I have tried a shaven head look with a wash to indicate very short hair, I am quite pleased with it!

Mr Feral
19-12-2007, 19:57
A little bit of chipped paint on the armour is what I recommend for the Traitor. The wash on the head is well executed BTW :), as for the head scarf, I think grey would go well with everyelse that you've done.

19-12-2007, 20:13
That last Heretic with the brown armor need some more 'chaos' TLC to it, imho

It just looks like a veteran regular IG Model to me, maybe if you add something else to it, I don't know what though, it may make it seem more evil.

19-12-2007, 20:52
That last Heretic with the brown armor need some more 'chaos' TLC to it, imho

It just looks like a veteran regular IG Model to me, maybe if you add something else to it, I don't know what though, it may make it seem more evil.

I know what you mean.

I would still like to keep it subtle mind you, these guys are a bit like the fallen - are they really Chaos or just Imperial Citizens with a grudge against the Inquisition?

I will add some "weathering" to the armour and create an emblem for the regiment.

That said the next model I am working on is to be used as to represent a command figure like a commissar - it is very obviously Chaos! As are the zombies/conscripts to some extent - although again is it Chaos' work or simply that of the degenerated/mutated geneseed?

10-03-2008, 20:55
IA5 is a good book for this idea!

Workers Rabble can be the Zombies, Alpha Legion Marines can be fallen, and all the rest of them can be tratiors! It also has Beserker Ogryns, so it is the best list for a Chaos player :)


The IA5-list offers great oportunities for an army.It's a pitty you can only use 1 leman russ and 1 basilisk.
I'm working on a list and i think it's going to be nice.
I think i will really enjoy 2 squads of Disciples with 3 plasmaguns, 1 heavy weapon team and BS4 each. Great infiltrators who will support my infiltrating
Alpha legion squad who also have 3 plasmaguns and a heavy weapon. 9 plasmaguns in the front line, all shooting at BS4 sounds really nice.
Could be alot of overheating though.

Mr Feral
11-03-2008, 10:48
It's a pitty you can only use 1 leman russ and 1 basilisk.

What makes you say that? It's one per HS choice.

Colonel Haizelhoff
08-04-2008, 17:14
Really good stuff here. I like the look although making an army with so much character on each model must be quite a job. I hope you can do it.

08-04-2008, 18:44
I am working on it - the problem is due to limited finances I now have no spare Zombie parts or Cadian bodies.

I am biding my time on ebay waiting for the bits I need to become available at a not so ridiculous price! I had someone try to sell me Zombie parts at 10p a pop. Well thats ok but they had 40 heads 4 plus arms, legs, bodies etc - I would have been better of getting a boxed set. It seems such a waste when I only need left-over bits!

20-04-2008, 22:43
Good news!

I trudged off to Salute! yesterday and now am the happy owner of a bag of bits - 1 and a bag of 80 of these: http://www.princeaugust.ie/target_games/tg2420-1.html for only 10.

These are to form a couple of projects. Firstly one ten man squad will be used to make a storm trooper unit for my imperial guard force. I will ofcourse replace the guns with lasguns and probably provide different heads apart from possibly the commanders head!

Another unit will be made as guild mercenaries for Necromunda or possibly some form of enforcers (I like the idea that they would wear respirators due to their belief that the filth may infect them).

Finally I am going to give it a shot at making some of these guys into Chaos renegades. I have a couple of autoguns to give them, some old lasguns and I will try to nab some ork shootas to butcha into their units.

The bag of bits had a bunch of undead and empire bits in it, I now have 19 more heads and some useable arms to build the rest of the conscript squad. In a bizarre twist of fate I may even have to go on ebay for some more plastic Catachans!

This plog is far from dead yet!

11-05-2008, 14:02
The infliction of Beliessian VI

Planetary Lord Cordu

Beliessian VI is a little know mining colony on the fringes of the Imperium. It supplies important but not large quantities of ore to the mighty galactic war effort in the name of the Emperor.

Governor Cordu is the highest ranking official on the planet and resides in the highest spire of the prime hive on the industrious planet, not to look out over his domain but to sit above the low cloud and to benefit from the day cycles that the people bellow are unable to experience on a regular basis with the cloud only allowing filtered beams of light through. Sometimes so little it could as easily be light from Beliessian VI’s twin moons as the star that provides their system with light.

Almost two decades ago a fierce drug war lead to a planetary civil war between crime syndicates, drug reliant mining posts and governmental forces. The outcome of which saw the government seize and destroy the syndicates and take control over the supply of the drugs to the colonies, at first hoping to develop a way of mass detox to remove the minors of their addiction.

Cordu ordered research on the drug which is rumoured to have first arrived with some off-world traders whose ship was found drifting in space empty some months later, the where-abouts of the crew unknown. The drug, known as Raptic-5, was then crudely replicated in secret distilleries until the planetary government discovered what a grip it had on their planet.

The research found that for the first few months the test subjects experienced boosted senses and strength although a slight loss in cognitive thought. The subjects could still follow instructions and act instinctively but not be able to form reliable behavioural patterns other than to crave more of the drug which in some circumstances would include killing other subjects, even those without the drug, and feeding upon their organs in hope of extracting more of the chemical.

After the first few months the subjects start to loose body mass and start to loose any normal senses other than to kill to find more of the drug, being rendered unable to use more sophisticated or ranged weaponry. Strangely they do not seem to loose strength – an eerie light seems to shine from their eyes representing some ab-human inner power fuelled by the drug. The loose any feelings for other beings and exist only for their own desires.

Four years after the civil war a stray segment of an Ork fleet chanced upon the planet. With many workers tired from mining the government voted in the movement to issue the drugs to all miners trained to bare arms. The result of this was a short but fierce war on the surface of the planet where the infected soldiers fought savagely against the green tide until nothing but the stain and scars of battle was left.

However many of the infected failed to return, becoming beasts and monsters in the harsh environments outside of the cities and mining posts, preying upon trade caravans and prospectors. The planet now faces a new battle against those it once infected and those that still support the issuing of the drug that research is still unfinished on.

Beliessian VI 108th Savages:

Conscript Platoons
Raptic-5 injectors (counts as chem.-inhalers)
Warrior Weapons (conscripts only)
Light Infantry
Sanctioned Psychers

Colonel Haizelhoff
11-05-2008, 16:40
You can't give an equipment option like chem inhalers and warrior weapons only to parts of the army it says so in the codex. I always like fluff, but maybe switch light infantry into hardened fighters?

11-05-2008, 20:28
Yeah I realised that bit!

Just fluff wise for a slightly chaotic / renegade army which will probably only see action locally I don't think it will be a problem.

If it is then I will just have to use the conscripts as allies?

I was thinking about hardened fighters and dropping sanctioned psychers for it. It could make more sense. Again I could use the psychers as part of an allied contingent representing the more chemicalified forces.

I just think that without any ranged weaponry a guard army will not survive - especially considering I don't have the parts nor the number of models needed to make this anything other than a 1,500pt project.

Maybe I will have to re-think the warrior weapon bit and the fluff?!! Hmmmm. . . . .

30-06-2008, 17:30
Ok I have decided to shelve my Imperial Guard based idea for the time being and just stick with the Lost and the Damned sheet for Apoc for the time being until the new Imp Guard codex is released to see if I can use that.

Here are the 8 (so far) members of the first squad and two character models.