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04-12-2007, 07:22
I used to play warhammer back in 3rd/4th edition and havent really played since. I usually play 40k instead. The new High Elves have attracted my attention though (damned subliminal messages in WD) and I'm going to start off a new army over the next few weeks.
My questions are:
Is it worth taking lots (say about 40 or so) of elf bowmen as my core units and then taking special units as my CC force? Is shooting as effective as a block of spearmen or not?
And if I do buy special units A) which ones do I get? and B) a few large units (20+) or a bunch of smaller ones (10-15)?
Sorry if these questions have been posted elsewhere, I'm in a hurry and dont have time to go through all the other threads before I have to get to work.

04-12-2007, 18:18
The general consensus is that S3 shooting is not worth the effort, unless you have tons of it. I doibt you'll be able to afford 40 high elf archers and still have a viable 2,000 point army.

Note, that wood elves archers have a few benefits that make them a consideration, but High Elves / Empire / Goblins etc are support & harassment units at best.

Of course, the same goes for spearmen - it's still S3. At least you get a lot of attacks out of them though, once you get them in the fight.

Another consideration is that if you focus on elite footsloggers, as many high elf players seem to do nowadays, you could benefit greatly from a more affordable missile screen. Either spears or archers could work out in that role, and they can still do combined charges etc if they aren't shot to pieces.

Shamgar Oxgoad
04-12-2007, 18:23
If it were me I wouldn't take that many bowmen. It just isn't worth it. The new HE are designed to be more special-centered then core. In a 2150 pt. battle I got away with just using one block of ten archers. The spearmen in a block of 20 are very useful. The best thing though, are the Seaguard, if you have the points to spend. They get to shoot and fight in three ranks.

For special I would always take Sword Masters, I take them in blocks of fifteen. With 10A WS6 S5 the pretty much own in combat. The Phoneix Guard are pretty handy also, with their 4+ ward save they can take alot of hits. I usually take 20. White lions are good. Dragon Princes do wonders. And I've had alot of success with the lion chariots.