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04-12-2007, 17:44
Well, this is a 2000 point list that I am trying to build in order for a new Khemri player at our club, he asked me to specifically because he is losing badly and nobody will cut him any slack.

Anyway, here is my proposed list.

King Phu-step
Tomb King
Golden Eye of Rah-Nutt
Chariot of Fire
Spear of Antarhak
Enchanted Shield
Light Armour

Liche Priest-Hierophant
Hieratic Jar
Cloak of Dunes

Liche Priest
Staff of Ravening

Liche Priest
2x Dispel scroll

11 Bowmen

10 Bowmen

3 Chariots
Standard Bearer
Banner of the Undying Legion

3 Chariots

3 Chariots

3 Chariots

3 Chariots

Tomb Scorpion

Tomb Scorpion

Screaming Skull Catapult
Skulls of the foe

Screaming Skull Catapult
Skulls of the foe

Come to 2000 points exactly. Criticisms are greatly welcomed I don't know much about Tomg Kings but I thought I would what I thought to be a pretty strong list. I could be terribly, terribly wrong though.

Bunny Lord
05-12-2007, 01:21
i like its origonality, but not very effective after the charge. with no high pries or cascket (to scare your opponent to saving his despell dice) you wont get that many spells through. I would drop 1 unit of charriots the skulls of foe upgrade and he random extra bowmen to get a 20 block of warriors for static combat rez. And with an urgency this unit is just as fast as a charriot unit without it.

Hope this bit help. (i dont run this type of army but it seems interesting)

05-12-2007, 13:02
this how i would alta that list:

light armour
*chariot of fire
*enchanted shield
*sword of might
*golden ankhara

*cloak of dunes
*the jar

*staff of ravening

*casket of souls
*collar of shapesh
*serpants staff

chariots x4

chariot x3

chariot x3

archers x10



swarms x2

catapult (foes)

carrion x5

total 1999

keep the swarms in front of the casket for a bit of protection and so that the priest can use the collar on the swarms!!
deploy the casket and catapult close together so the priest on the casket always have something to cast on!! otherwise you'll find that by turn 3 and onwards he'll have nothing to cast on or very little choice anyway!
deploy the priest with the staff with the archers, when the unit is near destryoed or close to the enemy get the priest out of the unit! use the skelitons to sit infront of the enemy units at an angle to redirect the enemy, or just block them from charging your worthwhile units, etc. when the skile's are there get the carrion to sit behind the unit, so its stuck there unless they charge the skeli's, but have a chariot unit waiting to the side, so if the unit goes through, ou'll have a flank with the chariot!have the king and his unit and the other chariot unit circle a unit to get a front and flank charge!!
charge all together!! use the priests wisly for extra movements to get the army in position!
send the scorpions into the block units as quick as possible to torget all your attacks on the lords or heros!!, mainly the general nd BSB! very riscky but if successfull, you get double if not triple the points back, and you take the back bone out of the units!!

this is my general game plan! obviouse traps, but gives very little choice to the opponent!! this works very well for me, but i like to advance and be offensive!! i dont like sitting back and waiting for them to come to me!! this is from alot of gaming experence, plus i play as tomb kings 95% of the time as its my main army!!

good luck mate

05-12-2007, 19:25
Can I ask why the use of the Serpent's staff?? I don't think that a combat weapon is useful on a Liche Priest, but maybe it is. It would appear that a scroll is a better choice for the points.Can someone enlighten me on this?

05-12-2007, 22:14
The lichie priest with the casket is very voulnerable. If he dies then it's 165 pts (50 for items) for him and another 165 for the casket... gulp..
The serpent staff and the collar gives the liche a little fightingpower and the surrounding swarms can take the wounds saved by the collar. With the staff, the liche and his guards are given a better chance to kill something and survive the CR.
However it is very much questionalbe since the liche only has 1 attack. Try to enticipate what units might come for the casket (flyers, fast cav etc..) and work out if you think your priest will stand a chance anyway?

05-12-2007, 22:37
as a rule, no they dont servive, but i take it as it might help!! but a dispell scroll is also an item worth takeing, but i think thats down to choice!
or possibly, it depends on what army you face!! but like i said, its down to personal chioce! i like it as it has saved the priest a few times, well at lest an extra round whilst the swarms get in! or ends the game whilst in combat!!!! :-)