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Nephilim of Sin
04-12-2007, 21:31
Alright, I have read the tactica and what not, but this is a slightly different situation. The help is not for my own list, per se. What I am wanting to do is to make a list of Dark Elves in succession, starting at 500 pts, to teach my girlfriend the game. So I am not looking for a tournament style list, but something that can show a progression of the game in certain levels. On a further note, I will be playing Night Goblins (no fanatics 'till later), to make it somewhat interesting for her at such a small level. She also chose the Dark Elves, and wants to move on to Vampire Counts after that.

To start off, I am going by the models in my collection. Thus, no corsairs. I don't believe in 'em (yes, I know they exist, but they don't fit my army), or Cold One Chariots. I will be limiting my army to work with, yet against, her army, meaning I will not outpower her in magic or the like.

Here is my sample list for 500 pts. :
Dark Elf Noble on Cold One, kitted out except for magic weapons.
(To teach about the general and psychology)

Repeater Bolt Thrower
(For War Machines, and it is 'killy')

8x Repeater Crossbowmen (no command)
(To help with the shooting phase lesson)

10x Spearmen (with command)
(For close combat)

5x Witch Elves (no command)
(Again psychology, plus an 'elite unit')

Total: At or just shy of 500 pts.

I figured that this would give her an understanding of each phase of the game (except for magic, that will be later) while not getting too daunting on a lot of the extra rules.

I plan on expanding on to 750 pts, then a 1000 pts after that (maybe three games each? She's quicker at learning than I am).

For 750, I was going to add:
-Biting Blade (to introduce Magic Items)
-10x Repeater Crossbowmen
-10x With Elves (bringing the unit to 15)

This would add a new element, while reinforcing what she already knows.

For a 1000 pts, I was thinking along the lines of adding:
-Sorceress (lvl2) (to intoduce Magic)
-Cold One Knights (to accompany the Noble, and they can hit hard)
-Repeater Bolt Thrower
-Dropping the Spearmen and adding another Sorceress (lvl2)

With this last list, I was thinking after she gets the hang of magic, it could dominate the shooting phase, while still having two main killy units. Against Goblins, I think it could hit hard, even if I will have the numbers. Plus, it would give us a chance at an actually game once the turorial is done.

The first list I am definate on, while the other two I am not so sure about. I do not want to do magic on the first games, because I really want the other phases to set in without her getting overwhelmed. Should I add it to the 750 pt list? And the last list I am not to sure about. It can dish out the shots, with some nice combat units, but I think it is missing something. As I said earlier, I can sub in any models except for Corsairs and Cold One Chariots (although I could always proxy the last, I suppose). Now, once I get some feedback and tear her away from "Oblivion", I should be set!

Any help would be greatly appriciated!

Dragon Prince of Caledor
04-12-2007, 22:31
sounds like a solid game plan to me!

05-12-2007, 00:11
thats a great idea and looks great. mayb hav to try that on my friend who might start

05-12-2007, 00:12
Sounds alright for now. For the first few games, the 500pts list will work nicely but then I'd get your GF some dark riders fast. Also, she won't be able to do much with 10 warriors with spears; I'd turn this unit into a solid block of 20 as soon as possible too. You can't have 5 Witches only and they won't do much I guess but if you want to do this as an introductionary game, 5 Witches should be interesting and I guess your GF will like them.

For the 750pts list, I'm not a great fan of the Biting Blade. Sure, it's cheap but if you're going for a magic weapon, go all the way for the Sword of Might, I'd say. DE characters need the extra strength.

Your 1000pts list looks a bit weird to me. 2 lvl2 sorceresses and two RBT don't leave much room for real troops like the beloved Warriors. Always have a 20men block of those, I say.;) But maybe you prefer playing MSU.

05-12-2007, 00:13
No Dark Riders?

The biggest strength of the Dark Elves is in synchronised attacks, one fast unit hitting a flank, another hitting the front.
It would be good to take at least one unit of Dark Rider to illustrate this at some point during your teaching.

I'd also make the point from 750 points onwards about minimum unit sizes as your units in the 500pt set are below the legal size.

Nephilim of Sin
05-12-2007, 17:21
Thanks for the help guys. I am really excited about this, myself. The reasoning behind the 'illegal' 500 pt. list is because it had everything I wanted to capture at that level. I had a lot of trouble breaking the rules, then I remembered an old White Dwarf article (I think it was a Tale of four Gamers) where they bent the rules a tad to get armies started at low points, and it seemed to work out great. So, with the comments, I decided to redo the other two lists:

@Sigur: Took the advice on the magic item. Defintately works out better.

@Chivalrous: Took you advice as well.
The new 750 pts. list is updated like this (This is what will be added):
-5 Dark Riders
-2 Repeater Crossbowmen (making it 10)
-5 Witch Elves (making it 10)
-5 Spear elves (totaling 15)

This way, the unit minimums and basics of army building are introduced, as well as the Dark Riders. You guys are right, I was just trying to avoid them in the beginning because they are such a mainstay, which really doesn't make any sense honestly. With this list, the Spear Elves will be somewhat more solid, and everything is legal.

The 1000pt list has been completely redone as well. The reason I was going with two RBT and two Sorceresses was to a.) give her something she would be familiar with (and could destroy my weedy goblin ranks) and b.) make sure she could truly experiance a good magic phase. But, yeah, that was a ridiculous points sink, and left the army very fragile.

So, one idea I have thrown around is this (1000pts):
-Noble on Cold One (same as above, but with Sword of Might)
-1 (!) Sorceress (lvl 2) (This will still introduce magic, and make it interesting)
-5 Cold One Knights (to Accompany the Noble, and give her something new)
-20 Spear Elves (thanks Sigur), with full command
-10 Witch Elves (they will be a supporting role, and should suffice in a small game)
-1 Repeater Bolt Thrower (yes, I am old school)
-5 Dark Riders (With Repeater Crossbows)

As she should have had a good idea of the shooting aspect of the army, I decided to drop the Crossbowmen (and other Bolt Thrower) to show her other aspects, especially the hard hitting Cold One Knights. And remember, I am playing goblins! All goblins. This way, the Witch Elves, with their poisoned attacks and frenzy, can either be directed towards the weaker flanks, or used in conjunction with the harder units. I decided on Repeating Crossbows on the Dark Riders simply to add some annoying shooting, as she can use them to hinder my movement and take small potshots. While the list is still small unit-wise, I think it has more of an ability to survive AND dish it out.

As said, this final list will be MY final list (of course, changed upon recommendation) for her, because by this point I am anticipating her getting an idea of what she wants for the army. After seeing it used a few ways, she will definately be able to tailor it to her style.

Again, any recommendations are great, and thanks again for what has been said!


06-12-2007, 16:56
I went with about 40 crossbow men in an 1k pts army vs new HE. Totally wiped 'em out:D
So I think ranged tactics work best with DE, as you can have huge loads of bolts pouring down at you enemy. With a few small CC units to finish of the remainders, I almost feel all powerful:)


06-12-2007, 20:36
Check out http://us.games-workshop.com/games/warhammer/gaming/warbands/warbands.htm for rules on small armies