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05-12-2007, 00:38
Is there anywhere on the web that gives the rough specs on building your own Warlord Titan? I can find heaps of pics and lots of praise for peoples efforts, but no details on how to go about it.

One rough spec I would really like above all else is... How tall would the Warlord be? I've heard conflicting information that it should stand 12" tall to 6' tall... I am not building a 6' fall model. And 12" seems a little too short...

05-12-2007, 00:47
Sizes for the Warlord are some of the vaguest things around... although going by the Apocalypse book, about 2.5'-3' at the most is probably appropriate. Probably a bit shorter, if you account for the pose and whatnot. 6' is the accepted measurement for an Imperator Titan of eqivalent scale, I believe.

Probelm is, ever since the original Titan legions material, GW has changed the measurements with every new revision/update. And Forgeworld throwing their hat into the ring with their own stats hasn't helped matters, either. Although since the FW models now seem to be GW's accepted standard of scale, going by them and the Apoc book is probably your best bet.

05-12-2007, 00:48
Most Warlords I've seen have been in the 24-36" range. They're about twice the height of a Warhound, iirc.

05-12-2007, 01:41
Mine is 30" tall with bent legs so maybe 33" straight.

PVC as a skelaton works great because it is light and strong. But it mainly made of the connection pieces.

If you look at the first album the first picture kinda shows the PVC section of the torso.

Buy all the PVC from one place because the size of the connection piece varies between manufactors. Also buy the PVC cutter. It was like 16 dollars and it is a hand tool. It is well worth it as it does not shred the PVC when you cut it.

I did mine in more of a herioc style. Basicly I overemphasized the shoulders but I think it works and looks very intimidating.

I worked in centimeters because it is alot easier to do your calculations. Base 10 is much easier then measuring 1/4" here, 1/8inch there etc.

I wish I had some good pics of the PVC prior to putting on the Plasticard. But I can breifly describe it.

The torso consists of two Complex Pieces connected by three long pieces of PVC.


The Lower Portion is a little smaller

I hope it helps. Probably won't but PM it you need help.

Buy Band-Aids your thumbs will need it. And don't strive for absolute perfection get as close as you can and use some gap filler. You will learn enough by finishing it to do a better job next time.

05-12-2007, 02:18
That... that's ingenious and evil all at the same time... I love it!

And if you leave the PVC sticking through the plasticard and unglued/magentized in strategic places you can disassemble your titan for transport, change the pose (go go torso twist!), and make the gun interchangable!

05-12-2007, 03:22
Just fluff wise (which will help me picture my initial design), is it the Warlord Titan that's meant to have a company of IG in each leg? (Or am I totally off the mark?)

The Gothic Me
05-12-2007, 03:29
Just fluff wise (which will help me picture my initial design), is it the Warlord Titan that's meant to have a company of IG in each leg? (Or am I totally off the mark?)

That's the Imperator Titan

05-12-2007, 07:33
Warlords are 40m tall. If you scale at 1"=5' on the tabletop, then a warlord should be 26.25" tall. If you go by 1"=5.5', then a warlord would be 23.86" tall. If you make your warlord in the 30"+ range, then you are getting too close to emperor class titans.

05-12-2007, 07:44
For the sake of playability and to look decent beside my armorcast titans I made mine to be 20 inches tall. It will fit in fine standing next to an Eldar Phantom titan, which is supposed to be the same size.