View Full Version : 12 Eldar Holidays :D

05-12-2007, 09:07
I was getting my Eldar army list ready and as I was counting the troops the 12 days song came to mind haha. Keep in mind this was tossed together in less then 5 min haha.

On the 12th Eldar Holiday, my true love gave to me.....

12 Vypers Skimming

11 Dragons Burning

10 Rangers Hiding

9 Avengers Storming

8 Wraith Lords Crushing

7 Scorpions Striking

6 Banshee howling

5 Cheeeeeezy Falcons

4 Dark Reapers

3 Warlocks

2 Pheonix Lords

And Eldrad sitting in a pear tree.

I thought it was funny, I'm sure some more talented people could do better.