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The Song of Spears
05-12-2007, 16:14
I was told that at some point in the far past, there was a ork codex, supplement or maybe just a white dwarf, that had a ork possessed by a bloodthirster. And the caption on the picture was the ork looking very constipated, and tiny voice coming from inside him (voice of bloodthrister) saying, "Let me out!" and the ork was replying, "No, i like da spiky bits!"

Anyone know if this is true, and if so where the heck i can find it?

05-12-2007, 16:53
Uhmmm... probably 'Ere We Go, the original, 1st Ed. Ork (back then also spelt Orc in 40K). That featured both Chaos Space Orc/ks and Orc/k Genestealer Cults. And possibly overlaps, as back then, a Patriarch could be possessed by a bloodthirster... sheer craziness.

The Song of Spears
05-12-2007, 16:57
I have 'ere we go, i will have to look through that. But i don't recall anything being in there about genestealer orks or chaos orks... but i will have to look ...

05-12-2007, 17:14
I remember it, but I don't have the book, or even remember exactly what book it was... I used to field ork-genestealer hybrids *and* daemon-possessed orks.

The fluff went something like daemons hated possessing orks, because they couldn't control them in any way, and the orks were immune to their powers. So it buffed the ork big-time (depending on the daemon stats), but the daemon was trapped and essentially useless until the ork died.