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Bunny Lord
05-12-2007, 21:20
I never tried this out but im wondering how it would work its notempire you see all the time and i think its competitive so here it is.

wizard lord 290
lvl 4
rod of power
2 despell scrolls

captain 114
full plate

wizard 166
von horsemens speculum
sword of might
barded warhorse

priest 94
great wepon

20 spear men 108
10 halberdier dettachment 50

20 swordsmen 128
10 free comp. detachment 50

5 knights 115

10 hand gunners 105

5 pistoliers 90

5 pistoliers 90

5 pistoliers 90

mortar 75

Steam Tank 300

volley gun 110

95 models
casting dice 6 (8)
despell dice 4 (6)
despell scroll 2

05-12-2007, 22:12
Your lords a bit different, but other than that it looks fairly normal (exepct for the lack of 3+ units of handgunners...)

What are your general battle plans?

05-12-2007, 22:12
What is your planned tactic here? I'm having a hard time figuring out what this army is supposed to do.

05-12-2007, 23:04
I'm collecting an army that looks a little like this. My main sugestion would be to drop the morter in favour of a cannon. I'd also drop the Steam tank and bulk up on other bits and pieces. This would include things like...

Some form of ward save for your Wizard lord
Doomfire ring for you Pegasus Captain
Armour of meteoric Iron for you Warrior Priest
Full command for your block infantry and Knights
Musicians for your Pistoliers
Maybe a unit of crossbowmen and split the handgunners into two units of five and use them as detachments.


Bunny Lord
06-12-2007, 21:56
My main battel plan is not easy to pull off but if it works it really works.

The battle wizzard joins the knights and charges straight ahead at his bg nasty lordof kick ass-ness. (hopefully hell be mounted so he wont have amazing combat rez). The knights do damage to the unit the wizard challenges the enemys lord, and uses the speculum to make him almost useless while i hack away at him. If i win combat yay if i lose i either run and most likely out run the enemy because im mounted.

The knights are backed up by a pistolier unit to harass and flank if i stay in combat. They will also be backed up by my lord who can charge in if nessacary but id rather use him for warmachine hunting.

My wizard Lord and battle wizard will unleash a magical onslauht upon the enemy, before i charge in.

The pisoliers and steam tank run off and harass/charge the enemys other flank. Now ill have anti big creature support from my steam tank because of his cannon/impact hits so hopefully that wont be a problem.

My infantry will be slowely making there way up the field supported by the magic/combat power of my priest /wizard lord. when they do reach combat hopefully i will have the flanks secure so ill be creating a pincer like effect. With the fire support of my mortar and hand gunners i should be good before the charge.

I love my mortar its so usefull against elves, skaven, mauraders, gobbos, and other lightly armored low toughness infantry.

The overalll strategy is to unleash a magical/shooting barrage before i charge in so i can hopefully break the enemy.

06-12-2007, 23:54
You mean, the trick is so old that anyone that sees a challenge from a wizard will accept it with the unit champion, who probably has a good chance of killing your wizard, while the lord stomps your knights?

06-12-2007, 23:57
These tactics are a bit immature because they assume that your enemy will sit back and watch.

07-12-2007, 00:02
On another note: a Ld 8 general is generally a bad idea for an Empire army (or anyone else, really), at 2k+ points, since many (if not most) armies will have fear- and terror-causing models, or spells to create panic.

07-12-2007, 00:03
I agree with Makarion. It's too easy to pick apart the 'tactic'. I'd just do what I did which is mount the wizard lord on a Pegasus and go for manuverability. You can have 2 flying monsters and 3 or 4 small blocks of cavalry to get in behind your opponants lines and march block him to hell and back. The Pistoliers can pick on any warmachines while the knights go after missile units. After they're out the way the pegasus mounted characters can have a field day.

On another note: a Ld 8 general is generally a bad idea for an Empire army (or anyone else, really), at 2k+ points, since many (if not most) armies will have fear- and terror-causing models, or spells to create panic.

He could invest in The Silver Horn if he finds leadership a problem. I really rate it due to it's power i.e hard to dispel on a single dice. In a magic centered army along with the Doomfire ring it should cause a real headache.


07-12-2007, 08:01
Empire wizard lords are terrible. IF you insist on one, drop a disp scroll for a luckstone (or you'll misscast or fluff an important roll). The ld8 will hurt you alot in a panic prone empire army, and any enemy with basic firepower will probbaly outshoot you, a terrible thing because then he''ll be dictating your moves and the fast cav wont really help.

If you want unorthadox, try an archlector with mace of helstrum... issue a challange and watch as their unit champion accepts (fear the spectrum), you smash him and get the
+D6 combat res.

I dont like the looks of that army, and wouldnt fear facing it with any of my standard setups.

Also that rod leaches alot of the time, wasting dice. Its best used when you've decided to go minimal magic and was some more disp dice.

Bunny Lord
08-12-2007, 01:42
I do feel that LD is a problem especially with a wizard lord. I might just switch a scroll for the silver horn that way if i do flee illbe able to rally. But i figure with 6 levels of magic ill get at least 1 spell that effects panicking and such.

I do agree that I am relying way too much on predicting what the enemy will do in my tactics, so if you could help me fix that without losing all of the non-coventionalness that would be great.

Bunny Lord,