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05-12-2007, 20:39

Im new to warhammer and my chosen army is Bretonnia. Ive gone on a bit of a spree over the past few months and now own:

4 Pegasus Knight (One royal with lord)
32 Bowmen and stakes
36 Men at arns
3 Damsels
5 Grail knights
1 trebuchet and crew.

Im trying to get hold of a relique and some battle pilgrims atm.

Im mainly going to be playing against the Dark Elves. I understand they have alot of elite infantry units. I'm most worried about Assasains as I think my opponent can hide them in any regular infantry unit. What is the best way to combat this?

Anything else I should particuarly watch out for when fighting DE's?

Any tips and opinions appreciated.

The HairyPig :cool:

05-12-2007, 22:08
You can't. You know he'll be hiding somewhere and no matter what he'll be striking first. However over time you'll learn his favorite places to hide which you can either shoot up or avoid.

DE can be VERY magic heavy and are dangerous with +1 to cast. Either decide to charge fast or take some scrolls.

Watch out for those bolt throwers... they hurt.

05-12-2007, 23:57
Then again, the required casting values for most Dark magic spells is high as well. Due to the cost of the Druchii units, it's rare to see them overpower themagic phase without being *very* shy in the number of models.

07-12-2007, 19:37
Thanks guys. Playing my first game over the weekend. Only a 500pts game though so he wont be fielding an assasain. Im mainly going for KOTR in lance formation to try and break his infantry. I think he will mainly be taking the spear and repeater crossbow men. Any more help would be great.



07-12-2007, 20:50
Don't lose heart! When I play the local DE player I usualyy get smashed in the first two turns. If you looked at the board after his second turn you would think he would win for sure. However the DE are nice and squishy once you get there. Even if a fraction of your lances make it you can wipe him out.

As always remember to pray and get that ward save, and in 500 take a goo sided unit of archers as well. Something like:

Paladin (keep him cheap)
ASB paladin (again stay cheap)
7 or 8 KoTR with full command
18-20 skirmishing archers

On the first turn pray and deploy your land and archers as far up as you can, and then hope his bolt thrower doesn't kill too much and move up your knights. Make sure on the first turn you shoot at that bolt thrower. If you take it out then you're set.

Remember you don't have to charge. You can widdle him down with arrows and charge on the last turn if you have to. The nice thing about going last (due to praying) is that you'll always have the last turn to make whatever crazy charge you want because your opponent can't gain anything from baiting and counter-charging.

08-12-2007, 03:04
just a little advice, IMHO if ur gonna use the grail knights, go heavy on the unit, if u dont then its not worth it and u should just get more KotR. what i mean by heavy is a whole lance of them. 9 Grail Knights charging u is not a happy time. its kinda sad and lonely cus all ur friends are probably dead. anyway, good luck and just hit his weaker units to punch through his line and disrupt it and units that would otherwise support their allies.

08-12-2007, 14:35
Lol? Are DE heavy magic? I play DE and never field a Sorceress below 1.5k.

He is probably playing defensive with tons of Spearman and Rxb. IMO, he can't afford to stand back and shoot because your firepower is superior. Expect him to advance and lure you to advance forward so he can take the charge first.

Don't worry about the Assasin. It is the worst Assasin ever and Druchii.net people, including me, are perplexed how he assasinates.

08-12-2007, 14:56
Don't worry about the Assasin. It is the worst Assasin ever

ive played worse ( a skaven assasin, who got in the way of my ring of fury :D)

using bretonnians, i would have maybe a small unit of errant knights to hit things first, then charge in in the next round with the KoTR. also, pegasus knights are brilliant for taking down artillery i.e. RBTs