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06-12-2007, 11:41
ok, so played against an ogre player the other day. He cast he +1 T stubborn spell. He used it as a remains in play while still being able to cast the same spell on another unit of his.

Now, my problem is that, is this a remains in play spell? or a 1 turn only spell? the description as i recall it was that they are under this effect while the spell is in play yet it did not define the parameters for which the spell is in play.

So, is it a 1 turn only? is it remains in play? or is it remains in play while allowing the caster to cast more spells?

06-12-2007, 11:47
Gut Magic is very different from other magic.

The spells stay in play, but they are not Remains in Play; the butcher is free to cast other spells without ending spells already cast, and can cast multiples of the same spell (in different magic phases).

06-12-2007, 21:54
if you want to dispell it it is at power level 7 and is trated as a remains in play spell.