View Full Version : My attempt at 2250 hard ass army

06-12-2007, 12:15

heres my crack at a really tough army, list wise anyway (we all need tactics, right?) See wahat ya'll think

L+H - Highborn + Dragon
Sword of Might, Heavy armour, SDC, Shield of Ghrond, Crown of Black Iron

H - Sorceress
lev 2, steed, Darksatr cloak, Powerstone

H - Sorceress
Lev 2, 2x scroll

C - 20x Spearmen
f/c, shield

C - 10x Crossbows
RxB, shield

C - 8x Darkriders
RxB, standard, musician

S - 18x Executioners
F/C, Warbanner

S - 5x Coldone Knights

R - War Hydra

R - 2x RBT

TOTAL - 2248

Ive tried to get all phases covered. I know some people dont like 2x level 2 sorcs, but 7 dice should get something through, and then theres the powersstone once all the enemy scrolls are gone. Shooting is OK.

Combat is where I've tried to shine. Some solid troops to hold the centre, and the rest to threaten flanks. So, If i got the Dragon on a unit flank, and the darkriders in the front, he cant turn away without getting flanked by something.

Oh, and 8 darkriders have always served me so well, where 5 would have just died. I find 8 is an awesome number for fast cav, esp when housing a sorc.

See what ya think.

Regards, Tim

06-12-2007, 12:30
Very similar to the HE lsit I'm gonna build. just remove the hydra, some executioners and add some other units, and it'll be allmost the same.

One thing though, give your highborn the heart-stone of darkness. Gives him a 4+ Ward.

Sience Dark Riders can be armed with RXB, I'd try to find some points to put in 2 more, and have 2 units of 5.
Maybe remove some executiners?

06-12-2007, 13:25
Thanks dude,

I want to try and avoid SoC magic items right now, due to their questionable legality, but I spose it cant hurt to just write up 2 lists, one with SoC, one without...

With the soreceress usually joining the Darkriders (or maybe the spears, depends...), I wont drop their numbers to 5, even with 2 units. A bit of shooting can really trample all over these guys, and having 8 to absorb some extra damage is a boon, plus they are better at flanking. I certainly wouldn;t remove execs to do it. They are ideal IMO right now. Good frontage, with a couple of ranks.

But those are obviously just minor tweaks, so no big deal later on if Im completely wrong, eh?;)

Regards, Tim

06-12-2007, 16:09
If they work best for you in one unit of 8, I suppose you should keep it that way. =)

I really have no experience with the Hydra, so I can't really say anything about it. Just that if i made a Dark Elf lsit, I wouldn't include a Hydra, mostly cuz I don't like the model... ^^

But you do really got a little of each. Shooting, movement, punch, decent magic and a few ranked units. Maybe exchange the hydra to fit in another ranked unit? I don't know.
I for one don't like loads of ranked unit. I'd use 1 or 2, but sience DE Warriors are just 7 pts, maybe it's worth it?

The list seems pretty solid and doesn't really have any obvious weakness. If something, it's magic.