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06-12-2007, 12:52
Arch Mage
Jewel of the Dusk
Level 4
Dispell Scroll

Dragon Mage
Level 2
Ring of fury
Silver Wand

20 Spears (FC)

10 Archers

13 White Lions (FC, Lion Standard)

White lion Chariot

6 Dragon Princes (Musc, SB, Banner of Sorcery)

5 Ellyrion Reavers (With Bows)

2 Bolt Throwers

PD: 2 + 4 + 2 + ( + 3 for dragon mage bonus dice) + D3 = 12-14

DD: 2 + 2 + 1 = 5

Aiming for an all comers friendly list. This is my second take on a HE list for my first Fantasy army. Aiming for magical supremacy. All criticism welcome, trying to tidy up the list before i get too heavily involved in painting as my time is limited.

EDIT I'd like to include the dragon if poss, but open to ideas.

SECOND EDIT Added in the Dragon mage over the noble. Dismounted the arch mage.

THIRD EDIT Added the reavers, moved some magical items about.

06-12-2007, 16:16
If you want to go magic heavy. Remove the noble, get you archmage down on the ground or on horseback and add the dragon mage.
Maybe remove the Lion chariot and add 10 SM? It's just 10 pts more. Cuz you will need all numbers you can get, and you allready have 2 speedy hard-hitters. DP and DM.

If you can find the points, add an great eagle to help dealing with warmachines.

07-12-2007, 03:26
Magical suppremacy with only 8 power dice?

When i play with empire, 12 are not nearly enough usually. Get the archmage on foot, take out the noble, get another 2 mages, now use ring of fury, ring of corin and jewel of dusk. Don't forget to get a banner of sorcery. Now you're up to magic supremacy though a book of hoeth might be good, i aknowledge that not every one like s to spend 100 points on a single item (even if it's worth over 150).

Also 4 bolt throwers wouldn't be all that bad.

07-12-2007, 09:27
Made a few mods. I like the idea of including the Dragon mage, FSoR'd up he can deal a reasonable flank or rear charge whilst still putting out quite a few spells with his free PD special rule.

Thought about pulling the chariot for another unit but i'm not sure what kind of return i'd get on a small unit of SM's.

07-12-2007, 10:05
I know the high elves are ment to be a small elite force but this force does seem a little too small.
Your main battle line will be 1 spearmen unit and 1 white lion unit, with Dp's & WL chariot flanking. I can see this being over-run by horde type armies.
1970 is what i make this list right now. I would consider dropping the jewel of dusk mage [150] + 30 left over is 180, Then add a banner of sorcery [to make up for lost PD]
With the 130 left you can then add a unit of 5 ellryian riders with bows & musician [112] for some flexability and add a gem of courage to your DP champion, or drop the champion and add onther DP making a unit of 6 for more attacks & they tend to work better in 6's :P

07-12-2007, 10:23
Interesting, would silver helms be a better choice over Ellyrion Reavers? What would the reavers bring to the party?

07-12-2007, 10:39
Interesting, would silver helms be a better choice over Ellyrion Reavers? What would the reavers bring to the party?

Silver helms will be harder hitting ofc, but fast cavalry are godly when used properly.
Flanking & march blocking, as a frenzy magnet drawing units into charge range of your spear elves & WL's or simply drawing them off into nowhere and keeping them there.
Imagen a 112 point unit of revers on the flank being charged by khorne knights, fallback & regroup, leaving the knights on the flank facing the wrong way. Then whip the reavers round behind the knights to march block & pepper some shots into them.
All the knights can do is reform realy, either ignoring the reavers to seek other pray or trying to LoS them. thats 2 turns wasted for the knights already. keep the revers close & allways out of Los and continue to harrass them blocking marches. [or causing charges]
The knights might eventually get to your units but too late to pay for thier points.
can also use them for warmachine & lone character hunting, and also bringing some more bow shots to pepper smaller units on the way.

07-12-2007, 11:56
Nice insight, i haven't actually begun to play yet so info like that is golden, will adjust shortly ty :)

07-12-2007, 13:48
Ok adjusted, thanks for all the input guys.

07-12-2007, 14:12
your magic phase seems fine to me

8pd +d3 + bonus dice for the fire mage should equal a pretty robust magic phase. When i play as my skaven with 3 warlocks, 95% of the time (even in tournament settings) i end off gettin warp lightning spells off enough to cause some big damage (with only 9pd) so with you pool of power dice you will def get spells off (although they might not be as deadly :P) I would drop the reavers tho i dont see their purpose

08-12-2007, 16:43
Had the ever so slightly crazy idea of taking out the arch mage and the reavers and putting in teclis. Should i be commited? (ie do i have too little troups to be spending 400 points per character?)