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Little Aaad
06-12-2007, 16:09
A new thought I had. I am still refining my tactics as a Dark Elf general. I was wondering, would anybody be intrested in starting a system in which, via email, a few people could send battle reports for every game they use their De's.

Basically the point of this is that rookies, (and experienced players) can use eachothers experiences to refine their tactics. I don't seem to learn how to win by people saying 'thats not good', 'this is better', 'this is how they should be fielded'.

Then I will possibly make a website or maybe it could be done on MSN where everybody can evaluate the B'reports and agree on what worked, and what did'nt.

So, if anybody is interested, please email me at aaad@hotmail.co.uk and inform me or PM me and post here. I just want a general jist of how many would do it with me.

So, erm, any questions?

Little Aaad!

Little Aaad
06-12-2007, 18:43
Can someone please post! I don't know what to think anymore!

No seriously sorry for the bump...

06-12-2007, 18:48
Well people already post their battle reports here. And I'm sure there are all ready several sites dedicated to DE and are full of battle reports.

06-12-2007, 19:08
ever heard of Druchii.net? its pretty big