View Full Version : allies in fantasy

06-12-2007, 17:43
if you have a chaos dwarf army, can you include chaos chariots as an allied contingent, if not why not and if so under what circumstances


Gazak Blacktoof
06-12-2007, 17:46
There aren't really any rules for allies in fantasy.

You're best off discussing it with your gaming group and see what they say.

06-12-2007, 17:47
Anything to do with chaos dwarves generally requires some discussion beforehand with your opponents.

Having them as special or rare slots is unlikely to cause any problems...only if you want to do things like....field big units of chosen knights that people will start to get a bit uppity about it all and not agree to let you.

Crazy Harborc
07-12-2007, 01:37
Talk it over with opponents. They just may have a what if idea or two they would like to try.

Write down any agreements about stats, special rules or whatever. It's part of wargaming to think, to want to add to the game. Expand your enjoyment of the game.