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06-12-2007, 18:04
Like the title says, what made you decide to make your ubar leet SM Force? or your rampaging Orks.

Was it the fluff?
Was it the sexy looks?
Was it the weapons?

What was it?
Post below : )


06-12-2007, 18:10
I chose Steel Legion miniatures because of:
- originality of the army (how many people have them?)
- sexy looks (especially gasmasks)
- fluff
- tanks
- Imperium is sexy!
- a lot of customisation to make up your force, add allies etc

Actually I could collect any force and live with it because I like the universe as a whole. I suppose originality, gasmasks and customisation made the choice for me :)


06-12-2007, 18:10
There are a few things I really like. Spiky things with horns and such. So I like Chaos. And big stompy monsters. So I like 'nids.

My necrons? eh...they looked easy to paint? :D

06-12-2007, 18:16
I chose my marines because ever since I began playing the game I loved the idea of an infantry based marine company who operate behind enemy lines, so I suppose it was a combination of the fluff and that marines were one of the main things that originally drew me into the game quite a few years ago.

I chose my eldar after an absence from the hobby while at uni because I loved the look of their minatures (especially the vehicles) and the background which is an important thing now for me since the wargames club which I used to go to at home no longer exists, so I suppose I will now be more of a hobbyist than a gamer. One the plus side a higher disposable income means I can get both the marine army I've always wanted and the eldar army.

06-12-2007, 18:20
As someone with large Empire and IG armys, I chose my current CSM army because I don't have to paint so many humans!

06-12-2007, 18:42
I first choose Chaos because:
-evil look
-chains, horns and skulls (I like Death Metal)
-history (i'm from 2nd edition)

Then I decide for SoB:
-all girl army
- they wear corsets :)
-goth look

I also have Orks:
-funny rules and story

finnaly Vostroyan:
-ancient look
-have indirect fire
-lots of tanks!

06-12-2007, 19:01
I'm working on the Sons of Medusa chapter of Space Marines currently.

I probably will branch out to some IG and other Imperial forces. I just really like the Imperial background and models.


06-12-2007, 19:05
I chose Tanith Ghosts because i started reading the Gaunt's Ghosts books, fell in love with them, and i was getting bored of my Black Templars at the time (this was back in 3rd edition). Also, i noticed that very few people play Tanith, none that i personally know in fact. And as far as i know, i don't think that there is anyone here that plays Ghosts. Right?

06-12-2007, 19:12
Iron Warriors
When I first got into Wh40k I played alittle D&D (what a mistake) I always played the good people fighting evil incarnate, and I wanted a change and when I read the fluff for Iron Warriors I was hooked. The cold calculating siege experts just called to me. Actually that's how I play RTS games I wait and build up on heavy infantry and tanks blow them away from afar and then rush in for the kill. The IW is a perfect match for my play style.

06-12-2007, 19:17
Marines because when I got back into the game with the release of 3rd ed I had loads left from 1st ed.

Chaos because of the gribbliness and freedom.

06-12-2007, 19:20
I chose eldar because:

- I played them in Space Crusade
- They were different back in 1994
- The miniatures look cool
- Im Old.

06-12-2007, 19:25
...as far as i know, i don't think that there is anyone here that plays Ghosts. Right?

I think there's at least two other people that post here that play, Skavenseer for one.

As for me, I chose the Imperial Guard because the metal Cadians looked ace and the plastic Stormtroopers rocked socks for a 10 year old's budget. :) Never looked back, either! :D

06-12-2007, 19:27
Imperial Guard...

I liked the Tank models... nothing more. Old Mk1 Rhino was a bit of a loser tank in comparison.

IG tanks must be some of the oldest GW models still in continuous production?

06-12-2007, 19:28
I chose Chaos because:

-Forgiving army for beginners
-It wasn't taken by anyone else in my League
-Nurgle seemed pretty cool

06-12-2007, 19:29
I chose Steel Legion miniatures because of:
- originality of the army (how many people have them?)

I do! :D

But yeah, most of the same reasons. I got two squads of 'em when they came out just because they looked so great. Never thought I'd end up with such a large amount all this time later. Between that, the mechanised list they had in Codex: Armageddon, and the fluff behind them... couldn't resist.

I chose Black Templars because out of the SM chapters I like their visual and playing styles the most. You can really go to town converting them all medieval-like.

As for the 'nids... not sure really. Probably the background again, and I needed a change from the Imperium. Don't much fancy Orks or Eldar, Chaos still have Marines, used to have Tau so I figured I'd try something new.

06-12-2007, 19:32
I choose the Necrons because I started with Chaos but had trouble developing a good army. I then attempted Orks but there are just to many models to paint for an effective army. The Necrons were brand new in their 3rd edition goodness and I saw them as a cool army, new and can be painted effectively and quickly. They are still my core army but I'm actually back to working on a new Chaos Army!

06-12-2007, 19:34
I liked the look and feel of the Space Marines but didn't like how identical all the models looked, so I went with Chaos. They have a very similiar feel and the army encourages customization of your units.

06-12-2007, 19:34
My Current Army was chosen based off my experience with my previous army and a desire to do similarly for more Chaos Legions, I also liked the fluff for the Dark Apostle and my descision was made: Word Bearers.

The Previous Army mentioned earlier was an Emperor's Children army that was based off of thinking hrmm, what kind of gribbly Biker Slaanesh Lord can I make?, now, can I build it... twenty quid and few hours later there he was.... the army followed.

The Tyranids I chose because I used some 'Nid parts to convert some Possessed for my Alpha Legion and I liked painting the 'Nid bits, so I built an army.

Alpha legion were the army I chose when the first Chaos Codex was released and they were first given some story, I mainly chose them because of the colour scheme and the fact that it wasn't red.

Chaos I chose because my friends made me do it.

06-12-2007, 19:36
-Less expensive.
- Fluff, I love being the bad guy
- customizatuion options (converting-wise)
-Coolest looking models out there (in Rogue Trader era anyways)

06-12-2007, 19:36
I chose my Catachans because of the fluff. I liked the idea of stalking the enemy through the jungle. Now if only I could play in a jungle...:rolleyes:

I chose my Deathwatch army because nobody else had one (I still haven't seen another one). I also like the ability to have all chapters represented in my force.

06-12-2007, 19:37
I chose my Catachans because of the fluff. I liked the idea of stalking the enemy through the jungle. Now if only I could play in a jungle...:rolleyes:

Um... build one? :confused:

06-12-2007, 20:15
Orks, initially because they came in the 2nd edition box. I just loved their background and playing with them is just great fun.

06-12-2007, 20:18
I picked all my armies based on Fluff:

Iyanden - Something about the extremes they go to speaks to me, I love the desperation and dignity they exhibit. Love Wraithguard and old Wraithlord models.

Black Legion - I love the Fluff, and the fact that they are supposed to be a flexible fighting force.

Tyranids - Inhuman - a nice change from the rest, plus they ate my Eldar.

Imperial guard - Joe soap with a bayonet and some guts. I love the imagery.

Orks - redneks, I like them Evil sons - Brilliant comical army for some light entertainment.

06-12-2007, 20:28
2nd ed.
Dark angels: That was the coolest collour on the box at the side of the 6 man boxes.

3rd ed.
Alaitoc: cause it was cheese!
Nids: because of the awesome looking lictor (the 2nd ed version)
Blood angels: At my city I was one of the inventors of the rhino rush so cheese. But I got them for the death company, cause there cool! (and angles of death book)
Sisters: Just an impulse, cheap lots O models.

3/4th ed.
Tau: I wanted to leave the cheese so started tau, and battle suits are hawt!

4th ed.
Ultra marines: So I decided to make a complete painted company, easy colloursceme and by the book, what better than a 3rd company of ultramarines. (and tyranid hunters are SEXY!!!)

Ultra marines

The Song of Spears
06-12-2007, 20:33
I first choose Chaos because:
-evil look
-chains, horns and skulls (I like Death Metal)
-history (i'm from 2nd edition)

Then I decide for SoB:
-all girl army
- they wear corsets
-goth look

I also have Orks:
-funny rules and story

finnaly Vostroyan:
-ancient look
-have indirect fire
-lots of tanks!

I just had to make sure i didnt have a long lost brother or somthing here... the match is just a wee bit close Here's my version...

I first choose Chaos because:
-evil look
-chains, horns and skulls (I like Death Metal)
-IW history is the best

Then I decide for SoB:
-all girl army
- they wear corsets :)
-goth look

I also have Orks:
-funny rules and story

finally Tyranids:
-for the inner Alien in me ;)

06-12-2007, 20:56

I went with eldar (Ulthwe) because I loved the fluff, colours of the craft world, speed of their attacks and the models. Back in 1992, swooping Hawks were my fave! My army is still old school Yellow/Black :D

Light of the Emperor
06-12-2007, 21:22
I went with Vostroyans because they were the coolest guard models I have ever seen. The combination of furry hats, gasmasks, wooden guns and heavy armor made them just scream 40k. They are very blanche-ian which makes me like 'em even more!

06-12-2007, 21:25
Right now I play marines. I used to play guard but then I saw the glory that is getting armor saves against small arms fire and switched. My tastes have developed over time so that my army now has a rich and colorful backround according to some of the Red Shirts at my hobby center.

06-12-2007, 21:32
I picked the Dark Angels back in the day because they were the only marines that were GREEN and therefore more like an army than a football team. Then i found out they had some cool rules. I'm really enjoying the new codex. DEATHWING ASSAULT can beat the TAU in turn 1 and still get home in time for cornflakes.

I picked orks cause a bunch came with 2nd ed. box set.

Alaitoc 'cause I loved the ranger disruption rolls from the craftworld eldar book.

My nid's was originally a genestealer cult but when they fell by the wayside I traded my patriarch for a hive tyrant and the rest is history.

IG tank company because:
Leman russ off ebay, $14
Leman Russ off ebay, $30
Leman Russ off ebay, $18
Leman Russ off ebay, $22
Demolisher off ebay, $34.00
Blasting the CRAP out of the badguys with 5 ordnance weapons? PRICELESS

06-12-2007, 21:34
Um... build one? :confused:
That is the easier part (I need to finish my mate's Bettonians first, why are taking over my game table). The hard part is finding someone who isn't afraid of playing a game on a table that isn't 25% or less terrain.

From Shadows
06-12-2007, 21:35
13th company because.........they are the 13th company.
Space wolves,fluff,background,models.
Adeptus mechanicus,fluff,background,endless conversion oppurtunities.

06-12-2007, 21:36
That is the easier part (I need to finish my mate's Bettonians first, why are taking over my game table). The hard part is finding someone who isn't afraid of playing a game on a table that isn't 25% or less terrain.

my group and I usually have about 40-60% of our tables covered in terrain in some form or another.

06-12-2007, 22:00
The hard part is finding someone who isn't afraid of playing a game on a table that isn't 25% or less terrain.

Bah! Cowards!

06-12-2007, 22:17
Forgot to say why I chose my army.

Imperial Guard, because:
I love the IG fluff, how they fight with what they have.
I also love the tanks, fluff and how they are humans, and not anything else.
Also because they can be a deadly force if put in the right place, at the right time.

06-12-2007, 23:33
Blood Angels: Well, back then, BA were the bomb.:p At least they were on the boxart of 2nd edition box, the Angels of Death book rocked hard (and still does) and the fluff is very nice. Also, red was a predominant colour back then.

Chaos: The whole chaos fluff is great, you could go crazy building all kinds of blood-drenched altars, mutations and such, Codex Chaos was massive and very inspiring. Also, one of my first purchases was a tactical squad of CSM (the old metal ones that came with a Camp with power fist, a missile launcher and a flamer).

Orks: The background was phantastic, inspiring and fun, the miniature range was vast and of great quality and you got quite a lot of Orks and Gretchins with the starter box.

Imperial Guard: I love the background, the image and the miniatures. This was the only army of the ones listed so far I really held on to and still do. Until this point, I suffered from the "new to 40k, want to collect ALL armies"-syndrome. Back then, IG was all metal so it would have taken ages for little sigur to collect a whole army, yet I managed to get a nice force together but had no spare money for any other armies.

---3rd edition ("the fall of 40k")---

I decided not to play any games with my IG until they get a proper codex (a 5+ save for guardsmen? What the hell!?). At this time, GW pumped out badly-written and -balanced codices every 5 weeks or so. My disgust for 3rd edition helped me resist all these new miniatures until codex Orks was released. 16 Ork boys for a back-then very good price was very tempting, eventhough GW had twisted the image of orks into a pathetic scheme of what it really was.

Then Codex IG was released, I was pretty pleased, again by the miniatures mainly which finally were plastic again (yet a bit weird). I almost didn't notice that IG was stripped of all characteristic special rules because I just got so used to it from codex Orks and Eldar.

Fast forward to 2003: I started Tau, mainly because I didn't like them much. Sounds weird, but it was a weird time. Sold them in 2005 or 06. It was great fun moving them around though. All this hopping forward and back and left and right and skimmering....a nice change from the static gunlining.

When codex WH was released, I started playing SoB because the miniatures are awesome and so is the background. Again, moving towards the enemy for once was nice.

06-12-2007, 23:41
Well I chose Chaos as they were the new army at the time! I was young and got the 2nd edition for my birthday, this was around the same time that the Chaos codex came out and back then White Dwarf made a big fuss of new armies (not like today where they seem almost forgotten the next month) and I got swept up in the excitement.

I collect Sisters of Battle because I like the idea of a mostly female army and the PS2 game Fire Warrior inspired me to try Tau Empire.

06-12-2007, 23:42
Started playing Guard because they have pretty much always been my favourite army, and when Cadians finnally became plastic they looked (hah) cheapish enough to buy an army. Still by far and away my favourite army in 40K.

Started Nidzilla for two reasons 1) I started to play in really compeititve tournaments where the Guard just cant quite handle it 2) Chance to freshen up my paitning skills for when i paint a new Guard army when they get plastic valhallans or steel legion. Syill very much a WIP though.

07-12-2007, 00:00
Space wolves because they can use a Leman Russ (for now), and are kick a** Norse warriors!

07-12-2007, 00:20
Dark Angels, because of the fluff behind the whole chapter. Dark secrets, Inner Circle, the Order and the fall of Caliban. Plus the nature of the force organisation, and what you can do with it. All terminators... All bikes.... Very much the kinda chapter I can relate to. Oh yeah, and I love green power armor.

07-12-2007, 00:34
Salamanders - They are smiths, I'm a smith, they love fire, I love fire, they're Marines...I'm a former Marine.

World Eaters - Blood frenzied gladiators.

Armored Battlegroup - I think tanks are sexy.

Battlesisters - They're women with guns, and lots of attitude. I'm a woman with guns, and lots of attitude. Need I say more?

Sister Sin

07-12-2007, 00:43
Oh, I should also note that, aged 9, I went into GW Oxford and was accosted by a staffer...

"What do you prefer, big guns and tanks or swords and magic?!"
"...guns an' tanks"
"Then you want these!"
*thrusts box set of Tactical Squad! Space Marines! into my hands*
"Do you have all the paints?!"

And so it was that I became a proud Ultramarine commander! One day I will revist my 2nd Edition Ultramarine army. One day.

07-12-2007, 01:56
I always like shooty-speed so I fell in love with the eldar from that point on, I then learned of their fluff and they became even more amazing :) Eldar is and was my 1st army and always will be :) well maybe, cause daemonhunters are just sexy :)

Ordo Ouroboros
07-12-2007, 02:00
I chose Chaos for the fluff, the variety of choices and the ability to create an army for any situation.

Also I just love being evil

07-12-2007, 02:12
I like the Imperial Guard for all the cliche reasons.

I like the Tyranids because they are inhuman, it doesn't matter how many of them die, and they are part of a much larger whole. The entire galaxy is irrelevant and small to them. Kill 20,000,000 of them and there are infinitely more to take their place.

07-12-2007, 02:17
Orks because they're big brutal powerful and monster like. Green skin and junkyard vehicles with words like SHOOTY 'ARD KILLY STOMPY make me love orks.

07-12-2007, 03:50
Eldar is and was my 1st army and always will be :)

Well hell, i sure as heck hope so, i didn't know you COULD change your first army!:skull:

07-12-2007, 03:58
i like the concept of siege warfare and camping out months, or even years at your enemy's doorstep whittling their forces down and then storming their fortifications and slaughtering the bunch of em'

so the iron warriors was a natural choice for me

spiky bits and insanity just sealed the deal

07-12-2007, 04:09
Worldeaters Berzerkers, my first army 10 years ago when I first played, and my re-first army when I got back into the hobby a year ago... because they are visceral, uncompromising killers with an unquenchable thirst for the spilling of blood.

Then on an impulse I sold them all on ebay and went Guard -- polar opposite; super-CC army to the epitomy of shootiness. I like the Guard because I like the models and I like their flexibility in creating many variations of conventional fighting forces, with extravagant options.

Filthy O'Bedlam
07-12-2007, 04:48
The Chaos history\fluff really drew me in. I thought Night Haunter forseeing his own death at the hands of an assasin, and the Thousand Sons tragic history were just too cool. The fact that some of the legions still had their Primarch was what pushed me over the edge and started my ten year affair with Chaos. Let the Galaxy Burn

Cheers, Filthy

07-12-2007, 05:20
Eldar, they have cool units and armor
Tyranids because they are just so mean looking

07-12-2007, 05:30
Tyranids because I got them cheap as my first army, but kept going because I loved Genestealer rushes (the look on people's faces when you start pulling 30+ Genestealers from your case for a 1000 - 1500 point game is priceless) and the fluff in the new book (reading it, I could imagine what the whole scene on Tyran would have looked like to Kryptman)

Sisters of Battle because I was just amazed at the imagery of the Ordo Hereticus, the bad-ass look of the models, the sheer awesomeness of the 'crazy' models (ie. drugged-up arco-flaggelants and the Penitent Engines), and how awesome the 'nuns with guns' looked.

Also want to start a Raven Guard army in the future because of the fluff. The first White Dwarf I ever bought (which was when I started GW games with Mordheim) had the Index Astartes write-up about them, and I loved the guerrilla-styled warfare they used, the things they said ('Vinctorus aut Mortis', 'Knowing where to strike you blow with the maximum force but the minimum effort is the key to victory in war'), and the persona and background of the chapter's Primarch, Corax.

07-12-2007, 05:42
In the order I collected them;

Eldar (2nd ed.): The army most likely to be fighting my opponents armies at the time (nids, chaos, space wolves, Dark Angels).

Dark Eldar: The challenge of using a 'poor' army, plus the fact that I wanted a force that had a coherent colour scheme (unlike my Eldar :rolleyes: )

Tyranids: A shortlived afair, but I had an awesome theme in mind (nids controlled cybernetically by their Dark Eldar masters. I made up a prototype Warrior riden by a Dark Eldar and everything, but the limited tactics and fiddly conversions eventually got the better of me.

13th Company: Sick of carrying those damn Raiders around, I decided I wanted a elite, all infantry army that would actually be easy to carry around. Thus the 13th company were born, themed around the Ravenguard Successor Chapter: the Black Guard.

The MIGHTY DRAGON FISTS: Once again it was a theme I had in mind, inspired partially by a local TV show (Double the Fist!), the awesomeness that is orange painted armour, and the new traits system in the Codex (particularly the no infiltrate and Xenos Hunters).

Witch Hunters: This was honestly more the result of finding myself with enough Witch hunter minatures to assemble a small army with (my marine army had WH allies). The personality inherent in the Inquisitors, both in models and background was a major source of inspiration too.

07-12-2007, 06:06
Okay I'll listmy armies and why I choose each one.

Space marines (pious) they came with the starter set.
Bloodangels. my freidn gave me his small force and I expanded it.
Eldar (alaitoc) 3rd edtion had very storng rules for them I liked teh shootiness.
Eldar (samhain) I wanted a fast army and I love the look
Space wolves. Like the units in teh army. different spin on spacemarines (was given quite a few)
Necrons. Wanted a break form apinting my guard. some thign easy to paint and different to play.
Guard. I love hoarde shooty and liked the models. This was my tourney army. for 5 years.
Tau. Wanted something different. I liked the goodguy feel. once again a shooty based army.
Space marines (wise) my friend quit playing and gave me his army.
Orks. Enjoyed the conversions my army is litterally 95% converted (and I've made two..sold the first one regretably) Also liked the unique play style
Raven wing. Wanted a showoff army with a few models that was exceptionally fast. you can see pictures in my gallery. This amry not only looks sweet but it plays mean too.

07-12-2007, 06:24
Blood angels as i got a 3000pt army real cheap and a lot of it was metal.
PS love the baal pred now that i know how to use it

07-12-2007, 06:44
Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in 1992, a friend of mine said "I'll show you how to play 40k! You can be space marnes, imperial army or Eldar?"
"Ooh. space marines look cool, and they look like space knights. Space Knights are awesome"

And soon i was a proud owner of RT01 x 3.

Now how they became Ultramarines. I was going to paint them as Dark Angels, as black would of been really easy to do, but my mom was out of black paint. Though she did have Ultramarine Blue...and they became Ultramarines.

15 years later, I still have Ultramarines, i had a battle company before Apoc existed.

Now, Other armies

I like guns over HTH. So Tau and Iron Warriors were both easy choices. Tau were new and shiny, and i liked the fact they had s5 30" range weapons on their basic troops. Iron warriors came about during eye of terror when all my gaming buddies were creating Chaos Armies. No one else was building IWs, and they had lots and lots of guns. Plus, fairly easy to paint.

Nid's i started because i wanted to have a different army. to have a HTH army. I collected a little bit since their 3rd ed release, but didn't go all out until the new Hive Tyrant and Carnifex were released.

Finally, Eldar. I've always wanted to do Eldar, and i decided to finally take the plunge with this release, and I couldn't of been happier.

07-12-2007, 10:03
My main IG because they had a large variety of unit choices, were as good guys as you can get really in 40K and I liked the regular human aspect to them. They could be me.

Started Eldar cause its a really versital army compared to my standy shooty Guard with both shooty and stabby :)

A few Marines cause everyone should have a marine army ... right?

07-12-2007, 10:41
Tyranids were my first army and still my favourite.

I like the horror factor they have on opposition. People always want to play them..just to shoot waves and waves of gaunts...until the wave catches up to them that is :) I love the look of desperation I see when I deploy 96 models to my opponents 40.

The 3rd ed battlebox had the most models on offer compared to any other battlebox so it seemd the best value for money. It was also at that stage one of the less represented armies in my area.

Since the mass chaos migration it is once again sparsely represented, so I am never at a loss for a keen opponent.

I picked up a marine army to have a small tactical force for small point games and to feel what it is like to actually roll a save and pass it! I pegged them at 1750pts so I can play 4-6 1500pt variants.

My nids are now 2500pt strong with more on the way...busy building them up to appocalypse size.

07-12-2007, 10:47
Ok I will list all Eight of my armies & what inspired me to create them as such.

1) Tin Men of OZ-DIY Space Marine Army.
-You guessed it, this army is themed from the classic movie "The Wizard of OZ". This was my very first army & since my painting skills were limited, I had to rely on my very unlimited imagination to get past the painting phobia most new players have. Thusly, I made all of my Infantry models "Tin Men". I painted them up in patches of Boltgun Metal over Chaos Black, since Tin Men need Oil to survive. Upon spraying Matte varnish, I applied a Gloss over the whole model and the Black stood out as wet oil patches.

I have every character type from the movie, barring Flying Monkey models (however, my Land Speeder Squadrons are named the Flying Monkeys).

2) Hivefleet Blitzkrieg- Tyranids.
- I actually went through a full campaign with some friends (using my unpainted Nids at the time), to "earn the fluff" of the army. This whole campaign helped create the army that it is today. In a nutshell, my Nid army is a blending of Tyranids & Necrons. A Tyranid Queen was captured by Necrons to further expand their techno-organic experiments after seeing the great success of the Pariah.

It was planned that the Nids would lose the campaign (however, I put up a great fight), and eventually my army would have the techno organic look it has currently.

3) Farsight Tau army.
- From the exact moment I first saw the tau models, I knew I wanted a Tau army. After acquiring the army book & thoroughly going over it, I wanted a Farsight army. I mainly chose this army on three principles: 1) It was unique & had its own background for it (mainly against Orks) ,2) It had limitations so I would not be tempted to abuse the Tau FOC & 3) it would not be a "pansy Tau" army since they fight Orks.

This army looks stunning in Blood Red/Chainmail & Shining Gold. I put about 2 years into this army & all my games have been challenging & fun.

4) Children of the Sphynx- Thousand Sons.
- I was really inspired to do an Egyptian army by two things that occured in my life: 1) I was introduced to a great Egyptian Metal band called "Melechesh" & 2) I had the great opportunity to go to Los Angeles & see the legendary King Tut Exhibit that happened every 50 years or so. I was set on my color scheme when I saw all the ancient artifacts/carvings, all inlaid with Gold/Obsidian & Turqouise.

I spent 3 years on this army, doing heavy conversions & adding in this light refractive, chameleon paint for highlights, it looks absolutely stunning.

5) Angels of Transcendence- Dark Angels Death Wing Chapter.
- I had many units in my OZ army, and seeing as how I realized it never included any Shooty Terminators or Whirl Winds & wanting to try an all Terminator army, I decided to take the plunge once the new Dark Angel army book came out. The armor of the Terminators is once again painted in another color of light reactive, chameleon paint (it starts as a Light Pight Purple & changes from there), with Mithril Silver/ Dark Angels Green & Shining Gold.

I have spent about a year on the army, and cannot wait to see all 32 Terminators and 2 Whirl Winds on the table. Truelly awesome so far.

6) Freedom Wolves- Space Wolf Rapid Strike Force.
- Upon hearing I lost a good friend during 9/11, I was inspired to do a Patriotic army, in memory of my friend. This army is in the Test Painting Stage currently. But I plan to paint the army in Red/White/Blue color scheme, doing Red/White Stripes on one shoulder pad and White Stars/Blue background on the other shoulder. Toss in some Silver/Gold highlights, spray on some light glitter spray for that "Star Spangled"/Frosty look, add some Snow basing and I think it will be an inspiring sight to behold. It will be 52 Marines in all, so I think I will have my work cut out for me with the Stars and Stripes painting.

7) The Void or Eclipse- Necron Army. (name is still in the works)
- This army was actually inspired, again, by 2 things: 1) A friend of mine was fed up with my Anti Necron attitude, so he bought me a Battleforce & told me to over come my hatred of this army and learn to enjoy the life hating robots of death & 2) My wife, about 4 years ago, found 2 large containers of that chameleon paint I talked about previously on clearance sale at a craft store (the paint is now discontinued and no longer exists), and after experimenting with this odd paint, I finally found out how to properly use it to its full potential. Boy, was I surprised at how all my test models looked. It instantly shades everything for you!

It takes 2 dips of the tip of my brush, and 1 Black coated Necron model is completely covered! Again, being really into the Egyptian theme, I cannot wait to fully complete this 5k point force of death.

8) 78th Armageddon Helsreach Defense Force (HDF)- Imperial Guard Army.
- Being my last army ever for 40k, this army was inspired after I read/re read & even re read the Battle for Armageddon, informative book (yes, its that awesome). I was inspired by all the stories of the Guard, and just how much they sacrifice to keep all the "evil" from overtaking Man kind. I also wanted to counter act my "Ultimate Evil army" aka Necrons, by an "Ultimate Good army", so the Guard caught my attention quickly.

This will also be a 5k point army & is still currently in the Army Planning&Purchasing/Color Scheme Stages.

I can go on and on about my armies, and if interested, PM me up for more details.

07-12-2007, 15:15
Well I started back when Space Hulk was 1st released (I think it was late 1st edition, c. 1990). My 1st army then was a genestealer cult as I loved the Aliens movies. I expanded it with hybrids and imperial guard as cultists.

Soon reading through the realms of chaos I began to turn my cult into Chaos worshipers (you could do that back then) and my genestealer cult began to worship Khorne.

As time went along my personal leanings through reading the realms of chaos books began to sway towards Nurgle until finally I shelved my genestealers and my cultists changed alligence to Nurgle. I began buying Nurgle marines and my loyalty to Legion XIV Death Guard was sealed.

I stopped playing around 1997 and restarted from scratch (didn't keep my models) in 2005. In the past year I have rebuilt my Death Guard company to it's current levels, but I do still have a soft spot for Genestealers...


07-12-2007, 16:48
i chose chaos cuz the defiler looked really kl and stuff and now in the 2nd best in my area so lol at that and then nids cuz i wanted a 2nd army

07-12-2007, 16:56
Tau-as a first army, I just got out of a card game(Dragon Ball Z, that was short lived) and wanted something else to do. I noticed guys would play warhammer in the next room, so I asked the store owner what kind of army it'd look like I'd play. He cocked his head, and said 'Tau'. This was proably stereotyping because he knew I played an Animie card game that involed guys shooting big blasts of plasma at each other, but it worked well.

That was back when crisis suits were $15.

Marines-Playing Tau you get tired of loosing every assault phase(to the point where you get an ethereal to hep run away), so I decided to pick up the army kicking my ass in close combat. This also introduced me to psychic powers, specal close combat weapons, jump packs, indirect fire, and non-skimmer vehicles. Anything I couldn't do with my Tau, I could do with these guys. Thus the Archangels chapter was born.

07-12-2007, 17:07
Good good, keep em coming ; )

07-12-2007, 17:18
Back in '88 when I started playing, everyone used marines or eldar. I wanted something completely different....and Tyranid caught my eye. Their fluff was utterly alien and mysterious. It was exacly what I was looking for.

Fast forwad to what ever year that aweful movie Pearl Harbor came out (2004?):

When I saw the trailer with all of the Japanese Zeros zooming in, I thought, "That is what a Saim-Hann force must look like as it attacks." I decided at that moment that I would also have a Saim-Hann army.

07-12-2007, 17:44
Pearl harbour has been out since 2001 I think.

07-12-2007, 18:01
Seems like Marines were about it for human armies back in the day, and Dark Angels had a cool paint scheme.
About 12 years later I was really tired of painting dark minis, so I started an Eldar army.

07-12-2007, 18:14
As far as current force? Wanted to do Nurgle marines for years, when the new CSM came out and there was a new color scheme staring me in the face, all those bits came out... I've always dug the Nurgle fluff so much and just finished Flight of the Eisenstein, that didn't help. So Lords of Decay it was, for fluff and fun painting/converting.

07-12-2007, 19:44
Marines- i picked these up first as that was what was recommended. I have now converted to chaos.

Eldar- I liked the look of the models and found the style of play to be interesting, if a bit repetitive.

Orks- I needed a fun army, even if this is my most competitive force i always have fun with them, loosing models in this army doesnt bother me. Also i like this army for the fact it lets my creative juices flow, conversions, conversions, conversions.

07-12-2007, 19:46
Why do I play the Gaurd?

The fact my infantry is just regular joes
Lots and Lots of shooting
As someone else said - thowing out a shoulder rolling all my dice
the Gaunt's Ghosts novels

oh and did I mention Tanks?

As you can tell, I'm a fething treadhead.

07-12-2007, 19:49
[QUOTE=The Song of Spears;2159428]Then I decide for SoB:
-all girl army
- they wear corsets :)
-goth look

Corsets are always a good reason to play SoB. :D Plus they fit well with Mistress Commisar.

07-12-2007, 20:06
Like the title says, what made you decide to make your ubar leet SM Force? or your rampaging Orks.

Was it the fluff?
Was it the sexy looks?
Was it the weapons?

What was it?
Post below : )


Hrmm... <@_@>;;


I got interested in Space Marines thanks to Dawn of War... their fluff just kinda blew me away at the time. I'd never HEARD of Science Fantasy at the time honestly; so the idea of some sort of "Warrior monks in space with power armor" was so unusual... it grabbed me, hard. There's also the fact that they are few in number, yet take on many times their numbers and come out on top; and their colors and looks... all of it plays into it.

Eldar came later... I actually thought they were kinda stupid when I was first getting into 40k... *but*, after some time and reading something really gripped me about their fluff. I like how different craftworlds behave so very differently - the difference is far greater even than Marine chapters!

I mean for example... Biel-Tan will happily walk over your corpse, just to prove to everyone that they're better than any stinky Mon-Keigh; Ulthwe on the other hand is as likely to help you as stab you, all for some inscrutable purpose. At first I thought Eldar fluff was horribly rigid, but honestly, its much more fluid than I could have hoped for; and my own craftworld is now shaping up quite nicely.

I plan eventually to do Tau as well, for them, I love how they have Auxiliary units. I always thought it was neat that they were the only race to make any real use of peoples who weren't them. I guess its just neat to see a group that is at least ostensibly out there trying to 'save the galaxy'. Sure they aren't perfect by any stretch; but its a cool twist; and the idea of human auxiliaries gave me an idea. (Granted an idea that's probably been done to death... but meh, I don't care!)

07-12-2007, 20:48
My first army was Nids and it was purely on the look. I started just as the newest nids were released.

Then I started playing Necrons about a year later also because of the look and I decided I would like to shoot things with better guns.

07-12-2007, 21:01
I love my Ultramarine and Chaos army because of the mega conversion opportunities backed up with loads of source and fluff material to inspire the unique models.

07-12-2007, 21:33
I'll limit this the armies I curently have.

Steel Legion: This is my favorite army and I almost got it by accident. I was heavily into heroclix and was fancying restarting 40K. I was planning a small Nurgle LatD force. I was planning on converting a Russ and getting a couple Steel Legion squads to convert into traitors (I planned on adding a spike on the helmet and the gazmasks were great for Nurgle). As usual I started looking for a good deal on trading sites first. One UK guy contacted me and offered to trade his Steel Legion army straight up for my heroclix collection. Now my clix collection was fairly massive and I had lots and lots of sought after minis including the then mucho expensive Nightcrwaler... but this guy's army was pretty imposing too and worth a good deal more than my clix, it had a hundred plus SL infantry, plenty of tanks and about 70 Storm Troopers.

The guy explained to me that he was working at GW's HQ in the UK and that the army hadn't cost him that much given his position in the company. As a long time trader this made me suspicious, the deal really was too good to be true. Anyways, the guy offered to send first so there wasn't really any risk for me. We both agreed on the trade and then I waited... 2 days! It took 2 days for that huge heavy box to arrive to Canada from the UK. I was just amazed, the return address really showed that it came from GW's HQ, and the price of shipping was a staggering 82£!!!!! Needless to say, I almost literraly had an orgasm when I opened it. It contained so much stuff that I decided to try out the IG army before turning it into a traitor force. I just fell in love with it. From this day, I've been playing this Steel Legion army as a vanilla IG force (I just hate the mechanized doctrine) and I love it to bits, so much that it as more than doubled in size. The minis are just dead sexy.

Daemon Hunters: I wanted to had some CC punch to my IG and some internet guy convinced me to check out GK terminators. I bought the codex and really liked the army as a whole and the fact I could mix it pretty liberally with the IG. The fact I already had tons of Storm Troopers and vehicles made it fairly easy to have a working army form the start. Even though I now pretty much only use a pure GK list, I still like to dust off the rest for mega battles. Reading the GK novels made me get more.

Space Marines: I wanted to have a display quality army, with some good fluff and tons of convertion. Also, for once I wanted to work on new minis instead of having to strip and repair used stuff. So I treated myself to a fairly big marine army. I bought tons of bits to convert every mini in the army (ie: they all have a chaos skull helmet or the bionic eye variant) and I decided to have everything 100% plastic wich meant even more converting. To this day I'm still assembling it and have written a good IA article. When it's finished the army should be pretty cool.

Nids: A couple years ago I had a huge nid army, but a git stole it before I could even have one game with them. I finally decided to start them again, mainly because I wanted to have a non-imperial army for a change.

07-12-2007, 22:15
I started 40k back in 1994, and knew that Eldar where the army for me. They just looked so good. So I collected a very small force, and all was well. Then the Tyranid Codex was released, and next thing I knew I had 40 Genestealers!

White Dwarf had a free metal Necron figure near the end of 2nd editions life, I had always liked the look and feel of them, so I kept my interest in them.

Fastforward to 3rd edition and I felt like something different, still no sign of a Necron army. So I picked up a Dark Eldar force. I had mixed pleasure with them, then they released the Necron Codex, and I was sold! Since that moment I have experimented with one other army: Tyranids, who just aren't for me, they'll be on ebay very soon, and the funds will be spent on more Necrons.

Reasons why I like them.
The army has I think some of the best background.
Very nice model range, I can't think of a bad model.
Awesome fire power and they just don't die, which suits my gamestyle. I'm more of a defensive player who relies on mass firepower to kill my enemies. Which Necrons offer in boatloads.
The Imagery of over 60 Million year old highly advanced robots and their HP Lovecraft influenced stargods waking up to reclaim their galaxy just seems like better Sci-fi then a lot of the fantasy in space 40K is made of.

I don't see the easy paint scheme as a reason that made me want to collect them, but rather more like icing on the cake.

07-12-2007, 22:18
I chose my original force of Tau about 3 years ago because of the battlesuits. About 2 years ago I took up chaos for I need a bit of evil when playing. Hate the new dex, but it is much more simple.

07-12-2007, 22:35
about ten years ago, an ex-friend of mine showed me a 2nd ed dread (kinda poo) then he showed me somethin REAL cool and i was like "WHOAH! IS THAT AN ELDAR DREADNOUGHT!" and he looked at me silly and laughed. then i saw dire avengers and it was all kind of game over from there.

the other thing that drew me to eldar. SO FLEXIBLE! (as an army) while each unit is mind numbingly rigid in its use you can take enough styles of units in each slot to do just about anything. they can be fast and shooty OR fast and hordy (kind of) OR fast and assaulty OR slow and strong OR static and shooty OR slow and assaulty (I HAVE whittled my way through chaos termies in assault with 8 of 'em) The point is if you pick the right units you can have a seccesful style of anything (typicaly a bit pricey which puts the pressure on, but that's half the fun.

Then i got sick of haveing T3 5+ armour on my basic troopers, and having to think so much to beat my opponents. (i don't play the flying three ring circuss) so i was like well, what can i take that's uber tough and requires little to no thought.... NECRONS!!!!

they are so blatantly straightt forward. I love it. whenever my brain starts to hurt from trying to write balanced eldar army lists that work, and then play them to get them in the right places at the right time. I say SCREW IT! bring on the 'lith and 40 warriors with res orb. half the time i literally lose no more than three models. as opposed to win big/lose big with eldar. It's so satisfying to watch a bunch of panzee little space elves mop the floor with the emperors finest. :)

p.s. also pleasing to mop the floor with the emperors finest via the necrons

07-12-2007, 22:52
I chose tau because of their nobel history their courage and what they stand for. Ahhh screw it couldnt keep that up for long i like because of their good stats and big guns.

07-12-2007, 23:07
I played Orks, Eldar, and Space Marines in Epic: 40k, so I decided to go with a truly unique army that's rare in my area. I picked Sisters of Battle because I'm intrigued by what faith can do to a person and how religion plays upon it. Their fluff gives a lot of detail information and easily allows you to be creative in modeling as well as writing up your own background. To top it off I love the detail on the models.

Barnaby XVI
07-12-2007, 23:26
I like the fluff for my guard trying to build a regiment

07-12-2007, 23:29
Why do I play the Gaurd?

The fact my infantry is just regular joes
Lots and Lots of shooting
As someone else said - thowing out a shoulder rolling all my dice
the Gaunt's Ghosts novels

oh and did I mention Tanks?

As you can tell, I'm a fething treadhead.

Do you play the fethin' Ghosts

The Hobo Hunter
08-12-2007, 06:31
Imperial Guard. Anyone else seen Starship Troopers?

08-12-2007, 06:34
Imperial Guard. Anyone else seen Starship Troopers?

Sadly yes, I saw that abomination they called Starship Troopers/Bug Hunt at Outpost Nine. :cries:

da big mek
08-12-2007, 06:37
hands down gotta be orks
when else can u haphazardly craft crude models out of soda cans,wood scraps, etc. and actually have it fit in with the fluff

08-12-2007, 07:12
Space Marines:

I like all the Ultramarine related fluff, in part because they are dangerous close to being actual good guys. Big armor and big guns is an attractive strategy, maybe more because it seems really easy to win with than because it is particularly interesting. Also, they came in the box.


The Ulthwe are really cool to me because they have that whole "Just as planned!" thing going, and because unorthodox armies with lots of psychers and other strange things (wraithlords, warp spiders) are also fun to play with. The fact that they are really good at toppling super powerful units is nice. Really, the Ulthwe's method of dealing with things is the only one that really makes sense for a dieing race like the Eldar--plan ahead, only fight where it will really count, slowly but surely plot the demise of the upstart races.

inquisitor solarris
08-12-2007, 08:29
i chose space marines only because i like the conversions that were done then it was their gaiming style along with their fluff

08-12-2007, 08:40
Imperial Guard

Everything about them represents true heroes, hardcore to the bone. You have men, with lasguns, not big bulky guys who can take on a squad of hardened soldiers and have a chance of winning. These guys are the best, when your men arent strong, support them with strong stuff:

Scout: "Sir! Giant man eating thirty foot tall bug thingy at twelve o'clock!"
Commander: "Damnit, no man can match that thing!"
Baneblade Commander: "Don't worry boys, we'll handle it!"

But yeah, starship troopers, they're just some of the coolest soldiers out there, especially cadians and probably Harakoni Warhawks are the best.

Getifa Ubazza
08-12-2007, 09:44
My Marines and Nids were both built together. I liked the idea of Knights in shinning armour, fighting Dragons. Thats the reason i use alot of BIG Nids. I like my theme and always makes for an interesting, story based game.

My Orks are my true passion. My Warboss, Getifa Ubazza, represents me. I see every mob as being completely independent of him and only follow him, cos he knows where the best fights are. With the new codex, he's going to be joined by a few new "friends" and will be my main army. So i suppose background is my answer.

08-12-2007, 14:22
When i started playing 40k a few years ago i was of course a total and complete noob, had no real concept of the rules like i should have so i chose the army that looked the prettiest....grey knights.....ya i know, not exactly a noob starter army but i ran with it and lost....every time for about my first 12 games they lost...bad. So as I began to understand the rules and what was good and what was not i moved to regular old vanilla marines and they served me well enough but i dont know...there was something missing,...then i got my hands on my buddies chaos codex and glimpsed at the gloriousness of the Alpha Legion, i was sold like a hoe on the street. And seeing as how i dont make a butt ton o money at work and with bills and whatnot, i cant really afford to spend large amounts of money on this game though every few months ill buy somethin, usually just a blister. So i converted my entire SM army, the Ghost Division, to the Alpha Legion:Justinious Sect. The things i loved about the AL the most:
1. Infiltration. It was a 50/50 chance a game that if my opponent had infiltrators than i could be totally screwed if he got to infiltrate first but that only made the games more interesting and if i DID get infiltration first turn then id lay out the grand master plan, putting my marines on the weak flank and putting my 60+ cultists right in front of his line, that tactic worked like a charm so many times.
2. Fluff. When you think about it AL are the Al'Queda of 40k. The whole unconventional warfare thing appeals to my tactics alot and seeing as im a student of military history i couldnt resist. This also gave me the whole fluff outline of my army which i greatly elaborated on and continue to work on to this day.

And as much as the new codex totally took away almost everyhing, minus the fluff, about the AL that drew me to it Im not giving up on the them, everything not painted AL already will still be painted AL colors. Just because my special rules are not in effect anymore that doesnt mean i cant still have fun with my army. Plus my buddy traded me all my grey knights for his LatD army, now i have 60 mutants which are now lesser daemons and with apoc my cultists are now zombies, wonderful to swamp your enemy with fearless body shields, they hate it.

08-12-2007, 14:27
Imperial Guard. Anyone else seen Starship Troopers?

Yeh, it was quite fun, but bore no relation to the book. See, the point of the book is that the Starship Troopers are wearing armoured suits that make Terminators look like naked babies. They get fired from battleships as an orbital insertion, forget drop pods, they are the pod. They carry tactical nuclear missiles as a standard weapon. They have jump-packs. Their armour's stupidly powerful...

...and yet the aliens can cut right through it. THAT'S the terror of Starship Troopers, that humanity's finest are helpless despite all their power.

I mean, this is what the REAL Starship Troopers look like (http://www.mongoosepublishing.com/miniature/detail.php?qsID=1160&qsSeries=). Not so Guard-like now, are they? ;)

killa kan kaus
08-12-2007, 15:52
Tau: Medium armor high power weaponry and suits
Orks: Needed a break from Tau and loved the models
Tallarn AC: Used a looted Leman Russ with orks and loved it, decided I needed somemore

08-12-2007, 16:19

I chose them for the oh so clichéd reasons. I just really like the idea that normal human soldiers are capable of standing up against the worst the universe has to offer. I chose Cadians because they look the most like professional soldiers.

Sisters - Since sold

I'm also fascinated by the fanatically religious aspect of the Imperium. I sold them to get money to upgrade my Guard.

Black Templars - Since sold

See comment on Sisters, word for word. Also, I got tired of playing as Marines because it felt like "easy mode" after playing Guard for several years.


I wanted a regular human army that could move and didn't rely on power armor. Also, Jes Goodwin's 2nd Ed Arbites are brilliant models.