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06-12-2007, 20:53
Whilst I got a massive 0 responses to my last army list post, I still drew on your advice without you knowing it. Mwwaahahahaha! How? By reading your posts elsewhere on the site. So my list has been revised as follows:

Black Orc Warboss -Heavy Armour, Enchanted Shield, Best 'At, Best Basha, Ironback Boar - 246pts

Orc Shaman - Lvl2, Waaagh Paint, Amulet of protectyness - 135pts

Orc Shaman - Lvl2, Boar - 116pts

Goblin Shaman - lvl2, wolf, staff of sneakiness - 152pts

Orc Boyz x25 - Full Command, Shields - 180pts

Orc Boyz x25 - Full Command, Shields - 180pts

Orc Boyz x25 - Musician, Standard, Shields (Warboss goes here) - 165pts

Wolfriders x5 - Spears, Bows, Musician - 76pts

Wolfriders x5 - Spears, Bows, Musician - 76pts

Black Orcs x20 - Full Command, Shields (Shaman on Foot goes here) - 318pts

Spear Chukkas x2 - 70pts

Goblin Doom Diver - 80pts

Giant - 205pts

How do you think this army would do? Anything I should change?

Bunny Lord
06-12-2007, 22:17
Although i don play orcs i play them quite often, so my advice might not be the best. So anyway looks like a very good list.

I think you should drop the amulet waagh and paint off your shaman and get him a despell scroll.

Then you might want to get your gobbo off the wolf and drop the staff its just not worth it in my opinion. After that get 2 units of night gobblins with musican and banner and 2 fannatics each to give your list some flexibilty. I suggest give 1 bows as fire support and the other combatty for your shaman.

To pay for this drop 1 unit of orcs completely there good but not great and 1 orc from each unit so you have space for your charecters without extras.

I then suggest you drop 1 black orc more your warboss into there and unmount your other shaman and them both in units.

With the points you have left buy a squig herd. (WS 4 S 5 A 2 skirmish 2d6 movement im sold).

hope this helps.

06-12-2007, 22:25
Well i make it 1989pts, you could drop 1 orc boy from your warbosses unit as 24+him make the ranks. And add a champion to it?

Other than being picky i cant see any issues with this list.
Its a well rounded horde with some mashy stuff :)

i love trolls though so i dont go anywhere without them!

06-12-2007, 23:01
Whoops, points total on 3 orc boyz unit should be 165 (not 155, I've edited it) for 1999 points in total. I basically figured that I wouldn't need a champion in the that unit due to my warboss. After all I can't have him refusing challenges can I? I mean he'd never be able to hold his head up high at all those warboss waaagh parties he'll be going to if he did that :).

With regard to Night Goblins and squigs, I'm looking to keep Gobbo numbers small and in a support role, doing the things that the main orc horde can't - like using their dextrous fingers to operate bolt throwers and hurlling themselves recklessly through the air, that sort of thing.