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06-12-2007, 23:29
Hey. I'm starting over on my CSM using the new models (as well as the previous plastic boxed set that came with the mutation sprue). I've got a few ideas and wondered if they were any good and if anyone has any suggestions or constructive criticism.

The chapter/warband's name will be The Revenants (I did consider Revenant Angels, but am not 100% sure).
The proposed colour scheme will be Shadow grey bodies, heads and backpacks with black arms, legs and weapons.

I'm building my chosen using the Dark Angels veterans, Chaos warrior heads and regular CSM parts for everything else.

Most of my chosen will be individual in some way (hopefully). One of them will even have a Beastman head (a nod to the early 40K days where some servants of chaos ended up with animal heads, Goats sometimes).
I did consider using an Ork body to give one a huge, brute like appearance, but I'm not keen on how the plastic Ork torsos seem to be leaning forward. I may use a plastic marauder instead.
Other Chosen will be a guy with five arms and lightning claws and a "Gun collector" whose weapon of choice is a ballista style missile launcher. He'll have a few other weapons hanging off him for decoration. They'll be in squad 2 so they probably won't be seen for a while.

But hopefully the best model will be the Chaos Sorceress made using the Sisters of Battle living saint. Any advice on removng those handcuffs from around the ankles will be most appreciated.

So, any thoughts, suggestions or anything?

06-12-2007, 23:53
I like the beastman head idea. If you get the beastman box set, you get loads of extra heads. Might be an idea to get as many of them as you can get your hands on if you can find someone who has bought the box. An all beastman marine unit would be cool or have the champ from each of your squads have it might be cool too but I like the all beastman unit better. The chaos marauder box set comes with plenty of extra heads as well and they look nice on "marine" bodies.
With the plastic ork torso, how about a torso build from a fantasy black orc? It would be suitably large and might not be leaning forward so much.
I like the idea of the gun collecter. Something like that would look great in a havok squad or have a couple of them put onto large bases and used as obliteraters. Maybe on the big base but with a cart next to them with a variety of the big guns in it. Would be cool and a sight cheaper then buying the "official" obliterater models. :p
I like the name you have too. Revenants, that gives ideas for conversions/painting as well. A few zombie or skeleton heads would be cool. Likewise, a few faceless hoods. Maybe some painted up to look "ghostlike" like the fantasy ghosts. That would work well on chosen to illustrate thie silent infiltration rule.

07-12-2007, 20:32
I do have the Beastmen boxed set. I originally planned for the Goat head chosen to be a one off, something to add a little something to the chosen. The more interesting ones will hopefully get some fluff.

But you're right about the whole squad looking good with Beastmen heads. Perhaps a kill-team is in order here?

Black orcs! I didn't think of those, thanks. Unfortunately I'll have to buy the boxed set just to get one body as you can't buy the individual sprue off the site (well last time I checked anyway). Paying fifteen quid for only one part and some models I might never use isn't particularly appealing.

Glad you like the Gun collector, he'll be the one who just has to be independant. Looking for new and interesting guns to add to his collection, a pain in the rear for the squad leader! Always wandering off the minute he sees a Dark reaper, Crisis Battlesuit or Dark Eldar scourge pass by!

I'm gonna use shadow grey to paint them, so that's a bit ghostly sorted. I'll avoid the zombie heads as that sorta screams Nurgle, but the skulls could work. I know they're Khorne normally, but I'll be taking Berzerkers anyway! Plus the Chaos Lord is getting a skull helm and there are a few skull like ones on the CSM sprue. I like the hooded idea, I can use the hooded heads I have in the Dark Angels vets boxed set.

Thank you for your feedback, much appreciated.

07-12-2007, 21:39
Your right about the zombie heads, had not thought of that.
Cant you buy the black orcs by the sprue? that might be cheaper then the whole box or find an orc player and make a deal with them for a single model. If all else fails, you can make the aspiring champ of each "unit" be big and burly with a torso from them instead of just the one and you can always use extra body parts and especially heads as trophies and decorations. Piles-o-body parts as objective counters. If you put the "brute(s) on scenic bases to make them look taller as well, you will make the effect even greater.
I have found that using spare weapons looks good on chaos. Ork sluggas stand as bolters well, ork meltas and plasmas do as well. I have even clipped off a bolter clip ond gun barrel tip and glued a plasma pistal tip on there to make decent looking plasma guns. These sorts of things make models uniuque and add to the chaos feel.
I am glad you appreciate the help. Good Luck. ;)

09-12-2007, 17:53
I've already checked and you can't buy them by the sprue! The same is true with the Dark angels veterans and that's why I ended up buying the box. I initailly planned to just buy the sprue and make a Chaos Lord out of it, but after having to buy the box I thought it'd be a waste only using a few bits so that's why I came up with my robed chosen unit.

The idea to give them backtories, names and personalities was inspired by anime villain groups like the Akatsuki of Naruto Shippuden and the Juppongatana (ten swords) of Rurouni Kenhsin. I did consider my chosen being renengades from other loyalist chapters and still wearing a shoulder pad of their former chapter, only for it to be damaged or with a chaos star painted over it. That idea came from Akatsuki.

If daemonic gifts hadn't been erased I could do a better job of customising them, each of them having a different gift.

I may go with the Chaos marauders as the sprues are available individually and it's cheaper than buying the box. Plus I could mix the left overs with the Catachans I bought for my WH but ended up taking out the list before they were assembled.

I've got one idea for the Beastmen marines kill-team fluff wise. The story isn't fleshed out but the basic idea is that a group of CSM became mutated after some event (as I said, still being fleshed out) with only one retaining cohesive thought. The rest were unsuited for battlefield conditions but were found to be of use at saboatge and infiltration, thus their leader trained them for this purpose. Their leader then took his place amongst the Ten Chosen (fancy Japanese name for the unti coming soon), Astraeos' right hand men.