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06-12-2007, 23:41
Heya guys,

Went and bought a load of bits before, and coming up with some sample ideas for possible combo's.

So, as a starting point, Im thinking of combining the following

700 Point GT Army – Good – Dwarves and Arnor


Dwarf Captain, Throwing Axe/Shield

Dwarf Warrior – Banner
Vault Warden Team x 2
15 Dwarf Warriors – Shields
6 Dwarf Warriors – Two Handed Axe


Malbeth the Seer

12 Warriors of Arnor
6 Hobbit Bowmen

Totals 696 points.

Now im wondering, is it worth taking the Arnorians - Do they add anythign significant to the army apart from

A - Looks
B - Spears for two ranks.

Would I be better off with a more typical dwarven castle/wall, with axe throwers behind or Iron/Khazad guard?

Im pretty happy with the dwarven contingient as shown above, but it does leave me with 199 points to play with if i shelves the Arnorians



07-12-2007, 03:27
I would say get rid of the Arnorians. Yeah, their fight value of 4 is nice, but don't they have courage 2? That't not good.

Maybe you should replace the Arnorians with Dwarf Rangers. They have longer range with their bows than the Hobbits I believe. Either that or you can use regular Dwarf archers for harder hitting, but less range.

08-12-2007, 01:15
looking back, that does seem way too few models for something competative.

So after abit of fiddling, rearrangement and dropping of the arnor, the following came along

Dwarven banner bearer

10 Khazad Guard
20 Warriors with shields
16 Warriors with bows
8 Warriors with 2 handed weapons

weighing in at 56 models, and 696 points by my terrible counting abilities.

Definatly a more bulky army. but where too from here?

Chris W

Kroot Lord
08-12-2007, 09:19
The "problem" with taking Durin is he is one model, no anti magic, very little fate, only 6" stand fast, and only 3 might. This means he is good, but very expensive and can hardly support.

He should never be the only hero fighting in a force- especially not 700 points where you'll be facing some sort of magician 90% of the time, sometimes you'll be facing 2-4 even.

I'd drop the banner, you can get 3 extra Dwarves for the same price, and in the end they will give you extra hitting power and even extra "defence" power due to the fact of a higher breaking point aswel as more models.

I'd also try and get those Warriors with Two Handed weapons into warriors with bows and warriors with shields.

As for allying with Arnor, I find it is a good idea, but only for a single model.

Malbereth. Dwarves with D6-7 with high FV en high Courage. Now, when the enemy finally kills one, you can even save 1/3 of the dead Dwarves. This also includes Durin, making him even better, (also including a 6+ save for himself with his helm)

Taking him gives you some more Stand Fast! along with some extra stats, and for those 75 points all you need to do is save 8 Dwarves (out of the 50+, not hard at all) anf you've gotten your points back, but in reality you'll be saving even more.

12 Khazad Guard
20 Dwarves with shield
16 Dwarves with bow

1 Warrior of Arnor (the trusted bodyguard of Malbereth)

16 Archers, 4 Might points, 51 models

Not that much Might, but you have good heroes along with quite a bit of Dwarves to help.

15-01-2008, 12:10

Ok, have been playing about with a few variant lists, have tried the malbeth version, but not too keen on it, last two games have been using

Balin with Durins Axe
2 Banner men
12 Khazad Guard
16 Dwarven Archers
18 Dwarven Warriors

Which has bagged me a win and a draw from two games.

Playing with that abit, and bearing in mind my other army for this years GT is going to be Isengard, I thought about having something to tie them together, other than bases and came to the idea


So two possible lists for my dwarves, if you would give your opinions for them? cheers

List 1

Gimil 90
Balin 95
Saruman 150
1 Warriors with banner 38
14 Warriors with Shields 126
10 Warriors with Bows 90
10 Khazad Guard 110

List 2

Gimil 90
Saruman 150
1 Warriors with banner 38
18 Warriors with Shields 162
14 Warriors with Bows 126
12 Khazad Guard 132

Im hankering more towards the second list, for the main reason of the higher warrior count, 47 with two powerful characters seems ok for a dwarven list to me, oppossed to 38 and 3 characters

but let rip as you will


Kroot Lord
15-01-2008, 14:52
Too bad Malbereth didn't work out ok for you!

List 2 is better, in my opinion. You have more models but still a good ammount of might. You might want to switch1 shield for a bow to get 33% exactly.

The list looks decent, although Saruman sadly isn't as competative as I would like.

Pitalla Crimson
15-01-2008, 16:06
hmmm wath about radagast the brown or gandalf the grey? those are good magicians and waay cheaper I think.

I would go with malbeth but you say he didnt made hes work well.:(

Kroot Lord
15-01-2008, 16:13
Radagast the brown is the same price, gandalf the grey is more expensive. Radagast doesn't have the very useful Sorcerous Blast, instead he has a very useful elven cloak, raven and panic steed (immediatly takes care of any Warg problem)

Gandalf the Grey has Blinding Light, guaranteed to win a fire fight, and a weak sorcerous blast. He also has a good strength (but won't use it often/at all) and re-rolls for fate, not bad.

Saruman the White has awesome Sorcerous Blast, a better range Immobilise and a better range Compel (6" longer so you can harass the opponent quicker and for a longer period of time). Sorcerous blast hits 50% of the time, alot better. He also has an EXCELLENT stand fast, but the rest is moderate.

Pitalla Crimson
15-01-2008, 16:22
hmmm I tought saruman was for the evil forces:eyebrows:,

wath about gandalf the whiteΏ

Kroot Lord
15-01-2008, 16:59
He is even more expensive and IMO not very much better. 50 points more for only a few extra good things.

Saruman has two forms, the White for good and also one for EVil. EVil costs as much as the Gandalf the Grey, although is alot worse then any of the Wizards (even the cheaper ones like Saruman the white or Radagast)