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07-12-2007, 04:22
ok im thinking of using -
(might be treeman ancient)
alter high born
bow of loren
hail of doom arrows
not sure on points if i have spare points ill get magic armor or ward save

backed up by

with good bow or magic arrows

and then 2 spell singers lvl 2

i will have 3 units of 15-20 glade guard

2 units of 12 dryads

thats what im thinking of starting with what else should i add or change to make this a fun butt competative list

07-12-2007, 07:26
check out the asrai tactica thread, will let you know everything you are missing.

shooty alter vs treeman ancient... each lends itself to a different army composition, so I'd nail that down before you tried to puzzle together the rest of the list.

lastly, how many points are you shooting for?
'starting out' with as many points as you are suggesting may not be the best route to go.

07-12-2007, 07:31
i'd guess 2000 through the lord options.

The suggested army might annoy quiet a few players, and prepare to cry when you face bretonnians.

Edit: sorry, forgot to add some advice.

Take at least some glade riders or an eagle to marchblock, or you'll get pasted in combat. Might also want to take one of those regiments of archers as scouts as well. Either scout somewhere good and take out warmachines etc, or you can stick them in the side of your army and all 15 can fire (being skirmished).

07-12-2007, 07:39
ok yeah im aiming for 2000-2250 and im confused on which lord to take because i love the tree man but i also like the killiness of the alter highborn as for the combat problem i was planning on eliminating as much as possible before they get close enough to hurt me and then ill have some glade riders, tree kin and possible a treeman to destroy what ever is left.

07-12-2007, 09:45
I really wouldn't base your army around either a Treeman Ancient or an Alter Highborn. The Ancient is a great for a break from the norm, but might get a bit boring if you're forced to use him every time, which is likely if you're just starting out. The Alter Highborn looks great on paper, but is really not that much more effective than an Alter Noble (the only real benefit is the Bow of Loren Arcane Bodkins combo).

A few things you should think about before starting:

Do you want a mixed force or an all elf force (I'm not considering an all Forest Spirit army... it's too restrictive unitwise)? I didn't think too much about this when I started my army and, after seeing a list on here, kind of wish I'd gone for the all elf option.

Your Lord choice: a Wardancer Highborn is scarily effective, but if you get a Highborn model and two Mage models you can always switch around your Lord choice for a bit of variety while still having a bit of extra magic support.

Try not too max out on any unit type until you've got a broad 2000pt core. For example, three units of 15-20 Glade Guard may not sound like much, but some opponents will find that amount of shooting incredibly frustrating! The last thing you want is to be forced to play an army which you and your opponent realise is too tough every game. I'd recommend getting the Battallian box and making all the GG as archers (not scouts). Then you have enough for a bit of flexibility without being too daunting. Basically, it's far better to realise you want more of a certain unit type because they're effective than to have to buy more poor unit types in the desperate attempt to balance what you have.

Oh, and for any list I'd say it's really worth getting some Wardancers. I use two units of 6 and find them exceptional :). I'd also recommend a unit of 15-20 Eternal Guard to start with. Although they aren't that popular (which baffles me :confused:) they are great for adding a little static CR which you will definitely need!

Hope that helps a bit,


07-12-2007, 09:50
if left alone, that arcane bodkins bow combo can destroy units of cavalry.

The main flaw above is, what will you do against say an o & g or skaven army where theres enough models you cant hope to thin them out enough. I agree with enyoss, when fighting woodelves, my banes always been those damn wardancers (that annoyance of nettlings is... annoying).

07-12-2007, 11:46
if left alone, that arcane bodkins bow combo can destroy units of cavalry.

The main flaw above is, what will you do against say an o & g or skaven army where theres enough models you cant hope to thin them out enough.

I agree, it can be pretty devastating on units of heavy cavalry. I've used it myself against a friend's Empire army and it gave me an edge when he took loads of knights, but when he didn't it left me at a more significant disadvantage. Either way, I've found that the Hail of Doom arrow gives similar results, is more versatile, and fits nicely on an Alter Noble with the Helm of the Hunt. :)

In summary, It's good fun as a break but is a bit gimmicky for my tastes.

As I said, if I'm going to Kindred up my Highborn, I'd go Wardancer every time. With the Blades of Loec and Annoyance of Netlings, when using the Killing Blow dance he scares most opponents witless!



07-12-2007, 14:01
ok see now what i was thinking is the alter high born just because i loe the lord with bow model and beacause ever since i found doom arrows i wanted to make the lord with that and the bow of loren.......

is there any spare points on the alter high born that can be spent on magic armor or a decent talisman???

im not used to elves tho i have played them before i have played small games with dark elves so im aware of evilsh weakness but i havent ussed any elves as a ranged army this would actually be my first long range reliant army wich is one of the main reasons for the allter high born.

and like you said having a few lord models would give me the option to mix it up a little bit i will definately take out 1 of the GG units and put in a unit of wardancers and if i like how they go ill use a wardancer lord.

any other tips on how to play with this army or a fast cheap way to build this army would be great

09-12-2007, 08:32
ok how would i set up a wardancer lord???
what unit and what sizeshould his unit be?

and if u can tell me how many attacks he gets at what str

plz and thanx

09-12-2007, 17:25
you're going to need to look in the army book for that info hoss.
Blades of Loec + Annoyance is pretty good times...
As for unit size, I usually take dancers 6 strong.