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17-09-2005, 15:23
The damned city chose 7 am as the start time for cleaning the park across the street from me up. Now, I'm glad they've actually decided to do some work, the idea of working for their pay comes rarely and should be heeded.
BUT DID THEY HAVE TO PULL OUT CHAINSAWS AT 7am on a saturday? These idiots couldn't wait till 8? IN A WORKING CLASS NEIGHBORDHOOD?

idiots. :skull:

So I dragged my ass out of bed, got my camera out, and staggered across the street.
Supervisor swaggers up in front of crew: "Can I help you?"
"No." I answer as I shoot photos.
"You know we can be here this early?" he asks, predicting why I am wearing boxer shorts, fuzzy slippers and a bathrobe while carrying a camera at 7 15 am on a saturday?

"Yes" I reply.

Then why are you taking our pictures?

"Well, I thought I could blow it up and put it in my living room. When I have a bad day, I can open a beer, and look at it, and know what a real ******* looks like"

The ten or twelve guys on his crew who were close enough to hear this exchange felt it was funny.

17-09-2005, 17:53
Lol. thats not the kind of story I was expecting when I read the title. Those people get a kick out of doing that stuff. I reckon they feel that if THEY have to be up and working, they might as well "spread the joy".
My ***** chainsaw story is of someone who I was working with to clear a hill. He decided to start at the bottom and crawl up under as he went cutting stuff down. My way was to circle around and clear the way down without any impediment. He told me how dumb my idea was and did it his own way. He wasnt there a half hour before he cut into his own leg with the chainsaw trying to climb under some bushes. Needless to say, he was done there and then. A buddy of mine and I came back and finished the job 4 times as fast the next day doing it my way and we never got hurt.

17-09-2005, 18:02
pics pleaz.

17-09-2005, 18:06
If you think that's bad, try living in my student house last year - the walls were paper thin, and EVERY morning, from 7.30 till about midday they did nothing but hammer things, usually the wall that was right behind my bed.

The Judge
17-09-2005, 19:40
Class response... did that just come to you then? LOL