View Full Version : Just ordered a Dell Inspiron 6000

Md Larkin
17-09-2005, 16:00
Well I just ordered a laptop from dell so I can do some of my school work on the train to school and so I dont keep my family up if I have to work late on something. One thing I didnt really conicder was a real graphics card and not the intergrated one. So right now it is being shipped to me, but I wont be able to play any good games on it. My questions

Is it possible to buy mobile video cards from a store?
Can I get any card and install it? (I have seen cards for example the Radeon ??? mobile X300)

Thanks a bunch

PS I hope all of that made sense.

17-09-2005, 16:05
Not on a dell. They dont make exra PCI/PCIE/AGP slots. I tried to do the same, ended up being a waste of money

Md Larkin
17-09-2005, 16:18
Can I order a card from dell? Thats a bummer

17-09-2005, 16:29
Can I order a card from dell? Thats a bummer

Well, if Outlaw is right, there'd be no point, even if you can.

If I remember correctly, the only Dell laptop to offer any sort of graphics card are the XPS notebooks, which are significantly more expensive than what you got.

You could always return the computer, though shipping charges to send it back come out of your own pocket.

Still, if its important enough to you to be able to play games on the go, it might be worth it. Be warned, though, it generally costs a few hundred more to get a laptop with a graphics card, at least if you're going with something reputable.