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07-12-2007, 15:22
Im building a unit of scouts for Vanilla Marines. Yes Ultra Marines because I will be the only one with that army ;) I am looking for advice to the following from someone with experience using marine scouts.

I've been playing Orks and Death Guard and switching to Marines and not sure who to approach the scouts. I am building 4 units of scouts. Two with close combat weapons and two with sniper riffles. My question is what type of heavy weapons should each unit have. I like the heavy bolter but the rocket launcher hits harder.

07-12-2007, 16:05
It has always been a hard decision to include or not include a HW into a scout squad for me. The unit without a HW doesn't pack alot of punch but with a HW becomes limited in movement. If I were to include a HW I would use two units with Heavy Bolters and two with rockets.

07-12-2007, 16:19
With sniper rifles, your squad is more of an anti-infantry unit and the heavy bolter is the obvious choice there.

With close combat scouts is best to avoid heavy weapons altogether.

A rocket-launcher can work well for shooting MEQ and give a sniper team some versatility if ever a tank needs to be shot at. However with the rocket launcher I like running squads with bolters instead. Kinda- like mini-infiltrating tac marines. Hang about in cover, bolter stuff that gets close, and try for some shots on tanks vulnerable armor.

07-12-2007, 16:43
Sniper squads could always use a heavy weapon. Missile Launchers are good for helping hit high T things like C'tan or wasting infantry. Heavy bolters are pure anti-infantry, but are much better than frag missiles. Infiltrate them into good cover and shoot away.

HtH Squads only get heavy weapons if they are counter-assault. Sit behind you line and fire an extra heavy gun and when the enemy gets too close, chop them up. Otherwise, infiltrate them to support other assaulters, call down terminators, or mess the enemy up. 8-10 bp/ccw scouts and a PF Sgt can cause serious damage for a low cost.

You can also use them as cheap, lightly armored, Tactical Squads. Infiltrate into cover and shoot. Small ML squads make good tank hunters early on (always go for side), whereas bolter+HB squads mow down infantry.

07-12-2007, 17:48
I prefer ML's for HW, but use assault scouts mainly because they are reasonably cheap for an infiltrating fist/power weapon.

Jester Boy
07-12-2007, 21:05
I run 9 snipers + 1 ML. I find the ML a great all rounder. Low armored troops get 9 sniper rounds and a frag, Heavy armored troops cop 9 sniper rounds and a krak. If you play with the plastic kits you could always make all the options and change them when needed.

07-12-2007, 22:33
I didn't think about the power fist/weapon delivery. I've played orks for long time as a NOB delivery. I've should have thought about that.

Looks like I need both ML and HB and swap them out for, ummmm well just swap them out at times.