View Full Version : The bishop's a sith lord?

07-12-2007, 18:29
Rather random so I thought i'd throw it in here.

Is it me or does the bishop from Emmerdale [not ashley the vicar] look and sound like the empreror from star wars?

When he speaks i can just imagine him saying: 'soon the rebellion will be crushed and young skywalker will be one of us'.

Bishop: http://www.emmerdale.org/emmerdale/3500/13Dec2003/bishop_thumb.JPG
Empreror: http://www.buzzflash.com/analysis/04/09/images/02emperor350.jpg

Though the true likeness is in his horrible croaky creepy voice like palpatine!

Secret emmerdale fans out there, what dya think?


07-12-2007, 18:36
Well im not a fan of emmerdale the missis is though but it seems that the village has had most things happen to it so maybe they could have the deathstar turn up for the xmas special and turn on its funky deathray. Im sure thats a christmas they wont forget HO HO.

Damien 1427
07-12-2007, 18:40
No, Emperor Popealtine (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pope_Benedict_XVI) has the monopoly on that.

07-12-2007, 18:40
He doesn't look alot like him.

The Pope definitely looks more like Emperor Palpatine.

07-12-2007, 23:49
He doesn't look alot like him.

The Pope definitely looks more like Emperor Palpatine.

Lol "These aren't the cardinal's you're looking for..."

08-12-2007, 09:45
Yep, the pope is definatly Palpatine, that was the first thing I thought when I saw him.

Mad Doc Grotsnik
08-12-2007, 11:02
I think not.

The Pope may well have been in the Hitler Youth, and thus a prime candidate for a Sith Lord, but I have another clone of Palpatine who is guilty of far worse crimes....


I rest my case!