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07-12-2007, 21:56
With the release of Acopalops I had a appiffany instead of extending my Tau that I have grown bored with and the competativ gameplay that I associated with them I decided to do something diffrent.

After some soul searching I decided to do the army I always wanted to do but could never get me to as they would be extremly boring on the tabeltop of a ordinary 40k battle.

The 9th company of the 341st Dniper guard airborne division
Based on the VDV (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VDV). A * marks what I have bought so far and a ** marks what is painted.

Mobile command vehicle <-- Will have to invent some rules for that one
Anti tank squad ** in chimera **
Anti tank squad * in chimera **

Ogryns in chimera
Storm troopers in Valkyria
Storm troopers in Valkyria

Infantry platoon with five squads ** + command squad * + 6 chimeras **
Infantry platoon with five squads * + command squad * + 6 chimeras *

Fast attack:
Unit of sentinels
Unit of sentinels

Heavy support:
Six or four BM-21 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BM-21) in space that I will have to invent rules for, I'm going to build them out of the new ork Trucks.

Six Ryzan turreted mars alpha hulled leman russ vanquishers to provide that tank killing abbility I think I will need.

So thats my army think it is around 5000-6000 points and I hoping that I will get too play my first game with it in January andI'm really looking forward too it.

So what other forces are the people out there building for apocalypse?

07-12-2007, 23:21
i'm building a 14,000pt necron force for apoc. the list is posted. take a look and let me know what ya think.

07-12-2007, 23:24
I have a tank regiment, but mostly I'm going with my Ebon Chalice sisters.

Sister Sin

07-12-2007, 23:48
pretty much all of my armies are apocalypse ready. My eldar force (which is my oldest) only had 2 apoc deals added to it to bulk it up (and I really need to decide on a color scheme and start assembling the figs) My tau, I bought a few things to bulk them up. Marines, I had a ton before, and I just went a *bit* crazy and added a bunch of stuff. My IG got a ton of love as well, 3 baneblades, the 10 box of russes, the 9+1 box of Basalisks/chimera, an infantry company. My nids are nice and happy as well. My daemon/witch hunters were always designed to be an addon to one of my other imperial armies so I haven't done any real bulking up for them.

I also just last week started a necron force, I'm assembling stuff now and hammering out a paint scheme, and once this last ebay win arrives, they will be apoc ready.

08-12-2007, 00:02
I'm building up 5 separate Guard armies(read as: regiments) to use them together with the WD High command unit to represent a full Imperial Crusade army on the tabletop.

3,000pts Bauxillian 9th (Standard Guard Infantry + Artillery company)
1,500pts Shaoboth 48th (Light Stealth infantry - Ninjas with Lasguns)
1,500pts Gamberian 122nd (Plasma Drop Spam)
2,000pts Billitonian 80th (Mechanized chem-druggies)
2,000pts Arquellian 4th (Armoured Company)

All in all, 10K points of Imperial Guard, not counting Imperial Navy support, Titans and Inquisitorial assets. I'm planning on a full fighter squadron, a Titan Demi-Legio, and an obscene amount of Inquisitorial Stormtroopers.

Yes, I am indeed insane.

08-12-2007, 00:12
my main armies (deathguard, orks and nids) are all at or above 3000 points, so ill be running them when i play.

08-12-2007, 00:36
I'm pulling out all those Ultra Marine models and finishing them. Also going to build it out complete with Warhound. Adding my 1000 points of IG I never completed. But to do this means to build a few Predators, add a LandRaider. Then add a couple of IG tanks. I have the one that came in the IG army box. Been so long I don't even remember which one it is.

Might take me a month or two but Im throwing a lot of coal on fire and getting the wheels into motion.

My favorite part is seeing the looks on the faces of all those veteran players when I bring out the Ultra Marines. I can say this. My army is unique.

Ordo Ouroboros
08-12-2007, 01:09
We came up with the fluff to allow "alliances" of a sort with the Ordo Ouroborus and the Tyranid Hive Fleet Terror for Apoc battles, but such things never last. The Matriach's influence can never permanatly overcome the Hive Mind

08-12-2007, 01:16
Im taking 30 assassins! Muwahaha! Not really i take six callidus assassins though... and four termi sqauds... and then the rest grey knights..... or a warlord titan.... but thats because I'm a jerk

08-12-2007, 01:20
I'm currently using a combination of my Tau, Deathwing and Imperial guard to play, but I'm thinking about fulfilling a dream I've had since I started playing, fielding an entire Deathwing Company, so that's what I'm taking

Power Armored Zombie
08-12-2007, 01:43
In team games, I'm going to use all of my Eldar (like 3,000 pts) with my friends massive Tau force.

But otherwise I'm probably going to use my 5,000pts (Deathguard mostly) of Chaos.


I <3 W
08-12-2007, 02:32
eventually a combination of a chapter I invented and dkok, but I don;t have a millon bucks right now so itl be a fewyears. For now I'll combine my 1.5k chaos and 1.5 necrons (and later extend them both to 2k and make them stronger armies.

08-12-2007, 03:42
I'm thinking of expanding my 2k points of elysian D-99 drop troops with some get read for it, *Space Marines* yes, i'm actually considering using them.

The final army is a respectable 3000 points and is based on the D-99's background of fighting the tyranids as a relatively elite unit. Thus who better to pair them with right?

Heres the list:
Veteran Command Squad:
Senior Officer: Power weapon, lasgun+auxkrak launcher.

4 Veterans, missile launcher, med pack.

3x Special Weapon squads of 6 guardsmen. Each squad has one demolition charge and one flamer.

2x 4 guardsman 1 sergeant squads with 2 meltas and a vox caster, the sergeant has a aux krak launcher.

2x 6 guardsman 1 sergeant squads with 2 plasmas and a vox caster, the sergeant has an aux krak launcher.
Each of these two squads are mounted in Valkyries one valkyrie with 2x multiple rocket pods, the other with 2 hellstrikes. (in addition to basic guns)

2x 4 guardsman 1 sergeant squads with a missile launcher/vox in each, sergeant with an aux krak launcher.

1 Drop sentinel with multi-melta and improved comms.

Squadron of 3 drop sentinels with multi-meltas.

1 sentinel with a multi melta.

Vulture: Armoured cockpit, chaff/flare launchers ejector seat. Armed with TL multilasers and 2x racks of 3x heavy smart bombs.

Vulture with armoured cockpit, chaff/flare launchers, ejector seat and cheesecake distinctive paint job. TL-Lascannons, 2x racks of 3 hunter killer missiles each.

3x Sentry guns with TL-hb.

Deathwatch Killteam Geist: 6 Death Watch Marines, 2x Flamers, inferno bolts.
Death watch captain with power weapon/bolter/inferno bolts.
In drop pod.

Deathwatch Kill Team Nebel: 6 Death Watch Marines, 2x Plasma guns, inferno bolts
Death Watch captain with power weapon, bolter and inferno bolts.

Death Watch Terminator Team Nacht(Not actually deathwatch, merely a termi command squad, couldn't find the rules for an all termi DW team)
Deathwatch Master LIbrarian Erasmus: Force Weapon, Storm Shield, Adamantine Mantle, Terminator armor, Furious Charge and Fury of the Ancients.
3x Terminators, 1 with chain fist, 2 with cyclone launchers. Furious Charge.
1x Terminator Sergeant with 2x Lightning Claws.
Mounted in Drop pod.

3000 points total

I kind of wish I could have fit those neat heavy bolters into there.

Anyhow thats how I see it going down with Marines, more a supplement to Guard forces than a force of their own. I thought about using Ultramarine Tyrannic War Veterans but unfortunately they don't seem able to deep strike which is kind of a big deal.

Other things i've been considering is putting in a Deathwatch Dreadnaught for the neatness factor.

08-12-2007, 04:19
Im starting an Imperial navy army for apoc, Its all going to be all thunderbolts and maruders


08-12-2007, 05:23
I have 2 full battle companies for the DA. As well as their masters of the chapter. Support personal indcluding speeders, preds..land raiders 2 vindicators whirlwinds..basically everything short of Techmarines for around 15,000 if not 20,000 pts of DA marines.

As well as by Feb..2000 pts Tau I can throw down in there from time to time. The Tau once finished won't grow much more right away..till I get it completely pinned down how I wish to have it.

The marines..as always will be ever expanding.

Easy E
08-12-2007, 09:15
The 1st Saint Paulus Armored Regiment.

Currently at 100% of the 1st company, 25% of the 2nd Company, 10% of the 3rd company, 10% of the 4th company, and 75% of the 5th Reserve Company.

08-12-2007, 12:13
Well, wow. Ah...all of my armies are fit for it, not just the ones I commented on earlier.

12,000 or thereabouts of Salamanders

9,000 give or take of Adepta Sororitas

5,000 or so 7th Tarakian Panzer

If I add World Eaters and Black Legion together as they are, around 8,000 or so.

Dark Eldar I haven't worked up yet, nor my 21st Tarakian Panzer Grenadiers.

Plenty to go with, even for new folks without armies. :)

Sister Sin

08-12-2007, 12:19
Well, I've had a pair of 1500pt Dark Angel lists sitting around for a while (ie, two days after codex release) now, which combine to form one complete battle company. Finally I have a reason to collect them! Woohoo!

Of course, then I'll want to do the other three battle companies, the four reserve companies, plus the first and tenth. Probably gonna be heading towards 40,000pts and 2000 by the end of it, and that's without even including any transport vehicles!

Unfortunately, due to having the attention span of a kitten with ADD, I've never got another single force beyond 1500pts. And what with them being marines, tyranids, eldar, tau, chaos and orks, it's not like they even form a single consistent force to just shove together on one side of the table. Oh well, looks like GW will be getting a lot more of my money soon...

08-12-2007, 12:36
I'm making a quaballis heresy army, so Chaos Marines, Traitor guard and another chaos force to make the 3k minimum for apoc.

08-12-2007, 12:50
I'll be boosting my Steel Legion (which are already at 5-6k) by adding parts of some of the other regiments that fought on Armageddon. I've bought up a pile of Catachans to convert into Ork Hunters once I get my hands on a box of the new orks for bits, and I'll hopefully manage to scrape together enough money to eventually add 1500-2k each of Elysians and DKoK, and I'm also considering some Savlar Chem Dogs if I can figure out how I want to convert them. Might also throw in a couple of scratchbuilt flyers and a titan or two as well, if I can find the time.

08-12-2007, 16:32
My 3k marine force, being extended with more rhino and razorback mounted marines, another podding dread, attack bikes and another vindicator (so i have 3 and so a linebreaker squadron).

09-12-2007, 17:51
is an all assassin force dumb or could i justify it by saying the other army was attacking the assassins temple so they are all fighting back

09-12-2007, 17:54
My brand new 3,000 point CSM force supported with all my old Mordians (and any other old IG I can find lying around) and lots and lots of tanks (still no baneblade yet though).

09-12-2007, 21:19
it depends on my mood

if i want eldar i have nearly 4k of ulthwe and a phantom titan for the really big games

imperial armys- about 5k of spacemarines, baneblade and 1.5k of armored company and some guardsmen- a small force of grey knights

CHAOS- about 3-4k of chaos marines and daemons, some lost and the damned mutants and can use my armored company and guardmen as trators :)

those are my main apocalyse forces, to expand on them i'll need some more wave serpents and fire dragons for my eldar, the sm army is just about sorted and for chaos iv got an Angroth the unbound greater bloodthirster lined up for christmas bwahaha