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07-12-2007, 23:43
I just recently dusted off my tomb kings and I'm gonna be playing with them. So far, I've only played a handful of under 1000 pt games with my empire since the new version.. I have well over 3000 pts worth of TKs. I lost all my old army lists in a hard drive crash, so now with the new version of army builder I'm ready to start again.

Anyway, with the new version I'm just wondering if there's anything else I need to keep in mind when building besides the 5-model-wide thing for rank bonuses? The TK magic is pretty much untouched with the newer magic rules, correct? The way I like to play is with magic spam where I take as many spells as possible so I usually have a high priest general, a prince and the rest of the characters are priests. I used to have a cloak of dunes on my high priest but is that a bad idea now that they're easy to target even if they're standing right next to a big unit? Like should every character have a unit now?

In my collection I have something like:

20 skeleton archers
20ish skeletons with hand weapons/shields
25 tomb guard (usually mix em in as skeletons though)
3 ushabti
2 scorps
2 catapults
1 casket
4 swarms
4 normal chariots
1 chariot prince/king
8 horsemen with spears/shields
Settra (modeled on foot but I also have his charriot)
Queen Khalida
4 priests (1 on a horse)
2 other prince/kings on foot

never got around to getting any carrion and won't be getting any anytime soon as I have other projects to work on at the moment. my group is pretty laid back so any missing models can easily be proxied or we usually make units bigger with empty bases in the back rows, etc...

So, any ideas on how I can take what I have and make a decent 2000ish army out of in the new version of the game?

08-12-2007, 14:26
well saying that, it depends how you play!! i like to play offensivly, and have 2 or 3 units to sacrifice, such as light horsemen and hard hitting units like chariots to try to get flanks or pick up traps set by the horsemen. also i like to have a king on a chariot!!
but, like i said it depends on your type of play!!

here is a quick example of something i would use

light armour
*enchanted shield
*golden ankhra
*sward of might
*chariot of fire


*serpants staff

*staff of ravening

chariots x4 (king joins this unit)
*war banner

chariot x3
chariot x3
carrion x5
swarms x3 (keep in front of the casket to protect the front, and to use the collar on)
catapult (foes)

sacrifice units
light horsemen x5
light horsemen x5
(if u use you scorpions to kill charectors then they are sacrifice units too!! cause they cant take block units!!!)

well that leaves you 31 points to spare!!
but that seems to work against the avearge army, but chaos warriors, orgre, etc. you'll struggle a bit!!
just remember that the magic phase is VERY important!! keep ur charectors together, except the priest on the casket!!
hope this helps a bit!!

REMEMBER: this is my way of playing, im an offensive player, this wont work as a defensive list!!

good luck

08-12-2007, 18:44
It looks pretty weak to be honest.. I used to play tomb kings and have lots of experience with them and the lists that worked best for me was a mix between defensive and a bit offensive. Having that many chariots is just like saying hey bring a s7 hero and kill my army. Add some heavy skeleton horsemen for static CR. And by the way.. drop the casket if you want to play offensive since it's pretty much defensive heh.

08-12-2007, 23:09
im also a well experienced player, this works very well for me and my style of play! S7 isnt that much of a problem if you trap the unit and charge multiple units in to the unit! simple tactics here! it would be stupid to send one unit of chariots into the front of a S7 charecter, your asking for an ass kicking then! (there are not that many S7 charecters anyway!!)
personally i hate heavy horsemen! they are handing points to the opponent, which i dont mind sacrificing 1 or 2 units for traps etc, but HHM are too expensive for that, plus they give CR to the opponents as they are too weak in combat, if they get to combat anyway! also the casket has got a few uses other than the light of death! and can be used offensivly!!

if you asked me advice on a LHP lead list, shooting list or a deffencive list i honestly couldn't as i dont play that way, i would have to try them out! i have a rough idea what would work but i dont have enough exp using these types of lists to comment.

im not the type of person that claims to masacre all my opponents every game, as no one does, with out cheating!! but i do claim that i win a fair amount of games against a veriaty of different armies (i play HE mainly), occasionaly getting a masacre and rarly being masacred! when i lose its normally a minor victory and when i win its border line minor/solid victory! this to me says that this isnt a weak list, but a competative and fun list to use.

but like i said this is my way of play, and it wont suit everyone, its just advice from alot of experience nothing more. i am, on the other hand, intrested to what list you would use and hear how it goes. with genuine intrest, as the few games i have tryed with alternative tactics havn't realy worked.

so, when you have a list, could you please list it, and i too will try it in my next game (probably monday)

thanks ky