View Full Version : Hordes of Change or Decadent Host?

08-12-2007, 09:16
I finally got the Chaos army book and I was wondering what anyone could tell me about Tzeentch or Slaneesh dedicated armies? A friend mentioned something about the horribly broken 'Flying Circus' army? :eyebrows: What with GW updating the Daemonette models, which I personally don't care for, I'm going to take the initiative and buy some of the current ones just 'cause. That may or may not influence my interest in one or the other army.

08-12-2007, 13:32
The Flying Circus of Tzeentch is actually from the Storm of Chaos book utilising the Hordes of Chaos book as well, and, unfortunately, normal Daemonettes aren't as brilliant as they could be (they are good, but they could be better), and as such, if you want to field a daemonic army, I would suggest seing if you could pick up the Storm of Chaos somewhere.

Furthermore, the two daemonic legions works pretty much in the same way, Tzeentch dances arround the opponent, shooting and magicing his units to death untill he can charge the now smaller units with loads and loads of combined charges. The Slaaneshi daemonic legion utilises insanely fast moving and hitty troops to take out enemy support units such as Fast Cavalry, wizards and warmachines. Once those units have been taken care of, they start to team up to take out hammer units, and when those are gone, only a few blocks of infantry should remain to pick appart. Slaaneshi Daemonic Legion however, cannot fully use the ammount of magic that a lot of people desire Slaaneshi armies to do