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17-09-2005, 20:39
Hi, I have just started with 40K and bought my first box with Catachan Jungle Fighters two days ago. I won't be playing with the Death world rules from the Catachan codex, but I'll be playing with my own Doctrines. I've chosen these Doctrines for my army:

Jungle Fighters
Ogryn Squads
Special Weapon squads
Heavy Weapon platoons

So, I was wondering if some of you could set up a 1000pts army list with at least some of these Doctrines? I have no idea what weapons I should go for, but I can tell you that I'll be playing against Space Marines and Cadians.


17-09-2005, 21:24
Best advice really would be to play and lose at least a few games with what you have so you can work out the strengths and weaknesses of yours and your opponents armies, this is really the only way you can end up with a balanced list you'll be happy with. Having said that here are a few general points:

you will only have a 6+ save and likely all infantry in 1000pts so v important to make the most of cover - try to make sure you have wooded areas on the board to take advantage of.

against marines you want weapons with a 3+ AP that you can fire from cover to enable your troops to survive: ie: plasma guns / missile launchers. Against guard you will have an advantage in assault so you might want to put veterans and power swords into your HQ units and have lots of flamers, using cover to get up close.

Special units with a couple of flamers and a demo charge can be pretty nasty for 60 odd points - sentinels with heavy flamers would make a nice back up option for these type units, and add some heavy flamers to your platoons and you have an army that can be very nasty close up - though likely to be a bit of an "all or nothing" one to play with: more fun when you win but more difficult to learn to use well.

think light, mobile, hard hitting with lots of flamers, this is the the way the catachan list is supposed to work IMO.

17-09-2005, 21:36
I agree with colhdog losing does hrlp you and find out what is wrong and so on.

18-09-2005, 18:35
Though it might not apply to you, my own IG force has some points that are working for me pretty well.

Veteran Sergeants with stormbolters, in every infantry squad! I just love it myself. The extra stormbolter is nice for fire support, ant the squad has Ld 8. Since every squad has Ld 8, my platoon command squads don't need to hang around leading every one. Thus, they function as extra special weapon squads. Plus, these squads can have a medic to help save a poor plasmagunners life. Though they can't have demo charges.

Anyway, just what I use. It might not apply to you.

19-09-2005, 02:52
If you can take a hell hound, it can solve a lot of flamer placement issues rather quickly, and may be a better choice for you than sentinels. I don't play guard, but what tends to be the most devastating thing to me is, the 10000 missile launchers. I can usually get in close if all there are is, is tanks, but 2 turns of missile launcher hell is more than I can usually withstand and still hope to charge.

19-09-2005, 03:18
I would replace the heavy weapons platoons with hardened fighters, as the +1 ws will make you hit cadians on 3s, and will deny the majority of marines that 3+ hit on you. anything to make them miss in hh a little more is alright in my books.
also you want fire saturation rather than one or two guys in a squad that can do damage, so flamers and barage weapons that will force lots of armor saves are the way to go.
for a jungle force you also want mobility and to be on top of the enemy as fast as possible. since deep striking inside terrain that is not impassable doesn't kill your dudes anymore, i would even suggest dropping the ogryns (as cool as they are) for the drop troops doctrine, which is free. this could represent the ambush nature of the jungle fighters.

HQ (296)
Senior Officer with bolt pistol and power weapon, veteran medic with 2 cc weapons, veteran standard bearer with 2 cc weapons, 2 flamers, hardened fighters, jungle fighters (120)
2 Special Weapon Support Squads: 2 flamers, 1 demo charge, 3 with las pistol and cc, jungle fighters, hardened fighters (176)

Troops (655)
1st platoon
Infantry Squads 1/2: veteran seargent with bolter, flamer, heavy flamer, jungle fighters, hardened fighters (113 each)
Command Squad: junior officer with powerfist, 4 flamers, jungle fighters, hardened fighters (109)
2nd platoon
Infantry Squads 1/2: veteran seargent with bolter, flamer, heavy flamer, jungle fighters, hardened fighters (113 each)
Command Squad: junior officer with laspistol and power weapon, 4 flamers, jungle fighters, hardened fighters (94)

thats 951 points which gives you 50 points to twick with.

if you want to expand later to a bigger army and use the other doctrines you wanted

for the HQ (280)
2 Mortar Support Squad (160) <---- these guys will be on the back lobing shells, so i wouldn't bother giving them the hardened fighters or jungle fighters rule.
Catachan Pattern Sentinnel Support Squad (120)

Elites (444)
3 Veteran Squads: 5 las pistol and cc, 3 flamers, 1 heavy flamer, jungle fighters, hardened fighters, seargent with power weapon (148 each squad)

Heavy (225)
3 Griphons (75 each)

with all that you'd have a respectable 1900 points. with the amount of barrage you'd be dropping each turn you're guaranteed to cause some pinning as well as a really demoralising effect. and once those flamers are in range... don't you just love the smell of promithium in the morning?