View Full Version : first high elves - 2,000 points

Commander GIB
09-12-2007, 00:05
hi, this is my first warhammer army, and my first warhammer list. i chose a high elf list with a decent amount of magic

archmage, lv. 4, dispel scroll silver wand,guardian phoenix, folariath's robe

mage, lv.2, dispel scroll, jewel of dusk

noble, BsB, armor of caledor, great weapon (with phoenix guard)

15 spearmen, command

10 archers

20 swordmasters, command, war banner

5 shadow warriors, command

19 phoenix guard, command, banner of sorcery

2 repeater bolt throwers

great eagle


09-12-2007, 01:51
looks good, but drop the 20 SM's to lik 14, deploy 7X2, and stick warbanner in spears. the SM's just kill stuff, and while an extra rank or 2 is nice for combat res, the pts can be more helpful elsewhere. id say bulk out the spears to lik 21-24. with 21 spears, u can either form as 5X4 with one on back for combat res, or against softer targets 7X3 for maximum number of attacks. also, if u want to go magic heavy, try the banner of sorcery out on the swordmasters, so ud hav 10-12 PD per turn. and lastly probably no command on the shadow warriors. anyway list looks good have fun.

09-12-2007, 04:52
yea i agree, take out those swordmasters and go for more spearmen in both units. Or, i would consider using the points on cavalry. An elite high elf infantry force like this will most likely get surrounded and cut down. You could use some cavalry or chariots to fix that problem.

Commander GIB
09-12-2007, 05:09
ok, so i took out the SM, and i made the spearman unit to 21. then, i took out the warbanner all together, and added 8 silverhelms /command and shields, and a tiranoc chariot

09-12-2007, 06:25
i would also shrink the phoenix guard to about 14, i'd also take the staff of solif=dity for the archmage to avoid him blowing up in case of a miscast, also the robe with the 5+ ward is overkill, if he needs that much protection then you've done something wrong, i'd take the loremasters claok instead of the robe and have the archmage accompany the SM which will make them pretty much impervious to magic, i'd also drop the jewel of dusk on the mage and take the tricksters trinket, you won't even need to cast one drainmagic all game just let your opponent autodestruct himself and blast him with offensive magic,also take no more than 6 silverhelms those extra 2 are a waste.