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09-12-2007, 09:56
I'm fairly new to Tomb kings and have been playing my first 15 battles with an army build up around The Casket of Souls and a Tomb King in a chariot, and every single time I got massacred (by Beasts of Chaos, Wood elves, Lizardmen, and Ogre Kingdom).

But anyway, I made up this new totally different list and played 2 battles which I to my big surprise won, 1 solid, and 1 massacre. Pls rate and comment it of you like.


High liche priest (hierophant), Cloak of dunes, Neferra’s plaques of mighty incarnations, Hieratic jar, 295
Liche Priest, Steed, Staff of ravening 168
Tomb Prince, La, Shield, Gw, Chariot, Chariot of Fire (with the unit of chariots) 178
Tomb Prince, La, Shield, Gw, Collar of shapesh, Vambraces of the sun (With Tomb Guards) 147


23 skeleton warriors, Hw, shield, La, Standard 209
11 skeleton warriors, Hw, Bows 88
5 Skeleton heavy horsemen 80


3 ushabti 195
19 Tomb Guards, Standard, Icon of Rakaph 280
1 Tomb Scorpion 85
3 Chariots, standard, Undying banner 165


Screaming skull catapult, Skulls of the foe 110


The 2 block units will engage enemy blocks, while the chariots, ushabtis and the heavy horsemen go for flank charges.

The Tomb Guards and Tomb Prince will hopefully get the charge with the Icon and they should be able to take on enemy blocks or monsters alone. This leaves some of my other flankers available.

The chariot unit with character tends be to targeted by enemy missiles so the undying banner is for compensation for this.

Flexibility is the key word;).

10 “Power” Dices
2 Bound spells

09-12-2007, 10:47
I would drop the banner of the undying on the chariots. if they are hit with a s7 they still die and if used well you dont really need the baner on them drop the standard aswell. try to get a 4th ushabti or drop them completly for some more archers. drop the normal skeletons down to 19 or 20 and add some more to the tomb guards like 23 or something also the banner of the undying legions has worked alot better than the icon of rakaph for my tomb guards. drop the 5 skeleton heavy horsemen or increase their numbers greatly to 12-16 a nice static CR unit add in a unit of 3 chariots instead they had proven to much better for me at least. Drop the shield on the tomb prince on foot since he weilds a 2 handed weapon he wont be using his shield. since you are so heavy on magic why not more archers? I used 2x14 archers in my army 56 shots each turn with incantations hehe. Your high liche priest and liche priest looks good but consider getting a dispel scroll or brooch of the great desert has saved me many times against magic heavy armies

09-12-2007, 11:27
just a pointer, your LHP isnt legal! the jar and mighty incantation are both arcane items! and he is 320 pts, if u drop the jar then it would legal and the correct points, 295. you may wont to conider a flail on the prince on the chariot. +2 S first turn of combat! i would also suggest changing the chariots banner to a war banner, and heal the unit with the priests, the +1 to CR will help.i wouldnt increase your heavy horseman unit for static CR as they are way to weak for that role!

09-12-2007, 14:10
Heh 5 heavy horsemen wont do much... but with a banner of the undying legion or with a war banner they are great in numbers of 12-16.. I have tried it with great success. You should never charge the chariots into a unit alone anyway so the banner is not needed.. just gives easy VP for the oponent

09-12-2007, 21:29
You should never charge the chariots into a unit alone anyway so the banner is not needed.. just gives easy VP for the oponent

the key to tomb kings is to charge your army all together and gang up on units, so the banner wouldnt be a give away! plus if u add the tomb king to the unit, it shouldnt be an easy fight for the enemy to win, even when the unit and king go alone! plus they shouldnt go in the front of a unit! but heh!