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09-12-2007, 22:36
With a solid draw and a massacre under my belt I went into this game against an army I had never played against, never read their armies book and had seen very little of them playing. Not a good position to be in but the guy I was facing was fairly new as well.

I'm not sure about the names of a lot of his stuff so you'll have to excuse any mistakes. With that explanation out of the way onto the game.


Empire - 1000 points

Captain + Pegasus
Battle wizard

20 Swordsmen + FC
10 Handgunners
5 Knights + FC

5 Pistoliers + Musician
5 Pistoliers + Musician
1 Cannon


Ogres - 1000p

Tyrant + tenderiser
Butcher + bangstick

3 Iron guts
3 Bulls
3 Bulls
3 Bulls
2 Leadbealchers


Terrain was fairly open on the table. On my left I had a small hill in front of which was a ruin. In the center there was a ruin nearly in the center of the battlefield and there was a small wood in his deployment zone. On my right I had a large wood while in his deployement zone there was a large hill.


I rolled a 3 and a 6 for my Gold spells but decided to swich the 6 for a 1 giving me Rule of Burning Iron and Transmutation of lead which I was pretty happy about.


On my left I deployed a unit of pistoliers opposite to them was the Lead belchers (in the ruins) and a unit of Bulls. In the center I deployed my Swordsmen supported on the left by the handgunners (with the Battle wizard) and the right by the HBVG. I placed the knights in between the HBVG and the cannon. Opposite to them my opponant deployed his Ironguts with Tyrant) On the right I hid my Captain behind the wood (old habits die hard) and placed the Pistoliers on the far right. He responded by putting down his last two bull units on the hill (one containing the Butcher)

I win the roll to go first.

Turn one - Empire.

I reform my left hand Pistoliers and run towards my center unwilling to go up against the Leadbelchers which I suspected would probably wipe me out in short order. My center remained still while on my right the Pistoliers advanced with my Captain flying up behind them.

All magic was out of range. My cannon fired but I guessed slightly short of the Ironguts and poor rolling saw the shot stop just in front of the unit.

Turn one - Ogres.

His whole line moves forward. The Leadbelchers are now slightly stranded and start stumbling through the cover. His Ironguts hide behind the center ruins. On my right the two Bull units advance straight towards my Pistoliers.

In his magic phase the Butcher used the bangstick on the Pistoliers . I fail to dispel and he rolls a six for the number of hits followed by 4 wounds. I fail all 4 saves but the last Pistolier holds firm. He gives one units of Bulls regeneration but I manage to dispel his attempt to get a wound back on his Butcher.

Turn two - Empire

I move my last right hand Pistolier between the two Bull regiments but I can't quite keep out of charge range, poo. My other Pistoliers move across the center of my army to lend support to my right flank. The Captain flies back across my lines to take up position behind by Swordsmen. My handgunners reform slightly to take the right hand bulls in their sights.

Magic is a total dud. Shooting sees a perfect guess on the Butchers Bull unit but the ball fell short due to poor rolling. The HBVG fires at the same unit with a massive 24 shots. Rolling to hit and wound sees only a single Ogre fall (and a couple of wounds over). Lastly my Pistolier shoots into the same unit killing an Ogre and forcing a panic check (which he fails)

Turn two - Ogres.

He declares a charge on my single remaining Pistolier (I flee to pull them into HBVG and cannon range). He rallies his Butcher unit. The Leadbelchers make it out of difficult terrain but move towards the center to keep out of LOS of my Handgunners. His Ironguts start moving through the ruins while his Bulls close in on my Handgunners.

Magic sees him aim the bangstick at my second unit of Pistoliers but I dispel. He casts a spell onto his butcher unit to give them +1 toughness and I dispel his attempt to heal his Butcher.

Turn three - Empire.

I shuffle my Swordsmen round to face his Iron guts. My remaing unit of pistoliers take up postion to hit his unit of Bulls which have also been pulled into range of my cannon and HBVG.

I the magic phase I get off Transutaion of Lead on his Ironguts. Shooting sees the cannon fall short again due to poor dice rolling (two 2's). The HBVG opens up again with an awesome 26 shots on the Bulls which cause 8 wounds. My opponant points out that they have regeneration thanks to the Butcher. He rolls eight 1's, 2's and 3's. I shoot the same unit with my pistoliers resulting in a single wound......which he fails his regeneration save for wiping out the unit. On my left the handgunners cause enough wounds to drop the oncomming Bull unit by a single model. This is more like it!

Turn three - Ogres

My opponant gets his Iron guts out of the ruins and prepares to charge my Swordsmen. The Bulls move up ready to charge my Handgunners. His Butcher unit moves up as well. The Leadbelchers move up round the back of the center ruins and are now threatening my Swordsmen.

Magic sees the bangstick go off knocking down two Pistoliers. The rest of his magic doesn't however, which is good.

Turn four - Empire

I know I'm going to be in a heap of trouble so I try to do something about it. My knights move out to deal with the Leadbelchers. My Pistoliers reform and I try to use them to draw off his Butcher unit from my artillery. My captain flies out onto the Bulls flank in preperation for a charge next turn.

Magic again does nothing. Shooting sees my cannon overshoot as I guess a bit to close to the Butcher unit and rolled a 10 on the artillery dice. The HBVG rolls two misfires and explodes in a ball of fire. My Handgunners cause another couple of wounds on the remaining bull unit but my Pistoliers do nothing.

Turn four - Ogres

Ironguts charge the Swordsmen (hold). Bulls charge the Handgunners (stand and shoot). Butcher and co charge the Pistoliers (flee). His Leadbelchers move up but are just out of range of my knights.

His magic phase is a dud.

The stand and shoot kills a Bull. The reamining one fails his panic check and runs (hooray). The Pistoliers run fast enough to get away from the Butcher. The Ironguts however hit the Swordsmen. To be short his rolling was awesome. I lost the combat by a silly amount and fled. The true horror hit me when I realised that he was going to clip my handgunner unit when he pursued. More importantly he would clip the side where my Wizard was standing.

Turn five - Empire

Declare a charge onto the flee Bull with my Captain. The Knights charge the Leadbelchers (stand and shoot). Pistoliers refuse to rally and flee back into the wood. My Swordsmen flee from the table.

Magic sees my Wizard in combat. Shooting comes down to my Cannon. On the bright side I can now shoot into the flank of the Ironguts. This one shot could swing the game for me. Perfect guess. I roll a 2 for the extra distance. I roll a two for the bounce. I'm an inch short. A GODDAMNED INCH! I'VE FIRED THIS FLOCKING BUZZARD CANNON FOR FIVE ROUNDS AND EVERY ROUND THE FLIGHT/BOUNCE HAS BEEN EITHER PATHETIC OR MILES OVER! DAMN! DAMN! DAMN! DAMN! DAMN!

I get round to the fun bit which is me smashing the Leadbelchers into the ground. Fate though, had other ideas. Two knight died to the stand and shoot and the reast only cause a measly two wounds. The Leadblechers fought back killing a single knight. I win the combat by one but he doesn't flee. In the other combat my wizard gets horribly pulped by the Ironguts. I fail my leadership test for the Handgunners and run off the board.

Turn five - Ogres

He consolidates. His Butchers and single remaining Bull move up to attack the cannon. His Ironguts turn to face the cannon to minimise any possible casualties.

Bangstick goes off and kills a cannon crewmember.

In combat I cause another wound with my knights which pulls down a Leadbelcher. With no wounds back I win the combat and ride down the last remaining Ogre.

Turn six - Brief overview

Game over. My cannon misses again and gets charged by the Butcher unit. The crew die (serves them right) and the game ends. I have my Captain and 2 Knights left. He has both his characters, flags, table quaters, his Iron guts and a single bull left alive. He wins a decisive victory.

09-12-2007, 22:54

Well that went well. So what went wrong. Firstly there was a lack of intel. Not knowing what everything did in my opponants army really hurt me. I had no clue on gut magic, what units did and even what their basic stats were. If I'd known Ironguts where that nails I would have probably gone after them much earlier on. As it was I kinda ignored them as the battle developed on the right flank and that, combined with the ruins, allowed them to get across the table unscathed.

Admittedly another thing that hurt me was my deployment. I lost concentration and made a couple of silly errors whcih I shouldn't have done (like putting units on my left flank which robbed me of LOS). When the game started it was only thanks to my maneuverability that I could get my lines sorted out so quickly.

Magicwise I also struggled to hold back the Bangstick (lethal against Pistoliers) and his Gutmagic which seemed exceedly effective. Nearly all of his spells went off and I was quickly in trouble with units gaining toughness and regeneration which made my job a lot harder. My magic was pretty poo as well. I just didn't roll high enough to get many spells off and the ones that I did get off where nearly all countered.

The last thing that killed me was the mistake with leaving my handgunners and Swordsmen too close togther. This lead to the Ironguts hitting my Wizard. If this hadn't of happened I could have run away from the Ironguts up the table and would have saved another 200 points from destruction.

So a lot of negatives there. Still there were some good points too. Pegasus captain again proved himself and picked up MotM award for the third game in a row. The HBVG showed what it could do and caused plenty of damage before exploding. My Handgunners also finaly came good. Although they ended up being run off the table they did cause enough damage on the Bulls to cause them to flee and get run down by my Captain.

The dunces cap has to go to the cannon crew though. The amount of 2's and 4's that came up on the artillery dice was stupid. In six turns of firing I would have expected more and even knocking down a couple of bulls in the early game could have swung it for me (killing the butcher and co would have been massive IMHO)

Overall the game was fun and my opponant was an excellent sport. Although I lost I had a great time and it only really became obvious which way it was going to go in his turn four. Even then I was hopeful of fighting back to a draw but unfortunatly it was not to be.


The Adept
10-12-2007, 07:30
Very nice report. Clear, to the point, I like it. Bad luck with the cannon - it really shows how much of a gamble they are!

I've got to agree with you regarding the 'hero on a peg' being a solid investment. I play DE, and a peg noble is always worth his points. Running down fleeing enemy, charging flanks and support units, march blocking and claiming a sneeking quater at the last minute. Always remember challenges - they can be of great assistance, because the mount fights in the challenge as well!

10-12-2007, 09:32
you can't claim a quarter with a pegasus mounted hero they don't have a high enough unit strength

10-12-2007, 12:53
Bad luck with the cannon - it really shows how much of a gamble they are!

They're usualy a safer bet than, say, a HBVG. In my last two games it's been the cannon which has performed while the HBVG has done very little then got destroyed. So there was a little bit of role reversal going on in this game. Over the six turns my luck was, as usual, pretty bad with the only highlight being the first two turns of firing the HBVG. My opponant luck was fairly average; the only bad point being his failed Regeneration saves.


10-12-2007, 15:50
Luck can play a huge role in 1000 point games.

Are you starting to think about playing bigger games?

10-12-2007, 18:24
yey ogres! nice rep K. cannonluck evens out in time, have some of the same with my leadbelchers, generally firing 2-6 shots from a unit of 2.... Ironguts on the other hand are a serious hammer.
Go bigger by the way, empire are stone solid at higher points (where your rank-and-file make up for luck)

10-12-2007, 18:40
Are you starting to think about playing bigger games?

I'm concidering moving onto 1500 points after Christmas. My plan at present is to add in another unit of Swordsmen to strengthen my battleline. I'll split the Handgunners up and use them as detachments while buying some Crossbowmen to give me a bit more firepower. I'll also get a BSB to help out in close combat. I'll boost the knights up to 6 models to give the unit a bit more survivability. Any left over points will go on a magic item or two. A Rod of power for my Battle wizard, Armour of Meteoric Iron for my BSB and Doomfire ring for my Captain.


Dwarf Runelord 45
17-12-2007, 02:18
just asking, why choose lore of metal for your wizard instead of fire, light or others. Has it have to do with your army's background or just your favorite choice?

17-12-2007, 23:10
Basicaly I made up the wizard from the new plastic box set (I haven't decided on the second model yet) as hailing from the Golden order (with the cool face mask and everything). The background of my army says he's a metal wizard so I always run with that even though other lores work better against certain army types.