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09-12-2007, 23:27
I’m primarily a painter but now want to expand into games more. I have played though BFSP and have plenty of orc models to build my army with, roughly around 3000 points.

I will mainly be playing against Empire (swords,spears,handguns,wizards, rocketbattery,flagellants,militia,pistoliers,knigh ts are what the army usually contains), and perhaps dwarfs, to begin with.
So I’m are starting with ideas that will be good vs empire, but in the long run, good against all comers.

The 1k list I have now been working on (played two games using it) is as follows:

Black Orc Boss
Boar, Heavy Armour, Iron Gnashas, Martogs Best Basha - 152

Orc Shaman
Level 2, 2x Dispell Scrolls - 150

Night Goblin Shaman
Level 2, Staff Of Sneaky Stealin - 135

18 Orcs (ranked 6 by 3)
2nd Hand Weapon, Standard, Musician - 141
[These will probably be Big Uns, therefore no Boss, as he is a waste of points for Big Uns IMHO]

16 Arrer Boyz - 98

10 Spider Riders
Spear, Shield, Full Command - 160

22 Night Goblins
Spear, Shield, Full Command - 100

20 Night Goblins
Arrows, Full Command - 60

1000 points exactly.

The full collection of my models are as follows:

Black Orc Warboss On Wyvern
Black Orc Big Boss On Boar
Orc Shaman On Boar
Orc Shaman
Night Goblin Big Boss
Night Goblin Shaman
19 Orcs 2HW (can be HW+S)
18 Orcs [(Big Uns)] 2HW
16 Arrers
20 Spider Riders (one set of Command)
40 Night Goblins (two sets of command)
20 NG Arrows
5 Fanatics
20 Black Orcs
Orc Boar Chariot
2x Squig Herd

2586 // 3000 roughly with maximum magic items/banners/Big Uns etc…

10-12-2007, 00:06
In my opinion, there is a serious lack of boyz in this army. Boyz are the workhorse of an entire orc army. Night Goblins are not. At this point, unless fielded in large numbers, all they are good for is protecting from heavy cavalry with their fanatics.

Make the Orcs normal boyz and put one more orc in there. Then get rid of the arrer boys and use the extra points from that and the now normal boyz and get another unit of 20 boyz. Then id say drop the goblin archers all together, put 3 more goblins in the spear unit. Then drop the spears on the goblins and 1 or 2 fanatics.

I also think 3 heroes is a bit much for 1000pts. Drop the goblin shaman and get a chariot with the points. Also put your big boss on foot. With the extra points, id say get more spider riders, you may have enough to break the unit into 3 units of 5.

10-12-2007, 17:42
But with the 3rd hero only costing 100 points but giving me two levels of magic and a +1 Dispell (minus one to opponents power dice too), its not too big a point sink.

Swapping out the Arrers and NG Bows will give me another unit of 20 Boys and enough to bump up the first unit to 20 too.
How'd that be then?

14-12-2007, 20:21
That'd be enough Orcs, but i'd still try and keep both the Arrow Goblins (cheap but gives you some ranged) and the third hero (again, doesn't cost much, maybe tone it down on the magic items?).

But i'm no big O&G player, maybe others have more insight on it..