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10-12-2007, 02:26
Does anyone have any current information for the Dogs of War. Those of you that play them, what are your experiances? Tips, advice, you know the deal.

Thanks in advance

Just Tony
10-12-2007, 04:57
Well, the only current list is the two parter that was in Warhammer Annual #1 (Can't remember the year, but it was before they called it Chronicles) and it's based off of the Ravening Hordes list. And there were a few updates as far as Regiments of Reknown in other White Dwarf articles. And some of the characters. And as far as I know, there's not been any real support for switching them over to 7th ED, mainly because people feel that the human army angle has been covered. They just don't know, I suppose....

I'd say look on the website. I think they have the PDFs on there for download. Now I'm not sure if Richter Krueger and some of the newer ones will be there, but it's worth a peek

10-12-2007, 05:04
Dow and RoR are still up as PDF downloads along with the Chaos-Dwarfs and Kislev lists.

10-12-2007, 23:16
Does anyone have any current information for the Dogs of War. Those of you that play them, what are your experiances? Tips, advice, you know the deal.

Thanks in advance

DoW are fun to collect, and very characterful. As an army? So-so. The basic units are OK, but the core infantry is pikemen, which are overpriced, and tend to underperform. They really should be WS4. Characters are only OK, and the obligatory Paymaster is a drag. The lack of magic items really hurts. I use the Zombie Pirate magic items; they are great, they fit the theme of my DoW army (Lustria Explorers), and the DoW war need the help. Now, if you game with jerks, or anal tournament types, that won’t work. So, you add Maneaters.

Regiments of Renown (RoR) are all overpriced, and all come with full command, whether you want it or not. These were designed before the last edition of the rules, and they were intentionally overpriced to charge a “premium” for using a unit that might fill an existing gap in a basic army. I hardly ever use them in a DoW army, because I can’t waste the points. Using RoR, I belive you could field an army smaller than High Elves, and boy, would you ever get your rear kicked.

The Ogre Kingdoms book came out with extensive DoW rules. The addition of ogres really boosts DoW, and raises them from bottom feeder to still below average.

My experience is I can have fun with them, if my opponent does not bring his A-game army. Otherwise, unless I play Maneaters of War, it isn’t much of a game.

Rioghan Murchadha
12-12-2007, 01:07
Well, I disagree about the core infantry at least. If you want to build a typical block of troops style force, then yes, pikes are your only core choice, but you have duellists, who are some of the absolute best skirmishers if you give them pistols, and are cheap cheap cheap to boot. Rounding out the core infantry you have crossbowmen, who are also quite cheap, and can be easily used to spam missile fire at your enemy depending on his army build.

DoW Cavalry is very nice in that it is fully customizeable in terms of gear selection, so they can cost as much, or as little as you want them to, and they don't hit any less hard than any other race's heavy cav. Sure they only have a 2+ save, and none of the fancy gubbins like the Lady's Blessing, Full Plate, Chosen etc.. But again, they are cheap compared to said units.

The obligatory paymaster is a gimp as a character statline goes yeah, but put him in a block of Paymaster's Bodyguard, and hide them behind your other blocks for when you need em. They're a halbard armed unit that is stubborn with a guaranteed reroll as long as the paymaster is alive.

One slightly underhanded tactic I have employed every now and then, is to have a naked paymaster on a horse. He hides most of the game, but if near the end, I REALLY REALLY have to kill a specific enemy unit, I make sure I have merc captains or my general in / near all my important (expensive) units, and I suicide charge the paymaster into the unit I want dead. As soon as they kill him, (And you pass all the subsequent panic tests), your entire army has hatred towards the unit that killed the paymaster, and said unit is MUCH easier to kill.

The only caveat there, is you have to make sure you can survive the -100 VP you will cough up for them capping your BSB if you don't kill the enemy unit.

12-12-2007, 16:29
DoW without pikemen?!!! Hmm, might give it a try. Still, would prefer a cheaper block unit option.

No way would I ever suicide my Paymaster. I just know my army would panic off the board.