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Comrade Wraith
10-12-2007, 19:46
Hey there

I know i should be lookin around in the rumours forum but i dont have the time (or necassary patience) to do that at the moment, so i fugured this would be easier.

Would it be worth starting a VC army or are they soon to be updated?



10-12-2007, 19:50
Um, I think that, having 226 posts and all, it shouldn't be very hard for you to find it by yourself. But... yes, they're to be updated VERY soon, so hold your horses until Feb-March.

10-12-2007, 20:18
Yes, they're going to be updated around Easter time

Comrade Wraith
10-12-2007, 20:24
Thankyou, and yes i know im being a lazy b****r but im doing coursework at the same time and (although i do need occasional distracting) didnt want to distract myself too much. Thanks again

10-12-2007, 20:35

clicked 'new thread' then pressed all those buttons on your keyboard-you even added a signature, then clicked submit new thread

later, you checked the thread and added a comment.

All you had to do was lower your eyes from the main page from fantasy general to fantasy rumours and VC general info was probably the last posted comment(if not one of the top 2)

lazy?-no, more like hard working and dumb

zombies arnt getting new models, you can load up of them ;)