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18-09-2005, 12:20
Alrightey then guys, this is not so much a question but a polite request for contributions. I'll shortly be heading off to uni for a long time, and while I'm there I plan to slowly build a heavily customised army. I've settled on doing something with the creatures from Hive Fleet Colossus (the idea of converting a mountain of Tyranidic centaur creatures is just too good to pass up on).

However, at best one or two ships would have managed to escape the destruction of their fleet, so the actual number of Colossi creatures cannot be huge, nor can there be the usual vast wavesof Tyranid contructs (which Colossus wasn't known to rely upon anyway). Therefore, I plan to incorporate a few (maximum of three I would say) "allied" races that the telepathic centaur have picked up over the years. I can then slot these into various profiles from the Tyranid list (with the centaur being the Tyranid Warrior entry).

So I am asking for people's ideas on what sorts of races I could include - be as creative or abstract as you like. The only one I am thinking of right now is something to fill up the Carnifex entry that is along the lines of Covenant Hunters. They don't have to rely on organic technology, they don't even have to have arms! *que amusing image of alien jellyfish*

Many thanks guys - my last attempt to come up with some quality fluff turned out a bit cheesey on the whole, so I thought it would be a good idea to see what other people were thinking this time. :p

18-09-2005, 12:31
Hmm... You could convert Plague Monks into Hrud and use them as Termagaunts. I always saw them as fairly weak-willed, and they'd contrast well IMHO. Zoats (*fires wildly at incoming Inquisition stormtroopers*) wouldn't have many problems dominating a tribe/brood/clan of them.

18-09-2005, 13:10
This is an excellent idea! Not only will it give me basic troopers, but it will sit well with the Synapse rules. Thank you Lord-Warlock - much appreciated!

18-09-2005, 14:02
If you're thinking of jellyfish and such like, maybe you should check out the Enslavers design from some WD or other (relatively recent although I don't have the number on hand).
Although they probably would not be Enslavers as such, their design, floating Lovecraftian monstrosity full of tentacles, could be useful to use as Zoanthropes.

For hormies, I don't have a particular idea, but you could use packs of hound like creatures, the scything talons represented by massive claws. Maybe the Dark Eldar warp hounds could fit nicely into this...

Rabid Bunny 666
18-09-2005, 14:23
isn't there an article on BG about enslavers and how to make them?

hormugaumts, could use the classic ones, and carrying on with Brusilovs theme, the mordheim beastman hounds, suitably mutated, maybe even the classic slaaneshii fiends models

18-09-2005, 14:35
Possibly, although I'm not quite sure they're the same conversion and I really loved the one in WD.

Personally, as an alternative for Hormies, I would have used Zerglings, just because I love this idea (very close to Gaunts I'll admit), but there is nothing like a swarm of bugs.

If Vespids, the supposed new allied race of the Tau ever sees the light of day, you could use them as Gargoyles.

Rabid Bunny 666
18-09-2005, 14:46
zergling models?

where can i find these?

edit: no enslavers on the UK site, just some other useful gribblies

linkage (http://uk.games-workshop.com/warhammer40000/creatures/1/)

and more appropriately

linkage (http://uk.games-workshop.com/tyranids/forgotten-fleets/1/)

Khaine's Messenger
18-09-2005, 17:39
The Enslavers (http://uk.games-workshop.com/chapterapproved/creature-feature/2/) are in the other Creature Feature page.

Something to fill in the Carnifex, you say? You can always just use another random 'uge monster. Something akin to Covie hunters would look neat....

Something really nifty to include would be Greys. Give 'em big floating comfy chairs or wee flying saucers and use 'em as Zoanthropes...although that might be a bit too comical. WotW martians...or heck, whole units of sci-fi's "reject" aliens (Mars Attacks martians, Tarzan of Mars martians, WotW tv series martians, Invader Zim's race, the Buzz Lightyear of Star Command "greys," the SST Skinnies, the Doom aliens*, etc.)....but that would probably provoke too many chuckles, and 40k's not about laughter, eh? And ou did say "be creative," whiche these things really aren't.... ;) How you'd model them (nevermind explain them background-wise) would be something else.

*yes, okay, they were "demons"...but as far as the novelizations care, they're aliens. So there. :p

Rabid Bunny 666
18-09-2005, 19:06
for a 'fex, you could go to the classic screamer-killer

Jaq Draco
20-09-2005, 00:41
yep the classic screamer killer would be perfect, since it can fill the carni slot

have bio plasma, and would be a throwback, just like the zoats, so fits the fluff

20-09-2005, 11:34
can you still mail order a screamer killer or how would you go about getting one of the old models these days?

Jaq Draco
20-09-2005, 13:09
mail order from the uk would be the only way