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12-12-2007, 00:11
The Brass Scorpion is a cool model, but I thought I'd take it a bit further. GW gave you the Brass Scorpion, I give you the Brass Preying Mantis!

This is tonight's work - it is fairly rough, but I think you can see the direction I am going here:-


It is in the lowered position, leaning forward, and this is its usual stance. So far the base of the 'neck' articulates in a ball and socket joint, and I made a rotating cuff for the top of the neck so the shoulders can swivel from side to side. Here it is:-


The arms also fully articulate. Here it is rearing up to strike:-


The plasticard scythes/ claws are just placeholders. I have ordered a Carnifex sprue and will try that.

Here is the demolisher cannon in its unusual mount:-


It is actually part of a Robogear spiderbot assembly. You are looking at it from the bottom - I think it works fairly well.

The head of the Brass Mantis is from the Chaos Spawn sprue, and I think I will have a lot of fun using the sprue bits and pieces on this.

This is just a few hours work tonight. The second body section needs to be attached, and it will be attached with a ball and socket joint also, to allow the second body section to articulate independantly of the first. There is a third body section to add as well - this is going to be pretty long when it's finished (and it will have 12 legs!). After that the scorpion tail will go on.

Please let me know what you think.


12-12-2007, 00:17
Another couple of images showing closeups. Not so sure about the head now.



This is it in fully upright mode, waving its arms around a bit.



Lost Egg
12-12-2007, 00:41
Whoa thats pretty bad-ass!:D

I'm not too sure about the length of the upper body though...looks a little too long for my tastes. Nice to see something different though, good stuff


12-12-2007, 06:29
Thanks - the first pictures show the BPM fully upright, which is not its usual position. The last picture shows it in its normal stance, which is a bit more low-down and menacing.

EDIT: I have now swapped these two pictures over, since the one that was last is probably the best image of the model. It is now the first picture in this thread.


12-12-2007, 06:38
mental! :D

I love it although a mechanical head would have been a better choice.
Perhaps a Necron tomb spyder head?

12-12-2007, 06:45
i have to say its rather large isnt in ... the tail i mean

12-12-2007, 08:03
mental! :D

I love it although a mechanical head would have been a better choice.
Perhaps a Necron tomb spyder head? Thanks. I am not sure about the head. I wanted a head with an expression on it to give the impression that this is a real monster - I think Khornate machines should look like serial killers (which is why I have a few McFarlane horror toys on order to chop the heads off and use with other projects).

I think the small head makes the whole model look larger, but on the other hand, it makes the head pretty hard to see. I might need to try something else and see how it looks. Thanks for the suggestion.

EDIT: I think I see what you mean about the TS head - the multiple eyes look cool. The Chaos Spawn sprue comes with about 10 individual eyes, and I was planning on setting them in some GS around the head. I want to make this a kind of bio-mechanical mashup, with organic Spawn bits sprouting out here and there.

i have to say its rather large isnt it That's why they call them Super Heavy walkers, I guess :D (Plus, if you think that's large, take a look at Synu Volcica (follow the Chaos Baneblade link in my sig)

... the tail i mean That's the head. I haven't done the tail yet, but it will be a normal Brass Scorpion one.

Unless you mean the segmented body in three parts I mentioned above, in which case - yes - it is pretty long. It will make it look a lot like a centipede, I think. As a bonus, each body segment will be removable (I am using Lego Bionicle parts for the linkage, and they snap-fit), so I can take out the middle body segment if necessary, as well as take it apart completely for storage.


12-12-2007, 08:20
Hey man! This thing looks absolutely fantastic!! While I think the Defiler looks really retarded, it's amazing how much can be done with the kit (or at least multiple kits), and it's great to see people being so creative!! I've seen the Scorpion, I've seen someone do a Spider, and now a Praying Mantis! Creativity really knows no bounds, does it?

However, a Praying Mantis to me doesn't really feel like something Khornate... I dont know, maybe it's just me though... I would've made it a Slaaneshi Mantis.

Then again, who am I to criticise such a wonderful piece of work! I am definitly looking forward to seeing this monstrousity painted up and ready tear a Baneblade apart!!!

12-12-2007, 11:56
looks good i don't personally like the brass scorpion but this is way better

bram kuijpers
12-12-2007, 12:21
it looks fantastic!
but isnt he a bit skinny for a war machine of KHORNE!!!!

12-12-2007, 12:47
I like this,it's just i think the head should be a little larger.Great and unique build,like to have this in my army.

12-12-2007, 12:54
isnt he a bit skinny for a war machine of KHORNE!!!! At the moment, yes. I will be adding armour plates and so on to bulk him up.

I am going to remove the head (shame, but it is too small and low-key), take the skull off the top and try this guy's head instead:-


He is a World of Warcraft figure and stands 5" tall to the top of his horns. His armour is black - the greenish colouring is just my cameraphone doing its thing. He will need a shave, though - no beards in my army!

His shoulder pads also look very tempting - very Khornate. That's it - they're coming off, too :)


Paragon Belial
12-12-2007, 14:36
HAHA that is Awesome!

12-12-2007, 16:12
The Mantis is a work of pure chaotic genius.

I commend the mad architect of its design.

Paragon Belial
12-12-2007, 17:31
This forum is such an inspiration. Everyday I see great ideas.

14-12-2007, 23:24
That WoW figure is in pieces now, and this is what his head and shoulder pauldrons look like on the Brass Mantis - a huge improvement, I think.


This picture also gives you an idea of the scale of the Brass Mantis - something the earlier pictures did not do.


Here is a closeup of one of my Chaos Marines for scale:-



Paragon Belial
15-12-2007, 03:35
Very nice.

15-12-2007, 05:54
i'm liking the praying mantis. always interesting to see people do new things with the defiler model.

15-12-2007, 06:25
that looks really good :)

can we have a shot from the side?

Dark Apostle
15-12-2007, 08:53
Thatīs one good looking mantis. The WoW head works really well, much better than the Spawn!

15-12-2007, 11:19
Great looking so far, the torso looks like it needs some bulking up now with the big shoulders on there. It looks just a bit too weedy

15-12-2007, 13:30
All hail the new apostle of Khorne! The Mantis of Khorne! Coming to a garden near you, honestly with all the bug/beatle battle mania currently gripping kids here in Japan, that WoW head and shoulder pads will scare the bejesus out of some of my kindergarten students! Maybe some spines, `C` shaped, extending from the spine (middle of the C being the spine) will give the body/neck some width and tie the upper and lower body together. Amazing work! The Empire flaggents sprue has heaps of little skulls on chains if you are looking for some extra detailing bitz.

15-12-2007, 19:55
Thanks :)

I will try and get some side views posted once I have some more work done.

I am planning to cut each body segment in half length-wise, and then broader them with plasticard. Should bulk the main part up nicely. For the neck, some armour should give it extra width - I need to be careful about weight, though. A stack of coins inside the 1st and 3rd body segments should ensure it doesn't topple forwards!

I like the 'C' spine idea - should be easy enough to cut out of plasticard.

The Defiler kit is just so versatile - it is a joy to work with. Expensive, but still a joy!


15-12-2007, 20:05
Holy crap.......
Thats a rather impressive model ya got there.
Although it seems a bit well....the torso is a tad long, shortening it a little bit would make it look a bit more in keeping with the body.
Say by an inch.

The shoulder pads of the warcraft figure need to be more angled as that fits the pose of the model more and makes it look a bit more dynamic.

Assuming it's not all properly stuck together already perhaps you could get a pic of it like I am trying to sugguest? See how it compares to the taller slimmer version?

21-12-2007, 23:10
That model is awesome. A demented and more devilish creation you won't find this side of Medrengard. I love it. I thought you should make up your own rules for it because it is far to impressive to be a mere 'Brass Scorpion.'


22-12-2007, 04:19
hum, this looks like it could be quite generic as a nurgle
super heavy walker using Brass squarp rules?

Lord Blood the Hungry
22-12-2007, 13:52
cool idea. the body is a bit long though.

what was the model you got the head and shoulders from that was awesome!

27-12-2007, 11:17
Thanks for all the comments.

cool idea. the body is a bit long though.

what was the model you got the head and shoulders from that was awesome! I am open to changing the body length, but one of the benefits of the way I am doing things is that I can change the body length from 3 to 2 and back again at any time.

The model was a Dwarf Lord from World of Warcraft - you can see a photo earlier in this thread.


07-01-2008, 08:40
With my first project nearing an end (the Skullblade - see my sig) it is time to turn back to this one.

I agreed with some of you that the body looked a bit thin, and generally I think the defiler body looks too thin for a super-heavy anyway.

This is a pic of the finished mid-section of the Brass Mantis. There are 3 body segments - the front one mounts the neck and arms, the rear one mounts the tail and the middle one provides a bit more length and bulk (you can see the current front segment in the background for comparison purposes):-


I cut the body segment in half lengthwise and then glued two flat pieces of plasticard between them - about 1 1/4 inches in width:-


You can just see the stack of copper coins (2p pieces for those of you reading in UK money) inside. I added that as ballast - the neck can unbalance the Brass Mantis, so the weight is useful. It also gives the model a proper super-heavy heft!

On one end I glued a thin piece of plasticard in the exact shape of the opening, and then glued a much thicker piece on top to bear the brunt of the linkage:-


You can see the linkage here:-


This is how I am going to connect the three body segments. What you can see in that last picture (and in the first picture above) are connector pieces from a Lego Bionicles kit - a simple ball and socket assembly that I removed with a razor saw. One clips neatly into the other and - hey presto - I have fully articulated body segments. You can see the opened box for the kit on the left of pics 2 and 3 above.

All that was left was to glue on some detailing from my bits box.

I will complete the front and rear segments in the same manner, and then move onto making the tail.


dark blade
11-01-2008, 15:53
loving it!!

24-03-2008, 08:50
Take a look at this Pre-Heresy Kharn picture. Looks quite a bit like your Brass Mantis.

http://img186.imageshack.us/img186/6940/kharnlg0.jpg (http://imageshack.us)

24-03-2008, 10:15
Looking good.

Although, I would almost strive to bulk up the neck itself, I know it'd ruin the image of a preying mantis a bit, but still, a gigantic chaos thing with MORE than one set of mantis-claws and either armour or smaller legs as well on the area rearing up would look nothing but awesome I think.

Also, great idea on the head and shoulderpads

24-03-2008, 10:45
Looks great. Any chance that you can photograph it it next to a land raider for scale?

24-03-2008, 13:14
Very nice.

Just scanned through this thread and I like the direction you're taking, bulking it out and beefing him up. I hope you can get him to balance well without looking too static.

I've also done the Scorpion but tried to make it a little more like a 'real life' scorpion with the correct number of limbs etc. The head was also an issue for me - check out my project log (credit to Lemmingspawn for the inspiration) - but your solution is a mighty fine one.

I really like the idea of a mantis in my army actually now I think about it, but maybe Slaanesh or Nurgle.....

And now I notice threadomancy.....................

borag manhunter
25-04-2010, 13:15
just wondering if you ever finished this model as it does look awesome?

26-04-2010, 02:36
Necromancy of the foulest sort! Call the inquisition!

26-04-2010, 12:57
That is ********** awesome.

But bulk out the neck!

Warlord Nazgred
26-04-2010, 17:27
As they say in the realms of chaos BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!!!!!!

on a more serious note this model is excellent I can't wait to see it finished :D