View Full Version : DoW models question

18-09-2005, 15:21
I'm curious. Has anyone figured out yet how to change the preset colour selections for the DoW models? I'm talking about giving your marines the same colour helmet as their shoulder pads, but the rest of the model another colour. (Body and helmet are one part atm). I'm curious if anyone's mastered this concept yet because I'm dying to play proper Celestial Lions in the skirmish and online games (blue shoulderpad+helmet, rest gold). I don't really care for the rest of the models in the game (except the Assault Marines) because well, I never really use those much.
Oh and another thing, has anyone created a different model for the Commander yet? Thanks.

Rabid Bunny 666
18-09-2005, 15:24
there was a mod for this on the official forums, but i can't remember where though

18-09-2005, 16:23
Happy days! I found the file I was looking for and I can finally play Celestial Lions. Hurrah!

Now to look for a patch that allows the Commander to wield a pair of Lightning Claws.

edit: Selvish me. Here's the link to the file! Thanks again BrotherThrax!