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18-09-2005, 15:47
What bands that you've seen have impressed you the most?

For me it's between these 2:

Marilyn Manson Love him, hate him, it doesn't matter: if you’ve seen him live, you will love him (although arguably that’s because if you didn’t you wouldn’t be paying to see him live…). Plus, you get to laugh at the roadies who've gotta have the worlds shittest job with him. For those who haven’t seen him, he makes a point of throwing the mike somewhere at the end of each song, so a roadie has to scuttle off and get it. When they give it back to him, he lashes out.

Rammstein Very professional, sound good live and you've got to love the pyrotechnics. I didn’t even mind the fact they’re a bunch of sweaty, middle-aged men wearing tight black leather.

These also deserve a special mention, as they made me laugh a lot:

Goldie-Lookin' Chain Hilarious.:)

NOFX The lead singer's got lots of charisma and is just generally funny if you're in the right mood. If you're not of course, he's an annoying tosser.

My vote for the worst live band goes to:

Incubus. When I saw them, the lead singer periodically stopped for 5 minutes to drink some wine, before slowly meandering back to the mike, saying some clichés about love/the crowd/ his life and returning to his wine bottle. After a while he decided it’d be a good idea to take his top off, which nearly made me go deaf as several thousand girls started screaming. That and he had his flies undone and didn’t notice till about 10mins before the end.


18-09-2005, 15:53
Blink 182- Tom,Mark and Tarvis can make even the most boring person laugh at one of the concerts although they may sound bad sometimes but that just adds to the fun.

Worst live i would have to say are a local band called exit-14 they couldn't sing and tried to make up for it by screaming the lines never ever a good idea.

18-09-2005, 15:53
For me, it has to be either Flogging Molly or Less Than Jake. Admitting to the fact that I rarely visit anything other than punk-rock oriented bands.

18-09-2005, 16:02

Nine Inch Nails.


The Prodigy.


Chemical Brothers.

18-09-2005, 16:08
Aerosmith. 'nuff said!

18-09-2005, 16:13
My Chemical Romance were awesome. And surprisingly, Bowling For Soup were good when I saw 'em at Download :D

I also saw 'A' and they were really good :D

And of course Lordi! :D

18-09-2005, 16:20
Best: (in order)
Marilyn Manson
Nine Inch Nails


18-09-2005, 17:41
Despite being a 'metalhead', I find metal bands and gigs fall into their own stereotypes too much.

Ska gigs, now that is where fun is to be had. Spunge and Mad Caddies are probably the best gigs I've been to.

18-09-2005, 17:48
Even if they are pretty "old school" I think AC/DC and Iron Maiden do fantastic Live performances. After that the last Hammerfall concert was great

18-09-2005, 18:00
Download did indeed rock even though i missed part of it.

18-09-2005, 18:07
A few years ago I won some tickets to a secret gig at a venue in London. I turned up and, with about 500 others, we waited until this band came on stage. It was Prince.

Now, I cannot stand listening to his songs on the radio and have never bought any of his records. But his 20 minute performance was superb. Prince and his band played for 20 minutes without a break, no singing and all his purpleness said was 'thanks' after playing for about 5 minutes. By far the best live performance I had ever been to and I have seen quite a few top acts over the years (Iron Maiden were quite good too).

Now the worst, well. Elton John in 1984.

18-09-2005, 18:36
Ozomatli, hands down, 10 piece latin hip-hop/funk/other adjectives...., best band i've seen live. first time i saw them, the band did the set, involving a guy doing lots of tricks with his various bongo type drums, really up for it crowd, then after the obligatory encore, grabbing anything acoustic from the stage, and walking into the crowd, starting a conga line round the whole place then proceeding to the bar area to do live versions of sesame street and other random songs! twas more enjoyable to see the look on the bouncers faces though when they started clambering off the stage!

(oh, and when they performed in bath, they were in the same club we were at, they must have been told about the legendary cheese night!)

18-09-2005, 18:46
well the best ones got to be

the futureheads-first live band i saw so i will always always remember that performance

franz ferdinand- the music was okay, but also when i saw them i had this lass i didnt know sitting on my shoulders, and she was girating a bit on the back of my neck (if you get my meaning)

worst band
the hives-the lead singer is a complete and total prick

18-09-2005, 19:01
Slipknot. Love 'em or hate 'em, they're the only band I've heard of that can actually beat themselves senseless for our entertainment. Thumbs up! :D

18-09-2005, 19:04
Though the closest I've managed to get to seeing them live is the Rock in Rio DVD, I have to go for Iron Maiden. Just plain awesome, and they're still about the best live band out there, even though the youngest member is now 51.

Rik Valdis
18-09-2005, 19:14
The only cd of theirs that I own (at the moment-this will change as soon as my student loan comes through :)) is a reissure of the trooper single but by far the best live band I have ever seen is Iron Maiden. I have never seens a crowd so alive with energy as when I saw them. It was utterly amazing. Second place goes to Muse who were also pretty damn incredible, their music managed to completely fill the area we were in, one of the few bands I can think of who actually suit a large space.

Unfortunately, those two wonderful gigs were marred by the two worst performances I have ever seen. Supporting iron maiden were funeral for a friend, who seemed to spend half of their time explaining that "this song is about orcs destroying my village" and the like (I half wondered whether they are closet wargamrs- the gig was in Nottingham) and the other half making the most god-awful racket. After about 10 mins almost the whole crowd was swaying with two fingers up and chanting maiden, maiden, maiden. The other worst set I have heard was Your codename is:Milo supporting Muse on the Absolution tour. Again, this was just noise, I would rather shoot myself in the head than hear them again.

18-09-2005, 21:06
Enslaved - amazing start to finish

Berzerker - Intense

The Dragon Reborn
18-09-2005, 21:19
Jack johnson, the cleanest guitar and vocals I have ever heard

Atreyu, the funnest band out there, they played fat bottom girls, Queen and shot throught the heart by bon jovi despite being a hardcore band

Killswitch engange, you will have a blast

Led Zeppelin, never seen them for real live not old enough but I have all there dvds and they are amazing

18-09-2005, 21:22

White Cowbell Oklahoma - I never heard of these guys before, but the gig was awesome. Naked girls everywhere, a chainsaw on-stage, and a guitarist playing his instrument with his wang... Weird and awesome. The music itself was cool too. :p

Iron Maiden - Has to been seen to be believed. I'm not really that much into their music but I was stunned at their awesomeness live.


Mastodon - Didn't know what the hell was going on, but I was later informed these crackheads were trying to play music. Awfull.

18-09-2005, 21:29
Brutal Truth in 1996 (IIRC). Most. Brutal. Concert. Ever.

:) Anax

New Cult King
18-09-2005, 22:55
Manson rocks live. As does Tool, who are phenomenal.

Mudvayne went completely off a couple months ago, and Slipknot is always fun to watch live - there's so much going on.

19-09-2005, 02:33
System of a Down are definetely my favourite live bands, always impress me their jams are what more bands need to do!

Muse are amazing live as are Machinehead and The Haunted.

19-09-2005, 03:22
GWAR was probably the best stage show I ever saw. Best music ever was probably a little band called Purple School Bus, but that may have had to do with the drugs I was on at the time... a pot, absinthe, mushroom mix that worked out really nicely. I won't even go into the crap local shows I've seen.