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14-12-2007, 00:27
I don't get these guys. They are awesome as a concept, but I can't really see how they could be of any use. I should say immediately; I've never even played with the dwarfs yet, but as I read the army book and think 'oh, with this you could do that or that', with the Rangers it seems mostly like 'ok, I could waste a lot of point on these guys, place them like, in the edge of a wood, shoot a little at the enemy, and then I will get charged by cavalry and die, because nothing else in my army will arrive in time to support the rangers'.

Are they -meant- as a suicide unit? I thought that was the Slayers deal. So, what I'm asking is: how are you supposed to use the Rangers, really? How do -you- guys use them?

14-12-2007, 01:15
The main purpose I can think of is for them to march-block and slow down the advance of your enemy so you have more time to shoot them before they charge you.

14-12-2007, 02:38
One often overlooked aspect is that they deploy absolute last, so you get to see the entire army before deploying them. Also, having scouts makes it more likely that you'll get the +1 to the go-first-die-roll for finishing deployment first.

Even if you put them in your own deployment zone scouts are good.

Nephilim of Sin
14-12-2007, 04:24
I agree with the above, as well they are versatile. Being able to shoot while protected in woods is a huge asset for a slow moving army (even with Strollaz, they are slow...). So, not only are they decent shooting troops, but they can also be armed with Great Weapons for when they are charged. Even with the things that can reach them in the woods, (like Spider Riders), they can take a beating and return an even worse one.

14-12-2007, 08:36
I used to use them with crossbows for harassing enemy warmachines and fast cav units.

They never did something extraordinaire though...

14-12-2007, 15:20
I have used them in big blocks both for the scouting benefit and also as area denial. Scouting lets them go down last so I can have a big unit of GW armed dwarfs right where I need them.

If you have a hill or other blocking terrain that forms a funnel to the other side of the board, it's good to place them there particularly if the enemy has cavalry since it will impede them coming through that gap at full speed. Combat wise, they're the same as any other dwarf warrior but they are more a psychological weapon against your opponent.

14-12-2007, 15:59
they are the only inf scouts with a rank bonus, correct? It seems there should be a lot of strategic value for such a troop.

14-12-2007, 21:19
I've only had a few Dwarf opponents play Rangers, but when they have, they do quite well.
Mostly as above, deploying as scouts means they get to put them in that little zone you thought you might be able to take advantage of when they had noone there.
They are good placed in woods, for shooting as mentioned, and either way, they are still as tough as normal dwarfs with the bonuses..

15-12-2007, 01:56
Being ranked, and armed with great weapons, they aren't so sacrificial in nature-it would take a fairly powerful cavalry unit to kill them, and that unit is liable to be going transverse to the rest of your battleline to attempt it. The scouting gives them a significant edge in deployment and used properly that alleviates your disadvantage in movement, but that doesn't necessarily mean putting them so far away from the rest of their units that they have no support-even just slightly ahead of your deployment zone can be a useful edge. If you're really worried about their surivival, you can always put a character with them using the rune of brotherhood. When you find yourself facing a defensive army, having one fighting unit several turns closer to enemy lines can be particularly helpful. One final note-combined with Strollaz's rune they can deploy as scouts and then make a free march move, so long as they do so within 12" of your battleline, giving them a headstart in moving out of hiding. Overall, definitely a useful unit, although admittedly one I often find myself leaving out of my army.

Crazy Harborc
16-12-2007, 00:56
Well the way we place terrain around here those rangers won't get too close to HtH use anytime soon.

One opponent who plays Dwarves regularly used rangers. When we randomly selected(rolled for it) terrain, then selected pieces to place, I picked the woods. I put it on his side of the board;)

Doesn't the rulebook say scouts must be deployed out of sight AND 10 inchs away from enemy units? Also IF the rangers (scouts) are placed in the Dwarves deployment, doesn't that happen as a normal deployment?;)

16-12-2007, 02:42
rangers i can see as being pretty helpful. if u focus ur army in one area defensively, having rangers across the board can accomplish a lot. even just a unit of 10 or so. if the enemy uses troops to kill them, great thats that many enemies not fighting ur main force. if the enemy ignores them, the rangers can harass the enemy with crossbows and more importantly hold a table quarter for VP's. this is something dwarfs hav trouble with, as unless u plan it from the beginning you are probably not going to get a quarter in the end of the game.

16-12-2007, 09:01
Sometimes you will even get too charge. Place them at a place some enemy units have to cross (too get too you before turn 5) and waint untill he does then charge and kill his beastlord general that didnīt got time to blow his horn (that acctually happend for me)

17-12-2007, 14:21
Doesn't the rulebook say scouts must be deployed out of sight AND 10 inchs away from enemy units? Also IF the rangers (scouts) are placed in the Dwarves deployment, doesn't that happen as a normal deployment?;)

You can always deploy scouts anywhere in your deployment zone regardless of Line of Sight and this occurs as part of scouts deployment.

Crazy Harborc
18-12-2007, 00:32
You are correct. That's what I get for believing an evil minded opponent. Funny thing was, he did the scout deployment and said it counted as one more unit deployment in his deployment zone. I read it for myself today.

Dodgy Ed
18-12-2007, 00:42
Whilst I like the idea of dwarf rangers I've never used them in a small game (2k) as they just can not justify their price to me, I prefer the more mobile miners.

As ranked up scouts they would be great if it weren't for one thing; They are not woodsmen as such they cannot move through terrain at anything more than half rate; so they have a move of 1.5'' in terrain, effectively neutering them in game.

As a dwarf player I've yet to find a use for them other than a really expensive and uncertain way of denying a wood to enemy scouts; only really useful in Big games.