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14-12-2007, 18:06
So, tomorrow I'm going to have my first game against Bretonians. In what will be my second game of WHFB ever. The Bret player has been talking a lot of trash and says that he has designed an army just to massacre high elves. Given that I'm a novice, I'm sure that he'll trounce me, but I'd like to give him a bit of surprise. Normally, I just build a balanced or themed list, but I don't like the trash talking or the list tinkering so I'm hoping to put up a fight. What units should a HE general take to the table if he wants to make a good showing against Brets?

I'll most likely be up against a bunch of knights, a leader on a pegasus, one unit of archers, more pegasus riders. He normally doesn't take much magic, but I'm betting he comes prepared for that from me. He won't have any infantry except for the reliquary.

I'm pondering Dragon Princes, Silver Helms, and chariots to stay mobile, with mage leaders to dominate magic. What do you think?

14-12-2007, 18:07
Seerstaff of Saphery + The Spirit of the Forge!

14-12-2007, 18:17
Seerstaff of Saphery + The Spirit of the Forge!

Ouch. I hadn't read that spell before. Excellent choice. In the list it goes!

14-12-2007, 18:29
Swordmaster are very strong, but White Lions would probably be better. ASF S6 and Stubborn. Most Brett players I know hate stubborn.

Prince Sairion
14-12-2007, 18:37
Yep, magic, swordmasters and white lions. I'd also be tempted to take a chariot to charge his knights when they get in too close, bit of a waste of points but it may deter/funnel the approach of the knights to avoid it.

Also, pegasus knights, hows about a dragon mage. You say he will have archers (folariaths robe) and very little magic - also bret magic is basically defensive. So that could even things up a bit, just charge, with this one though don't be charged.

Brets have gone from being the army I feared the most with HE to the number one enemy of choice! ASF, beautiful!

Good luck:)

15-12-2007, 02:54
most of the lore of metal will be benificial
as stated swordmasters and lionguard (remember to use forests to your benifit)

repeter bolt throwers use single shot they are lined up nicely to take the bolt for you

a nice tooled up prince and away you go

Crazy Harborc
16-12-2007, 02:05
Um, how did the battle go? Did the Brets get to charge? Did he use Questing Knights? Who won?

DARN........I forgot to try a single shot option yesterday. I shot six shots each turn. The Brets got to charge....twice. Sure I did hit first....at S3. He made his saves....I did NOT.:(

16-12-2007, 03:25
counter his flyers with yours. and RBTs. if u hit a lance with a RBT single it will kill at least 2. also, a block of White Lions is great. Sure the first round things will be pretty bad, but every turn after that, hes not gonna lik it. u could take a prince on a dragon which would be either A) a points sink that doesnt do well or B) the unit that turns the tide and really messes him up. if u do take one, hit a unit of knights in the flank. they have no ranks, and if u hav star lance thats 4 WS7 S7 attacks+ 5-6 WS6-7 S6-7 attacks. thats nothing to be laughed at. now this idea is a little funny, but take 4 eagles and a bunch of cavalry. if u just flank a unit of knights with an eagle, theyll be tied up for a turn or 2. that way your cavalry can get the charge. lastly, as said before, white lions and magic are great. the white lions can take a charge, and are great can openers. magic is great, 2 or 3 mages all with lore of metal. metal kills knights quickly. yummy, molten KotR. last point is watch out for pegasus knights

Chicago Slim
16-12-2007, 15:10
By now, you've probably played this one... but I agree on the White Lions: S6 will open up that Bret armor a bit (though he's still hard to kill: 5+/5+ saves means he's rated to negate nearly half of your wounds!) and Stubborn will help you pin him down, so that you can charge his flank on your next turn, and break him.

So, a few 10-12 packs of White Lions would be good, but you need to back it up with flankers.

Other nasty tricks against cavalry armies: RBTs love shooting the Lance formation, since it has back ranks. Normally, I like to bring the Eaglebolter (Lord on an Eagle with the Bow of, uhm, whatever it's called that wounds like a bolt thrower), but less so against Brets, because shooting bolts into the flanks isn't typically much better than shooting bolts into the front.

Instead, you probably want a lordly wizard, with Lore of Metal, as noted above. Consider also a Dragon Mage (who is a good flanker, and will obliterate any shooting he's brought-- those poor peasants can't handle a Terror test, once the knights move out of range of them!) Just be a bit careful about where he stands-- he can't handle much bowfire, being an unarmored elf and all...

If you bring a chariot, I recommend putting a character on it, and threatening flanks with it (again, it's US5, and so swings combat resolution by several points: +1 for flanking, and he loses all his rank bonuses-- but don't try to put the chariot in alone, even to the flank, unless you're desperate: that still puts him up 1 point of CR, before any fighting happens).