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14-12-2007, 18:14
This is a shout out to all Irish Warseers, concerning a topic I am sure is close to many of your hearts.
Yes, I am of course talking about the christmas charts. I need only mention almost any of the 'artists' who end up as #1 and it would send many members into spasms of righteous anger, particularly as the words X-Factor are often a...factor.:eyebrows:

There is a possible, and glorious, remedy.
This is a campaign to get Tom Waits' 1978 song "Christmas Card From A Hooker In Minneapolis" to #1. As if anything connected to Tom Waits isn't enough to support it, here's the reasons why, as given by the instigator, Adam Maguire.

If you've not heard this song before let me say this before you do - it is the absolute antithesis to what generally gets the Number 1 slot in Ireland nowadays.
For a start it's not a manufactured song sung by a manufactured artist. Secondly it's extremely funny and not a drab, safe ballad. Finally it's actually packed full of real emotion - it's tragic, beautiful and hilarious all at once.
It's absolutely perfect as a protest against everything that's wrong with music today and it even has some real humanity in it to boot.
And let's not beat around the bush - it would also be very enjoyable to hear the song on mainstream radio, or even to hear its title read out as part of a chart line up.

So join in, ye Irish warseers. For British members, I understand a similar campaign is being undertaken with Malcolm Middleton's 'We're All Going To Die', an equally commendable goal. http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/colinmurray/malcolmmiddleton.shtml
Let's go for this, regardless of the chance of victory and have ourselves a Blue Valentine for christmas.;)

The pestilent 1
14-12-2007, 18:37
I finally washed my hands of the UK chart when Crazy frog rocketed to number one and my death threats against all those who bought it* didn't prevent several College peers from buying it "Cos it's funny like".

*sits and happily listens to music that rarely breaks the top 100*

*: I was, obviously, joking, but people don't seem to be able to read when I'm joking on the net. Or anywhere, really.

14-12-2007, 21:15
I listen to Jpop, dont watch TV, and despise christmas music...

I do not care who hits number one unless they are-
a) a Jpop artist
b) on the internet
c) not christmas related at all

And it always seems that the christmas number 1's are always done by one-hit-wonder artists who dissapear into the realm of big brother, and im (not) a celebrity, get me out of here!

15-12-2007, 12:40
Oh yeah, What about The Darkness's Bell End song? (ehmm, actually that got bounced off the top by the Donnie Darko song, er nevermind)

heretics bane
16-12-2007, 13:13
Christams songs thses past few years have actually made it more depressing as they sing about snowy christams days when up here (in Belfast) where just about around 5 degress. Not exactly christmas weather i demand more cold and snow!!

16-12-2007, 14:15
The UK chart has been absolute rubbish for a long time now, I haven't followed it in YEARS