View Full Version : Mordheim in New York City

Etienne de Beaugard
14-12-2007, 19:30

I'm interested in finding a club or store that regularly hosts one-off Mordheim games in New York City. While my time doesn't allow for regular gaming or campaigns, it would be nice to have a place I can scratch the 'gamer' itch every so often. Any suggestions?

Tanith Ghost
15-12-2007, 05:23
Just outside of NYC at a place called Mark's comics. If you take the LIRR to Valley stream station, then walk from there to Central ave you'll find it. Myself and several others know the rules(though my skaven gange has long since been pressed into service with the regular army). I'd be happy to play a game against you.

23-12-2007, 03:53
Gamers and staff at the GW on 8th Street are usually pretty good about organizing short-term Mordhiem games. Get the number from the website and try them out.